'Brooklyn Castle': Trailer

Imagine a school where the cool kids are the chess team.
2:24 | 11/21/12

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Transcript for 'Brooklyn Castle': Trailer
I don't and -- Yeah. Just take on the children's. We thought it with his little group of kids -- Had a -- -- and they came and it started playing and we decided that we would try going to the nationals because it would be great experience for the tools and create teams travel to another stage to -- -- company. And we walked and -- again this goes off bad news was the way. -- continuous causing a lot of better -- for me. We'll soft on election also made to gardeners painters from green growth insurance because -- collection. -- She can't hold its kind to be kicking us these -- -- the American movies and they'd -- you all. Harrison yankees' success because we want to so much so who makes the disappointments question. As usual. The smallest hint of failure you don't wanna have at least we just -- cut a quarter million. And be ashamed if it doesn't sound corrupt bankers ruining the economy that our kids and going trips as Driscoll president my primary goal -- -- -- and -- Boston budget cuts. Catching on Halloween almost slash. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm innocent. -- -- -- Can easily become the first African American female to become a master. I believe in my pain in some school. Join the chess team does -- provide what's know what's in -- 318. The geeks. They all the athletes. -- -- Roy Bennett district attorney Ben Thomas attended jump that's coming. -- government 7% of its president.

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{"id":17777740,"title":"'Brooklyn Castle': Trailer","duration":"2:24","description":"Imagine a school where the cool kids are the chess team.","url":"/Entertainment/video/brooklyn-castle-trailer-17777740","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}