Cate Blanchett Responds to 'Blue Jasmine' Oscar Buzz

The Oscar winner tells Peter Travers that the Best Actress speculation isn't fazing her
12:55 | 10/25/13

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Transcript for Cate Blanchett Responds to 'Blue Jasmine' Oscar Buzz
Funny yeah -- incidents looking. -- can't get it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Monica back to school. Get my degree -- -- you know something substantial. -- to some mindless job. Fire everybody -- Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now well -- This movie opened in the summer it's now thought -- still out there. It's called -- and starts Cate Blanchett. And -- -- right with us today with that hello. During a movie that did open back in the summer and that's still on that doesn't. It is now -- -- really I'm look at a -- enjoying being in a movie that people actually. Going to say it's -- at exit to correct the you've don't know what to think when you agreement -- -- -- -- you know people leaving an interval in you know you know with the people showing up beside just kind of from New Orleans when you make a film. I guess it's woody Allen's what is Woody -- in the B fast and mean to me talking team after the who's been out -- that you now. It's not just you coming out with it. But you've seen responds to and the response I think that every cinema and -- -- had not sit back and inland Iraq. -- it look it's it's it's a great -- -- remotely competitive and Sydney and using the Ferguson and that's fantastic -- -- that's what you do it. But the -- -- well but you have -- been here. Because your performance in this I think is important but. Everybody same thing call -- and -- This is it how do you deal with that kind with the -- just coming in -- It's a tricky thing I mean look it's it's it's always a relief and people warmed what you -- rather than rent violent. Although this is strange. It's strange and you can do something with constructive criticism abuse it's a little bit hot and didn't know what to do it except that yet. Close until. But you know. Often constructive criticism and it is a grain of truth -- it you know you you know what to do with it Bugliosi let's let's do that -- the exact but still haven't seen it yet. You know we always -- it easy way to deal with this is emotions Ruth -- she's just like our. She married this guy and he cheated and he cheated everybody else and now there's no money. That's definitely out there and is -- and went like everybody I think I've. Followed that unfolding. Tragedy -- -- Har. And but but never thinking you know -- been involved in anything that would have that as a backdrop. But the only -- what he said to me was that -- he had mentioned to him. About a woman that she news who has whose husband had an imprisoned because just financial the season and -- -- shoe store. Forced to take jobs shoes on Madison avenue up. So humiliating. Friends -- had at dinner parties are apartment came in and I waited on -- -- you have any idea what that's like. No. -- many years posting women in the next year measuring your shoes size and fitting them. Recognition -- the -- -- -- -- and she slipped into thinking I didn't see her. I saw you arrogant -- And so that -- neutral and the dead ends up in the movie but. Like anything that's a second rice you absorb what's going on this night Paxton and you analyze it throwing around in -- instance new boss take. On some of elliptical prison that he views the wild and out pops -- French. So I mean I played -- to -- On stage when we took it to you won't do again when I first read the script that the woman be woody had -- that because they echoes of street cop. -- there's a lot to stand up is is there is quite quite similar mean jasmine somebody to. Has suffered a spectacular fall from grace whose. Had -- series of nervous breakdowns before she lands on and -- -- trying to start again finding new husband. Begin a new life and leave assorted cops behind a little bit like plans to block but the payoff is entirely. Allen -- And I think that that that's sort of romantic. Politicized reality that that is to back -- Tennessee Williams watching that. That some missed out to defend -- is there are very different to -- -- -- that the new -- So what is going on on the set we just hear stories those of us that -- on the sets that we don't see what what he's -- he's not. Verbalize in much -- -- I mean like father a lot of people had seen the document that amazing document -- about his back on him. And I watched that on the plane the to San Francisco. And thought he and defiant. And he's not gonna say -- much but may -- its dismay at a I don't I don't know how to make something unless something dialogues at. I was a bit like can't you know and the TC flies -- -- constantly. Asking him questions. And I petty does have signals that he gives his assistant when actors and knowing him. I don't forget that -- and what tellem to winded up at this actress away from me. But yeah. And let us know what -- I didn't know what has yeah there is nothing Britain very organic and I didn't feel I was getting the -- But if you know -- -- practical. And that -- that comes from his. You know he's he's -- stand up as it's funny it's not funny it works or doesn't weapons dead or alive. And for the first week you know I did see him. Don't -- himself you know. Thinking how is you know. What she's doing but I think like that which I felt it was yeah well what -- doing you know what happened what I think the first few days it. Making any film is always a bit like that you've got to find the time. It's it's. And finished. What's the stuff. Of woody Allen's with the council. He's -- -- -- remained in theories and bananas. And so you you read the script include -- could go anyway is think about twice and I think that. For me the joy of a flew jasmine is that it sets that tragic comic -- in a very very. You know