Beyonce's Controversial Halftime Show Angers Giuliani

Was Beyonce's halftime performance the wrong time to send a political message?
6:38 | 02/09/16

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Transcript for Beyonce's Controversial Halftime Show Angers Giuliani
That's right. Critics including former new York mayor Rudy Giuliani are leading the backlash against beyonce's halftime performance at the super bowl. Hold up now, hold up. I'm going to show you what everybody is up in arms about. Take a look. ? ? ? you just might be a fat bill Gates in the making ? They say the X is for Malcolm X but I think the rockettes did that, too. And the fist in the air, it was that and the fist in the air. There were a couple of snapshots that were taken off the field as well. I think it was clear that she was being sort of unapologetically socially conscious. Because if you look at some of the tweets that were sent out, her mother had her fist up along with the dancers and they also had a sign that said black lives matter. So I actually was really impressed with it. I thought it was extremely brave to have someone that's an a-lister that has such a huge following and a platform to be socially conscious because the bottom line is people don't want to talk about it but we are in the middle of a social justice crises in our country. Yeah. We are. And for me, when I saw it, I was applauding because I thought, yes, this is the time to talk about it. We're in a political year. Beyonce has been very silent on these issues. Every time you do something like that people get mad at you. Remember Madonna, like a virgin, and she had religious iconic things there and people turned on her for that. I think you take a chance when you do that. You do take a chance. To me what better place to do it than the super bowl where everybody is watching. Let me ask you because people get very upset when folks do it at the oscars. People say keep politics out of my movie going. So that's, I think, the bigger question. Rudy has a whole other agenda, but the question is, should she be able to do what she wants to do at the super bowl if that's part of what she does? Candace, you go ahead. I didn't even notice. I was just kind of mesmerized because it's beyonce and all the dancers and the performances were pretty amazing. I was a little -- some of the dance moves are a little much for me but overall, it's incredible, so much so that I didn't notice that there was an agenda behind it. Right. But, um, I don't know, I kind of go back and forth. This is the day and time that we live in. Is it offensive if I come out in my Jesus saves shirt. People get annoyed with that, too. Everyone is annoyed with everything. I think everyone tries to outperform and do the best super bowl performance they can every year and I think they all killed it. I think they all did a great job. I thought it was very subtle. I was watching, I thought it was subtle. I was watching with my kids. I was also distracted by Bruno Mars' gyrations, I have to admit. I might feel the opposite than some of you. I don't want politics at the podium. I don't want them at the pulpit. I think there's a time and place. I think she has a strong message in her video, that's great. But when you have a super bowl performance or you're accepting a speech or my pastor is preaching about Jesus -- Isn't that his job? It is his job but if he's preaching about Jesus and you sprinkle in politics, I'm uncomfortable with that. He has to pay taxes if he's going to talk politics. It's true. They jeopardize their tax exempt status which I'm just not comfortable with. It's funny because you and I are friends. We are good friends. You look sunny by the way in that color. Thank you, thank you. One of my best friends felt the same way. She's like why are we talking about this during the super bowl? This is a family event. I felt like, well, there are 119 million people watching so if you're going to have a message, now is the time to do it. It sort of reminded me of the 1968 olympics when you had the black athletes raising their hands and we still remember that today because of the venue. So why not do it at a family event when we're really talking about, I think, what's happening to families, especially black families, all over our country. Right. I totally -- listen, I totally -- I totally, totally agree. I just think, you know, there is a danger too. I think we can all agree something needs to be done, but to paint every law enforcement officer with the same brush -- That's the -- wait. Hold on. Isn't that what Rudy was talking about? That's what he's talking about. What we're talking about is is it okay if you have this platform to do that. What Giuliani sees, he's got his own agenda. That's Giuliani's point. And some people say, well yeah, they shouldn't be doing black lives matter because that's not a good organization and they shouldn't be doing this. But the question is, you know, if it's not your thing and you see it, why not just walk away? Just because you're standing up for your position which is what she's doing doesn't mean that you are against their position or against them in that violent way that he's referring. It's just their position. Not everybody cares about that. That's just the bottom line. I'm just saying I think it's -- it can make some people uncomfortable regardless. I don't want to hear either side at the podium. I don't want to hear either side at the platform. And I embrace her new video. I think it's amazing and powerful and that's her creative liberty, but at the super bowl, I just want a neutral message. Don't you think if you have that -- really quickly, if you have that platform, isn't the onus on you to make the most use of it? Well no. Because beyonce has many platforms, okay? She has many platforms and she reaches many people. Over 100 million people were watching. But she has -- have you seen her Twitter following? That is huge. It's not about she can't reach people. The question is, is that the appropriate place to do it? Now, there's a lot of stuff they could have done. They could have done a whole thing for Flint, you know, about water. She has given money to Flint. That's not the point. She had a large platform there, too. We can nitpick this into oblivion. The question is, is it the right place when it's a big thing like the oscars or the super bowl or whatever or the miss America pageant. Is that the place to do it, that was the question. What do you think? What do you think? I think it was the right place to do it. That's all that matters.

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