Celebrating National Pasta Month at Antica Pesa

Antica Pesa has been serving traditional Italian dishes for generations of pasta lovers.
11:45 | 10/20/17

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Transcript for Celebrating National Pasta Month at Antica Pesa
Hey there Rachel Scott here in Brooklyn new York and we're celebrating national hospital also put away a Halloween candy put away all of those pumpkins because today is all about half the rent and to get case that and I'm here with the owner princess don't think so much for having. Thank you so much force the of these is a dream for me really thank you. What the beauty for that something to give special from. It's a beautiful day beautiful day for hostel always that I like to say in so today we're really making a more classic disc but I would talk about the history of the restaurant. This is the first of its opening in in the US open for five years but you have a sister restaurant in Rome that has not been for hundreds of years. Yet it's another long beastly had to do impatient and off. Am gov ready ready yet be to celebrate like to dangle. Oh five from the reciting all of them in the U seeking. And very very proud to be our. And now hallways like incredible agreed to follow all of the million people and then make empty boat which they give us an incredible wealth come. Plus you know they knows each other from little mock. But to do these huge step for Gaza was Betty lie you know one reading and thinking they verde and that's you know what. I want to goodness sake I wanna be. And I am moderate begin that live say they're baked idea seemed to be a city. It was incredible and ready European excited him and had to say thanks that total U. Abby goes you'll really make a son team. And study the judgment for us. Congratulations to my years here but we're talking before and a 400. Years that restaurant has been open. In Rome it's been passed down from generation to generation in your family so did beating its you'll always you. Onus prominent family from Maine yes it'll happen to these hundred ES we stopped to do rest it on that. The handled essentially was not allowed to lose so move to set foot. But after that we stopped to improve the restaurant. Had a genetic shown stop to duel with something you know. Talk tomorrow. And then now we a year and might Todd in the wasn't wicks balked what do Brenda from you grow up to USA. Am I don't my yet my grade dumb mother so stopped I should be. Two said the first busta. That's got shipping later Hosni imagines bus stop. If the bottom the gap. We talk about pressure to leave it right yes that's exactly where they want an edition. Which now as medical USA and embedded throughout what these Eagles cutting from my. My seat my seat. So was inventive from a bad children get on my that's. Which included was right that Mike got my this. So off that a war would tool. These Foster began in soap bubble rubbed Eagles awards this fact to help oldest salt do you have to back up to own. With a Bailey did did motive like. But it did not because it was debate that's tough bind. And all of these gum out of this five tool to help book all of the community would Abbas that reach. And you double. All wars I need to be cheap to make it. Now it's up to be that expensive because that she is a cost the so much solo. Mike Amato was in my group of these graphs many inventive actually. The catcher Dave a bust the rain. And of course this this is been tainted by tons of people celebrities like Justin Bieber Morgan Freeman all. But that he will have come through the restaurant and we have seen photos dared to show yet Hezbollah as celebrity gas. So I would get in to the pox that's you agree to talk a bit more as you have an annual here that's gonna help make this processor tell everyone again what are we making today. Today we do Kutcher bit that we do that we deft regional hospital which we have a all react according to police bus stop eighties who just two guys the best thing you can do is to be the best ingredients so carry that recipes that easy to make it okay. You're either good dance to do but you need to buy you a great ingredients which sometimes they can be treated. Bureaus they saw lay the financial bottoming John cheese on decoding you know all of them are sold dvd key is to follow that bass but ought not to do these. So that bus stop if you do what did you not he's the best to wait. And then big Cody you know you can you lose that it big Cody nor Romano. He did beat age if you can. But he's also typically know from Sabena which is to go Dell box should take you there what from Roma I prefer sorry I am ready. So I'm around in the bloodiest day if you dad do you. Yes the wind around we're in Berlin today it is okay and that we give up on me John don't and then the we have prep are. And I am and debris Emmanuel every and I don't think he Harris anxious you're gonna need that you're going to be the one that's creating this so tell us what the first step here what is going to be happening is that easy ways. Illegal for youths. That we had that was split off bottom if some. In the book. Let's put it not. Once well enough including us is from Roma. And the black pepper. So is this she's actually from well with the national association. Met let me tell you now you guys OV ER in New York she did that he's the Kennedy. Every deeds. Salt except I like that that they have added to vegetable awesome phone fluid society and especially in this season. It's seizing this moment to found everything senior say which is in. Credit vote you know many of several wasn't the defense I guess it was different