Billboard's Best of 2013: The Year in Music's Editor, Tye Comer discusses the year's hottest act.
3:00 | 12/19/13

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Transcript for Billboard's Best of 2013: The Year in Music
With 2014 just a few short weeks away Billboard Magazine recently put out their best of 2013. The year in music list. -- -- -- go over this year's hottest music acts of 2013 is billboard dot com's editor Tye -- welcome Ty -- thanks for having me. -- so we've got a long list of people -- we've heard a lot about over the course of 2013 but we start with the overall artist of the year. -- -- As Bruno Mars. He was a shoe in for artist of the year in previous years you know we've seen a lot of women dominate the artist of the year category we've had a -- for the past couple of years tell us what had been in there. But the men really took over this -- that charges led by Bruno Mars. Do is somebody EI you know it's slow and steady really won the race for him because his album came out in December of 2012. Debuted at number two didn't hit number one on the billboard 200 chart until a few months later. But he's sort of been with us for the entire year yet. And likely he -- had a lot of but they certainly had a lot of hits on the radio -- he doesn't really captured the media attention the way is someone like Miley Cyrus. -- Justin Timberlake did. But he's just always been there he's had a string of really consistent and successful singles. The album kept selling and you know when all the dust settles he wanted to be an artist of the year and -- Up first Super Bowl performance. Yet he is going to be performing at the halftime show at in February the Super -- And you know it really shows that he has interred different sort of caliber because you've had people like beyoncé and -- And Bruce Springsteen have played the Super Bowl and I think that people initially scratched their heads when Bruno Mars was announces the performer. But I think that. This album on orthodox -- -- says that he's a really really solid artist. He can't really do any wrong as far as the singles are concerns he appeals to so many people. And I think he's gonna put on a great -- Ellison if you wanna get in dance in the middle of the Super Bowl Bruno Mars is your guy again accidentally hit after hit outlets about it you know are -- -- years Taylor Swift. Also uninteresting story because her -- -- red came out in October of last year. -- sold a million copies in this first week and it's been you know does not very many artists who can do that. But she came -- strong in the and that's when he twelve. And again this is someone who's been on the street and really successful singles successful crossover singles she's played on country radio she's been on top radio really sort of adverse -- sound and allowed her to appeal to a wider demographic and she went to being Villa -- artist of the year in Austin for -- -- -- of your. Let's talk about -- for a moment as she third of the queen of all out what -- -- bit but she's a little late in the game for twenty. -- yet you know beyoncé has really taken back -- crown. And you know she had sold about over 600000 copies in just a few days with her self titled album that came out unexpectedly. You know late last week. And I think that. You know there's the advantage that she had just waiting salon with a record out we all thought that the -- was gonna come out earlier and when he thirteen but. There was a lot of questions about when it was coming out what -- be a single. We kept expecting that -- the announcement that things were pulled back so I think that the anticipation -- he built up over that time. I'm dismayed her fans really really rabbit for the records when it came out people just don't know. -- so many good things about you people just really enjoying it. Let's talk about -- of the -- someone who you can't help but root for Michael Moore Ryan Lewis what a year they've had and that they've made your list as well get -- Absolutely you know they are the top two in group. And they start off as an independent act they have been doing their thing for a long time. You know pretty much under the radar. This year they had a huge huge hit with for shop which actually came out in the summer between twelve but it took a while to catch on with radio with listeners. Eventually. Everyone started playing it it was played on talk radio display it on -- -- -- radio was played an alternative stations. They are just a group that I think appeals to so many people another big crossover artist and you know biggest wind up really captivating. A lot of the attention in 2013. And it wasn't just a shot you know that was the song that was so huge that initially had the danger of being a novelty hit. But they came back with can't hold us which is actually the number five some of the year. -- love this nominated. For a Grammy for song of the year and it is consistently so that there really really talented artists you have a wide appeal and I think they really deserve to have the the duo of the year category. -- -- -- -- -- -- one of the big hits at the -- certainly you know Matt Moore right -- up there but blur the line yet. Really seen digits captured some are in this spirit of pop it was a song in the summer you can. Not get an Internet and in. Every radio like every cat every car the past I was playing broke blurred lines -- you still hear that quite of that answer that is being pumped a lot of holiday parties this time here. -- a rotten they came out -- huge way I think that the in the performance of Miley Cyrus is definitely you know put that song back to a lot of people's radars. And yes a great song but I think it's gonna stick with us for -- while. OK we can't not talk about Justin Timberlake he had quite a comeback -- some number of years before he Cynthia released an album and came back really strong. Yet in elated at about six years since he put out his last record. And he'd still been in the public died because he had done quite -- -- these. And I think that people were just really excited to see him back on the scene as a musician and as performer. So when the album came out. People were so excited about it suit -- -- was a big hit. Mirrors the second single was the one that one it's really dominate radio. And that showed that he was back on the map he put up part two his album -- point when he experienced later on the year. -- -- big twelve -- he once sold for so it really was the year Justin Timberlake. Let's talk about that -- -- JCM and that that's his biggest weekends and that he seems to really. Like Taylor Swift cut across genres pretty easily absolutely. -- Justin Timberlake was played on R&B radio as well as pop radio on you know he's really had he really has a stronghold in both of those genres. And going on tour Jay-Z -- Her tender age of receiving a lifetime achievement award -- her music. Tell -- I'm -- believe that happened -- that's. Sitting on -- he's been with -- for so long that you think that you know that -- -- much older than she is you know but actually you know she's still in her early twenties. And but she has a legacy of hits that very few artists no matter what it's you know can you know can match up -- This year she. An apologetic. Start off with a single diamonds which -- a huge hit followed up with a beautiful balance day that I think opened her up to a different audience that Q. I didn't know that she could be so sensitive and so tender but you know she said that she had diversity. And you know -- someone who is just so consistent. And she's always on the radios she's always looking -- And she's always captivating people's attention so no surprise that she is up near of near the top of the charts this year but it's always gonna have gone around. Yes he's got that power boyfriend and only -- such and such a diversity in her style. Yes absolutely you know and I think that -- one of the few artists -- she can do pop seeking to dance she can do. R&B and rap and hip hop and I think that she just appeals to so many people and -- she's one of the big stars I think it's going to be with us for really really long time. We see that's what it takes to make billboard's top list and that about sums it up for all of us. But if you wanna look at billboards full list of artists and categories -- go to www. -- board. Dot com or. By the magazine which is on newsstands now. Tye comer is always a pleasure listening to be here thanks.

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