Candace Cameron Bure: How Does She Balance It All?

In her new book, Bure shares her secrets of keeping it all together as a busy working mom and wife.
3:00 | 04/25/14

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Transcript for Candace Cameron Bure: How Does She Balance It All?
This season -- -- with the stars has been jam. Packed with twists turns and some seriously. Unbelievable foot work. That of course is childhood star turned dancing extraordinaire -- -- beret. Who of course we knew you had all the moves -- -- that's not fifty foot work right now. Fighting over there -- why and what little leg turned out -- -- -- -- do I. We want to -- harsh critic as well it also obviously author of the New York Times best selling book balancing it all my story it's juggling priorities. And purposes and we are very happy we could pull you off long enough from the dance floor and from writing to sit down with us. First dubbed -- I don't know how we can possibly say that's not fancy footwork he. Have a good transformation unit -- had -- you had you went into this with no dancing experience whatsoever. -- -- I really am proud of myself and watch that it is what's not -- -- yourself it's pretty great but when you have when you are working with the world class dancers. And now hiking you know their new nitpicking in a good way to say. Closure if you turn them now do this that's why I notice the little DT -- -- I should have been doing. -- Joey got out of etiquette comedy -- of the book in just a minute but first I mean you really from the very first show this season I mean you just kind of blew everyone away because. As you said you hadn't gotten any -- much experience. Yeah at a bit you know I can outwit section great first dance this contemporary and I felt really comfortable and I got one -- highest marks. The night and is great but what are -- she would dance routines that were much more. Formal. -- that's been more of the challenge and then my nerves that start and started to get the best of me as the weeks have progressed. So it's it's this -- -- experience that is one of the most exciting and -- and yet it's the most nerve racking that I never got. And I don't want to stop and yet on Monday showed if I'm Mike. -- Well -- I read an interview that you has had that you discovered actually a lot of insecurities by going through this process. Like one. I can't well you know it's -- There's so much sexuality. In the dances are sanctuary -- just because -- body movement and selling their parent just like. I'm never. How I'm to embrace -- I love dancing -- -- -- -- moving but. Really finding yourself with in the dance movements interpreting -- And being competent in those moves and an almost playing a character depending on the dance that you're doing. Isn't new army and so I felt insecure and in certain things about that. I also. Didn't realize how much and that says I placed on other people's opinions -- me to the point I really had to stop reading some of my FaceBook comments and and Twitter teens. At certain times because the content can be so her falling yet. I'm thinking I thought I am only trying to be treated me -- I know I'm not gonna please everybody but people put expectations on you that. You're never going to be able to let that team so it's like. Is much as I I would love people to enjoy the dancing and hope that I'm making that choice is. I'm not going to do that for everybody so I have to let -- Well what do they -- -- you mentioned is this sort of the sexuality and the sensuality and Dancing With The Stars because there is a lot of that because in the look -- it's -- it's it's a very visually enticing. Show I'm -- you had made him you know very clear that you didn't want to Wear any kind of skipping any kind of low cut outfit and you would -- your partner Mark -- to do the same thing to keep his shirt on as well. Or or a thing you know. The reality television of a lot of editing right so it -- kind of been pushed a little further than what the initial -- Initial discussion was about it -- just sad that I wanted to stay on the more modified costumes. In terms of Dancing With The Stars meaning I'm gonna come out in -- -- and -- -- -- Hasn't been under the doing great right women -- -- an easy but just because I have a body to be able to Wear those things. I am a more modest side button my definition Monica's not. Being completely cover up it's not wearing a turtleneck and like he's -- I still think I looked beautiful I feel like I I I look very sexy but I just. Want to show everything but I don't have a problem showing things. Just keep. I think the fair assessment of fair because there there is that there is oh wide spectrum for skin review. They can be. -- Tony Dovolani was actually on this on just a short time ago he was talking about the the night that you guys -- the big switch yeah and how -- effects at certain. That created of course you know we're right back over the detention with -- leaks -- is -- real. Really developed that kind of strong personal bond with with your dancing partner. Well you do -- he definitely. The -- could -- we've been working to -- effort you know. Eight weeks at this point nine weeks as we started a little bit before -- show actually was on the air. But I think I and I are great and I don't think her problem was really witness it was just. She may have found other things within daring. That she wanted to bring back to Tony Allen all about them really didn't have much to do with me but you know -- final work with a different. -- -- -- And as much as I -- working with mark I'm so happy to be with him but it was just an interesting to get it was interesting to get a different perspective -- how someone else teaches. And then be able to bring that back of the things that you -- -- you know. So it's so -- -- a little bit about the book because I think that a lot of people would look at your career and -- How does she do it all how does she balance it all so what was that houses -- your second book. This is my second buck and I think when that question how do you balance -- -- is a question that so many women are asking -- You know it's not it's it's -- it's ten step diet of how to balance because all of our lives are unique and there is no. Sat pattern but I used all of the stories and examples in my own life. Decision making that were important and things that made a difference and didn't make a difference in my life. And that I think -- things from here really prioritizing in keeping those big picture priorities and for me it's my it's my feet and in -- and it's my family. And and and then I work in friends but when I know that those three things that they get out of order my life becomes unbalanced and it's always shifting back to what what what's my number one and number 201. -- -- What -- you start establishing those priorities because you became really the thrust in the public spotlight at the age ten he and which. As we all know that Hollywood child actors. Can often times run the risk of either having meltdowns later on in their lives and not being able to understand exactly. What is important whether it be their own personal health seeking wellbeing and their friends their family. Where did you start to understand what. I gotta get my list together before I end up a casualty like so many other college. You know I have wonderful parents my mom and dad are were so invested -- herself on top. Our journey through the in the streets and a brother Kirk my two sisters -- -- And growing up it was all about family so I had -- found deep ocean from my parents but of course when I was married at twenty years old and I started having my three children. All of those principles came back and -- -- like what you know what do I want to teach. My children but. Never ever changed over the course of time because of what my parents taught me growing up so I personally never had that desire to you. That I want to try out his dark stuff in my life for become a teenager and of course I need some -- his decisions. But it's just I think the foundation was -- Very well -- my parents and so. When I became -- -- was just like hey I wanna take what I loved from my parents but I'm also -- add to acting. And hope that I do -- while with my husband and family in. Again it's just establishing his priorities. What what other things that you've obviously it's got a lot of headlines all of attention something that was written that you wrote about your marriage and that he was a submissive marriage admitted submissive marriage. What does that mean. You know this it literally is one sentence and the whole bucket it's this is not a marriage -- But I used that word because it's in the Bible and I was quoting from scripture. My husband and I have mutual love and respect for one and that there but I love that my hand is. The provider. Of our home he's our. You know -- -- -- -- -- little dirt he's our protector he does all those things and as my dad wise to my mom -- kids growing up in -- I land. That family dynamic and I. He'll that I -- the -- and and of our family and also the nurture our to our children and sell when he's weren't -- it just means that. You know that I love that I am he that my husband -- he now it doesn't mean I don't have a blaze in my house I would not be on dancing with the stars and writing books. And having an acting career in producing -- my husband was just telling me -- -- dictating everything. That I was doing so. As -- has has it gotten blown out -- me as have been misinterpreted do you think it's been completely misinterpreted because people hear the words admission and they. I don't want to be tall -- -- -- an imbalance and in and we've been meaning he's bringing something more to the relationship all right you something more than right. And that's and that's just that's not not but. You know my house my husband just loves me and he will always make good decisions because of his left for us. And that and I just trust that he does that and when he doesn't make -- -- decision. You know I don't go a nanny nanny like I talk to sell I don't do that I respected but I -- tell -- When the next time big decisions need to be McCain I mean what he listens he he wants -- heat. Values my opinion now much more that he absolutely we want one in -- advice and -- -- thrilling. You -- -- that mutual decision. Lesson -- that you go and ask you about this. Full house obviously. It is just part of the American pop culture -- do your kids ever watch old old reruns. They think oh my daughter more than my boy India. She loves it she thinks that the stair hall and -- my boys watch it sometimes but. -- that we're does that sit sit down and apparently and -- Watson that she did. 120 -- phone use to link to -- it's never been off the top off. -- me in 26 years never I'm just used to it being on but. I love my kids like watching it and I don't mind them making fun of -- one. -- I'm out at and I am an out well that was the time every. Eagerly picked -- -- the book is called. Balancing it all my story of juggling priorities and purpose Kansas thank you so much request will continue to watch and root -- and stuff and you very nice you.

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{"id":23470780,"title":"Candace Cameron Bure: How Does She Balance It All?","duration":"3:00","description":"In her new book, Bure shares her secrets of keeping it all together as a busy working mom and wife.","url":"/Entertainment/video/candace-cameron-bure-balance-23470780","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}