Bernie Sanders Compares Self to Hillary Clinton While on 'The View'

The 2016 presidential contender discusses the differences between himself and his main rival; the former secretary of state.
3:24 | 10/26/15

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Compares Self to Hillary Clinton While on 'The View'
Let me ask zoning because I Hillary Clinton was on TV now with a big Ghazi hearings for eleven hours she wiped the floor with them in my opinion. Job. There was so me. Next attack when you've been so nice to have with the the debates and everything but Mike tiny be of the Rolling Stone said this you can't put a price on the ad the Republicans gave Hillary Thursday I think that one of the White House. How do you respond to that. Well look it is we have right now in the yet about happy to say this we 88. Very right wing extremist Republican Party this is not the body of Dwight David Eisenhower. But not all like that well too many of them all and have too many of them really well and you just heard banging Carlson's statement. He's not a French I think I'm afraid it's not really joy I wish I could tell you got Abscam haven't been around congress to balance after argues that buyers who basically believe this is there were John the moralists huge tax breaks. For the wealthiest people is country. Cuts to Social Security Medicare and Medicaid federal aid to education virtually all home or against the woman's right to choose. But very few of them support gay rights right of getting people to marry that is. There were job it is an extra. Are we I didn't have a negation personal Texas and it's not your style but over the weekend you did say some stuff about Hillary thank you implied that she was. A flip flop or do you think that you are able to make those tough political decisions that she can't. I do I don't play one on if you look back at my political history. All I was elected mayor of Burlington Vermont. In 1981. I had to take on the whole political establishment. And the way we did it. Is we brought people into the process we opened the bulls and symbol into view is we almost doubled voter turnout. OK and we elected progressive people who was standing up we got a whole lot to transform that city. When I was elected in to the congress in 1990. I had to deal with trade issues. And yet all of corporate America alone and in fact the Clinton administration the chamber hold these trade agreements on great while I said no to them. And it turns out that I was right we have seen the loss of tens of thousands of factories in America millions of decent paying trust one other example. 1996. Dre wins it will have an hour show Barney. Ozal called. Just less well in 96 I got. Oh my god. Now we'll save diagnostic lab elephant management. You recently spoke about one and all Americans to have a forty hour work week which I think it's fantastic. I knew even brought up before about the republicans' idea of family values vs you where is he tells little bit about. So lacing look when Republicans talk about semifinalists this is what this thing. And this is what you guys were just talking about a moment north look you know what you heard right on the head. And that is their Finley values is that no woman in America should of the right to control robotic. They have family values are that if you aug gay. You should not have the legal right. Tamara that's definitely about personal wiped out if I was opt. Is that if you are com and you have a baby. You have the right to stay home with paid family and medical leave for at least three months house that had.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"The 2016 presidential contender discusses the differences between himself and his main rival; the former secretary of state.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"34741540","title":"Bernie Sanders Compares Self to Hillary Clinton While on 'The View'","url":"/Entertainment/video/bernie-sanders-compares-hillary-clinton-view-34741540"}