Carrie Underwood's triumph through heartbreak to success she never imagined: Part 3

ABC News' Robin Roberts has known Underwood a long time - they look back on her journey to marriage and motherhood, and how far she's come since growing up in Checotah, Oklahoma.
6:46 | 11/12/18

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Transcript for Carrie Underwood's triumph through heartbreak to success she never imagined: Part 3
?????? Bring back memories being here on the football field? Yes, I was a cheerleader up until my freshman year of high school. Long before Carrie Underwood became the queen of country, "In the spotlight" has been right there with her, heading back to her hometown of checotah, Oklahoma just four years after she was crowned American idol. Thank you! In 2009, the girl who once dreamed of being a journalist was a newly crowned queen of country with mega-crossover hits like "Jesus take the wheel." ??? Jesus take the wheel. Reporter: And "Before he cheats". ??? Maybe next time -- How has it changed? The town? Yeah, since, in the recent years. Um, there are things that are different. We got another stoplight, we got a new Walmart, we got a new stoplight because of the new Walmart. It was the talk of the town for robin Roberts and me to be like, walking around in my tiny hometown of checotah, Oklahoma. Carrie recently reminisced about sharing her story on this broadcast including ten years ago at this checotah bowling alley. The girl with the golden touch, took one step up to the lane, and -- Nice. That's it. I don't know if I can talk to you now. It's one of the highlights of my career and now I know I can, you know, always go back to my professional bowling if I need to if this doesn't work out for me. Back then, Carrie opened up about her plans for the future. Do you have a timeline with your thinking about marriage and kids? Oh, gosh. As far as the timeline now, I mean it really just depends on what god has planned. You know, it's not -- I can try to make my own plans. I've been doing that my whole life, and it's never worked out so I don't know why I'd start now. But she did make plans. A year later she was married to Canadian hockey star Mike fisher, but it was a short honeymoon. As soon as we got back, he went back to Canada, so it was like, "See Ya, husband." It was very strange. I really don't feel like I've lived a married life yet. It's great whatever it is, whatever this is. They were both hitting the road. Him with his team, her on her new tour. ??? Do it ??? And guess who was right there with her? This is the all access we've been promising people. Carrie gave us an exclusive look at her 109-city "Play on" tour, backstage, under the stage, and on stage! You wanna go up? Yeah! ?????? So this is how you sit. Yeah, I'm kind of like -- got my little Mike thingy. ??? He's like a curse he's like a drug ??? Now, that's an entrance. And just months after marriage, the number one question our fans wanted asked, so if you come back in a year, are you going to have news? I don't know. I'm going to say no. I know I've read all kinds of things like that already. I said, I'm going to be devastated when I read my first like magazine like 'baby bump, you know pointing right there. Uh, but no. We just want to be together and keep it as simple as possible, and I think a baby would just make things so complicated. They did take their time, and five years later -- We're pregnant. Carrie used her longstanding cma award co-host for the big reveal. Will you please just tell me what you're having? I'll keep it a secret. You won't tell anybody. Nobody! Hey, we could name him Garth! What are you doing? Oh, damn it! What is wrong with you! Carrie now had two men in her life, Mike and Isaiah. ??? And now I'm holding what I never knew I always wanted ??? And I feel that these two really inspired that track. Yeah, they did. Tell us about it. It's called "What I never knew I always wanted" and that kind of sums it up. Both, both of them. The men in my life. Now I couldn't imagine my life without either one of them. ??? With your love ??? And that year, Carrie honored dolly parton, singing on the show, the classic country hit, "9 to 5." ??? Working 9 to 5 what a way to make a living ??? ??? barely getting by it's all taking and no giving ??? ??? they just use your mind ??? Obviously I love dolly parton, and I feel like there's so many women that have, you know, set up those pillars for the rest of us to be able to continue to take -- take their incredible legacies and do the best we can to build on them. ?????? And Carrie is still building her own legacy, getting her own star on the Hollywood walk of fame just last month. I've been so blessed in my life to have so many people who have -- crap. I'm crying! The last year hasn't been without difficulties, though. A year ago she shared with fans on Instagram that she was sent to the hospital after a bad fall and had to get over 40 stitches on her face. And recently she revealed she suffered three miscarriages. But now the news is good. She's expecting her second child. Carrie Underwood. Recently she was named CMT's artist of the year. Thank you. And is getting ready for a tour promoting her sixth studio album, "Cry pretty." ?????? For Ken years we've seen that Carrie Underwood has a lot to cry about. Tears of sorrow, tears of joy, tears of gratitude. If you had told me, growing up, that I'd be doing this, and I'd be playing a stadium in Nashville someday, and I'd be a member of the grand ole opry. And I'd be married to some cute hockey guy. There's no way I could have believed that that would ever happen. I'm definitely a very blessed person, and try to make the most of those blessings and nd opportunities as they come, and, you know, god's just been really good to me. ?????? Coming up, one superstar's

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"ABC News' Robin Roberts has known Underwood a long time - they look back on her journey to marriage and motherhood, and how far she's come since growing up in Checotah, Oklahoma.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"59128289","title":"Carrie Underwood's triumph through heartbreak to success she never imagined: Part 3","url":"/Entertainment/video/carrie-underwoods-triumph-heartbreak-success-imagined-part-59128289"}