Celeb 101 With Yara Shahidi

The "Black-ish" star shares what she's learned to become a success.
3:26 | 11/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celeb 101 With Yara Shahidi
Welcome to eleven while one is the place where celebs breakdown exactly what they've learned tonight here today I'm agreement and I'm so excited to join my black magic response by the hour. He will be how are you I'm. Ari very you. Now her she's one of the type of blockage. And you're showed discuss this so many things but at the very centers rates. So when you learn about this. Well I've learned how to discuss race in a constructive manner. I think our show really goes head Dominick tackles to speak about police brutality and hope this season to. The guy that this this this evening tackled the idea and on injuries in those intersect. And what I appreciate about black nationalist taught me is that. They don't keeps the audience you've rightly that simply is thinking about things rather they use each character. To illustrate a different if you as a sixteen year of a better way to approach topics that. Considered if you our political. Scary scary who wants to talk about race it's important to so many. The most confident and so I think just being a part of that show it's helped me just fine the worst to verbalize what. I want to talk about your relationship with your mind because she. We see the relationship you have actually thought you guys the black girls rock in my together and and on photos and Ichiro on his difference ocean but have such an uneasy relationship. And that's Julie's back wouldn't mind about rugby. Mine. Mama has set he standards in gold standard basically so. Being born and she do any. A family. Fierce women. And having that example. Of me Heidi there's an expectation that of course had some. Hands that that's important because it was really until I became a the injured and I experienced the world at large and yet margin which realize that some me time is it just before. Strong black and are viewed as the anomaly for a strong people of color needed anomaly and because of her presence. Could be as the expectation. Is standard that was a give it. But being a teenager you know in January you know living. Your use and he'd he'd leave you without before and even Nina as an older slightly. Older person you know you I look up to you because the of them yourself. So when he learned from kind of harness injuries from being useful. My friend the perks. To me sixteen. I have so many times and it's it's that kind of purgatory at an age you're not -- kidding can't quite get away with what she needs to get away with us you're moving into the NATO gears are moving into your adult years but not adults either you know. Thing and really not built this. You don't like you know Iraq and who know and I've learned just appreciating. How to crash thank you so much. You know from math to do everything you stand for and keeping you honestly thank you for having the structures. Well I'm joining MacKenzie in this. Casey Anthony.

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{"id":43743376,"title":"Celeb 101 With Yara Shahidi ","duration":"3:26","description":"The \"Black-ish\" star shares what she's learned to become a success. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/celeb-101-yara-shahidi-43743376","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}