from our soldier who vote today a good spot now so it's easy to do. These are Reza be that bright you know even that in the perfect way. I actually serve the next that's been an Daniels had a show it here. I think today. We'll. We got them up squad that is very important for me the source. At least that's a good. The bus thought we village being given him. We're right back creamy it's source. We did she its. So eleven minutes that was boiling they with whom we sent our listen to her or worked city. Just to have ready of course they only started across little early now you're mixing all that good cheese that we just talked it out. And artistic and now with that the bus he's made it. With them that they and we said the that it costs. Between your pasta from from these guys can do the issue then that we lost that we capital dvds. So yet to be Foss and Deaver the boss thought you know hall well. Be sure we'll look at what's gonna cost us so much. The event and all you can you can possibly to be thought they'd they'd the cream of all that bus value did. This is a quick process very weak soul everything is I think actually did it these are not being vote. Who's been a defendant in a different way in which are I let it and then a Magee that. These he's they deal regional one. There is a somebody shouldn't you know so you can use about somebody use a whole oil. These used their run. I mean these processed after the these we don't like to dot sure. You know there legion a recipe. But I can understand somebody want to do and a defense we'd dig and do they can be Morris have greening if you are some bucked that. That's going to be it'd be more heavy for our suggest doing these is that we that he had to do easy and not to make it easy to do look dormant. And so did issue soil testing. And I want to drag these is that there so I says I don't wanna dig in here think you sell hides. Just come already or whip up boring here this looks absolutely delicious and of course celebrating national. Cost them on here in the month of October and trying to get. Process and the harder eggs he obviously I'd can't bring yourself trying to get a little bit about it here and an every down. And not. Is amazing. Really gotten if you don't just taste the fresh ingredient. Of all of that's the most important. They seized on the press printing it like it I mean it's basic to boot up rushers he's ready here fresh bust out like you to do fashion he noted that in effect menos. It's all about the white guilt they eat it and saving incredible events like these I think. That's. So what is the secret and to making a perfect pox a lot of people are watching this at home. I tell you I needs to get a last night for dinner and it did not taste like not all what is the secret combining these fresh ingredients to create something as beautiful as that if you run up. Like I thought we did that that the factual way it's day and be careful with the timing got because. These spots you wanna have a like a band to. You can fifteen each to called the bus stop we that he there'd be more on all of halt. What that bus stop which is day key. Two miles that bus stop in a perfect way you wanna just like. A lot but he did beat. You know I mean. And that's in the chest. You need to feed hungry. If you fees. Are you want to do something. These and that's the best that inspections. It was hard for me to just take one bite of that theater few. A you have all your and also of course. I think you're seeing some kind especially for Roma. I've been knocked over utility and that won't from Roma. They can be time to finally be at least mentioning that we but we did new technique. He Dickey chair every day boot wolf of the chef you can mix who added it to be sure and and the modern way they make their Baffert. Each unique that it. We have. No so much boutiques. But it. Mean if food if you play nice if you pay fleeing if you don't touch too much. They are now on it would this BS. I'm not. We are not the rests on that we tried pool to place a much of that would with the food we like to stay nice. Being cleaned specially do you for the may come out kept. The Eagles sometimes that can be tricky to explain. That Assad to for a simple okay. That benefit us on it's made that we did say events story. Seven state. You can finally a CD that I signed on me that we sixteenths today to Lance they would choose who sprinkled this these fantastic. But with a seven is that affection that we that I will. All that land. So defense something they professional you want to do Munich just you wanna stay light specially negotiated. Eleven wolf thank you so much for digging dived innocuous today I wanna give everyone one last peek at this posse right here. It is beautiful and tell people where they can find you what are your hours when you guys open. We opened it today we're we starved to stop this obese from Monday to sign the about 6 o'clock it would cause in the kitchen not on the 11 o'clock. Com the last rooting for you with to boot. Would hospitality and he does then the experience. Mated by a. Jeanette national imagination. And it is really get not a matter right so there you have it celebrating national hospital on. I Rachel Scott here for ABC news C guy's ex thank you so much doubt.

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{"duration":"11:45","description":"Antica Pesa has been serving traditional Italian dishes for generations of pasta lovers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50613328","title":"Celebrating National Pasta Month at Antica Pesa","url":"/Entertainment/video/celebrating-national-pasta-month-antica-pesa-50613328"}