precarious often but that interest -- -- and I think that's who -- in this at the Lincoln but it means the first couple of days on on on settlement of a well. And then when you settle in everything is kind of OK you find you have this kind of and had never know whether it's kind of it and tell. Until we know -- the -- and I mean that's that's the adrenaline rush of making movies that you. You don't know and you -- -- with this particular with woody is known to Lu -- has no idea so you know. You have to make sure everything spot on -- most of the time he works in one shot and he likes to -- a couple of tanks. He's got -- -- to get to. And you know but it's also gotten us I don't mean to be facetious he does like to keep things forward and if so there's is either rehearsals -- they -- first thing to do with the other actors so it's nothing you're just on -- you're not that's. But I was really fortunate and I was on stage. Here in New York with the production from the -- accompanied uncle Vanya. And Sally Hawkins happen to be in. In new York and so we -- spent two weeks again. Just -- Talking men and some of chewing over the -- Iraq rove or preparation -- it was great because it's a -- think that's the standing stock that you. And that may be. That would hassles or at least -- -- to dinner once and twice a meeting each or. Reading the thing through gives you. Is that you you you won't want to each other -- you've just got to you've got to hit the ground running with me -- was gripe itself in form that kind of common bond. -- -- Look back on it and you think of making some watching the news for the first time after -- did it. Is there a moment thirty seconds something where you that just resonates with you more than anything else that just for you as an act. They're approaching that part. It's funny I mean each each time whether -- stay -- roll over on screen. You never know -- the point of connections can come out of the text or and in -- just hoping the director says something not acting does. The point -- the penny drops to make that deep connection -- usually it does come from the script. And there was -- Something that just incentive we didn't throw away in -- news. Collins was once everything once the lies catch up with -- the self delusion. Becomes. Too much to bear and -- Don't want that type at his house come finds out everything she's in the -- I've done to myself again. Again -- all my fault and I thought wow this is such a sense of self loathing underneath at all and for me. I think for me that's enough ultimately what humanize this house who is most like you -- that cleanups. This is proven pretty like me right now except -- don't talk this much. Really -- you quiet from I ninety rest really well at home when -- backed by night I wake up and put the saw this I had no my make up and I think -- there. It's just it's perfect -- and it's easy to raise -- -- -- that they have allies is there as well over in the morning it's a glamorous life that you have -- as a very -- line. Is that still because your dad you -- dad's from Texas and evening everybody says well Cate Blanchett she's. -- -- I don't think dad was attacked -- -- Texas in an Alex somewhere. But it's minute you know -- -- -- he -- and I was very young. And I know that's that's a sad thing from my mother and you know do you miss that at some point and it's. And you know like ornaments restraint. -- citizen of the world to me just -- -- -- out doing it well talking about here we always and -- it's something that causes people. Which is all things do not know it's just a little. Bit of a song that means something to you -- some had reducing it to you bullets I don't know. There's just something. But the -- thinks -- just think. Other -- -- -- clips sound really yet but I can't remember the title what does -- matter you know few yeah. That's what you wanted to -- I eat I will play good personal and we'll play and I now I will play welcomed by from and that's not okay you do it now I can't he did bunny tied it here you can -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In. -- almost that's almost diamond. And and then -- this -- phone on the total eclipse of terribly funny. Where is it can I don't know yesterday Kendall you can quietly playing -- ever have that before where somebody's making to lead from the very -- -- -- up. -- and I'm not letting -- -- -- that that left them questioning and he's not gonna do it settlement -- -- -- run that later when we do -- it's great scene of her in the car. And sing like I'm totally caught a lot of marking -- man I have sat up making -- I'm thinking of it down. And indeed this then tell the world because everybody says it wrong how exactly. -- -- an eighth month. And -- -- he -- it. I did not say Blanchett you did -- -- because. Your mother says that it doesn't -- Wiki -- so funny -- you -- so why -- everybody say he planned chat do you wanna kill them on -- -- -- -- is another thought they want. No check him you should. That's about people -- to officials that causes. -- an album my mother sometimes says and in when she goes into a bank although no -- goes into a bank analysts -- -- showing my age. When she doesn't banking online. She says Blanchett because -- the -- -- right planned child. -- said that's -- it's an -- so she's fine you can call -- anything. A -- in question will. Pouting pronounces the name of the volcano that erupted -- the -- ago. I would have no career a -- -- completely Cate Blanchett. And that's all I need in life. Thank you very.

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{"id":20685875,"title":"Cate Blanchett Responds to 'Blue Jasmine' Oscar Buzz","duration":"12:55","description":"The Oscar winner tells Peter Travers that the Best Actress speculation isn't fazing her","url":"/Entertainment/video/cate-blanchett-responds-blue-jasmine-oscar-buzz-20685875","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}