Charlie Daniels doin' it Dylan!

Country Music Legend takes on classic Dylan tunes!
3:00 | 04/01/14

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Transcript for Charlie Daniels doin' it Dylan!
Country music legend Charlie Daniels is taking on rock icon Bob Dylan and you might not make the connection right away. But they share a great history and -- Charlie Daniels is embracing his past for the special tribute to Dylan on a new -- Called off the grid doing it Dillon. Charlie Daniels is here today I guess it is a pleasure for you stopping in here today is really an honor pleasures -- thank you very much congratulations on this is your first album since since what 2007. Certainly on the -- is the first new music cab window and we had some compilations and gracious and things but -- -- Actual collection immediately -- and. And people would look at sentence they Dylan Daniels what's the connection -- -- -- -- go back a few years wolf first of all of I've been a big difference for decades. Secondly -- worked after three as a studio musician Aaron nutria were -- about Saddam's natural talents have portrait in -- morning and it was. And some and -- -- her name to me to be able to punitive to work on this campus some -- admiration for. -- changing face of pop music he was before The Beatles for all the people that we think of this. B and innovators threat he was their -- it and he hit him when he districts. Refuse to be put in a box you know he wouldn't -- records were three minutes and sixteen seconds long to fit -- radio format or something. If you if one birth was a little bit longer than the others are will be shorter the as he did he did. It could be made a mistake on his guitar harmonica with just to play and you know -- that's -- felt about it. Was on -- and it just represents such musical freedom -- -- I'm -- really admire him. It shows -- firms -- from a couple of decades ago from working as studio musician that. You you come up with this list that you that you want to put together in this collection how do you even narrowed down his field work we started well one thing about it you know what you do in that way element that's so big personally -- -- We want to do -- -- with a. -- -- -- we approached it almost like it was new material like we've never really heard it before. Because we tried to ignore the arrangements. In the the beach and everything up to bankers -- the change complexion of the sound. There were always going to be Bob Dylan's own right you can listen to one you can listen later -- tell us about Billie Jean but then you -- -- CDB place turning to -- -- point eight. Because we changed everything about it some of which completely changed -- we changed tempo. We certainly changed management donation. Maybe -- -- -- so long as somebody play guitar -- and -- -- you know and heard her Dylan album -- -- Registration around and try to put something that would put our -- -- is is supposed to just copy and we want a copy anything even known -- before. Well it's amazing isn't just in the as an example times there -- -- -- -- soon -- you hear you know what the song isn't there is that distinctive. Charlie Daniels Band sound to -- and what what's better response than from those who will support it -- just comes out today right. Actually the response has been really good -- the people that are of course very few people have heard so far but the industry people they have that we had -- it -- -- We -- really nice review zone. I -- -- possible want to hear the word legend used in front of their name but I say that obviously with all admiration and respect when you have that kind of history going into it -- do you do do you. Did you put that much pressure -- when you're starting to work with someone else's work that you want to. Now preserved there. Not really amended its. It's always will be bundled music -- you could not destroy that aspect of the no matter what you do if you -- -- if you did it let's also remember or whatever it was we'll be. We were -- the concern with I mean I think. I think Dylan cannon. Takes care they integrity of the -- you -- about what he put together weight puts words together like nobody else does. So we would take the melody and the words and backers say -- don't reflect new material that would try to do it totally different things with the recognizable as usage but times are changing that you -- -- in the first few bars at this point. But he steal music the same. You use viability. If you were not even familiar with the crew for some of the stimulus. There there there there is that there is a distinctive deal in style that you know what if any wanted to songs it's almost indescribable. He put up fifty albums of your own -- and you've got a tour date now that is a hundred -- something like. 400 about a hundred outages and road -- and it would do. Ten grand Ole opry appearances and you know -- -- -- -- sentence him here will be. I thought -- I think it'd be enough to keep a 27 under active and what's the secret. Additions to -- the good lord may do instant the so much Portland and vehemently. The music business for. -- -- -- stay in the -- race to stay current program -- -- -- Kind of keep your -- food and the main thing is -- concerned. About anything. What's. He recovered -- music business anything. Do you do you have that dialogue when you take the stage you read the audience -- that some some partisan. -- up on stage in the almost block they almost try to go into their own mind -- -- -- themselves because they know if that's the best show that they can put -- what do you have that kind of exchange I would. I have I have periodically audits you know try to you know -- -- -- monitors come along nearby Houston united Arab religious and that your owners has -- monetary. Keys is because it takes Belmont field away from -- touches the ground will -- the moment that you're gonna wanna see him. I want to be able that you know I want to hear the applause and I want to hear everything they do want the other part of them. So I can even using your miners had that want to stay in touch all the time. And that's the thing with many years -- -- a long time ago it. Musicians get work entertainers don't. So I set my sights on Maynard -- me many years ago and I'm devoted my life to doing a lot of it is how occupation -- songs and secrets -- you do your songs in. It has a lot to do with how. This it flows if she will start at mountain -- and that -- -- -- With him between the -- -- -- -- close -- excellent investment and -- and that's that that isn't -- there's an art to there's. Experience. Goes a long way and that way I think for a lot of young musicians out there I think that they would be very shocked to know that she's still the scales. Call me anything that you proclaim your sleep right. Well no not really am and I'm not a natural musician and you're not a natural -- I'm rooting him on a natural musician. I have always had to work a little harder to learn. You know things we do -- arrangements and I've got to this man never had these guys -- really do that and they challenged me every time he and Terry to a I have to work a little harder to do -- part and -- -- You know don't put their heart follow Columbus -- -- -- -- I really have to you have to work force. And always have -- -- it does not come as naturally comes naturally but not nearly as naturally to music something. I think I think a lot of I think I think a lot of aspiring artists they would would take heartening knowing that if they when it reached the level of success and an end and achievement that you have that it's the nineties -- -- work here and I've got to say the devil went down to Georgia obviously one of the most well known songs of all time. -- -- try to -- that a karaoke. What did area -- I don't know -- It's just a familiar song affected I think people problem when a decent market when -- -- -- An -- from your son's been around long time as well and radius -- like three main tan since about it advisor to. If you were go to Australia and what some ministry to Sudanese that you -- editing as many as Alia. That's got bedevil Georgia would veto an -- is solved no but -- -- that one. And that -- -- when it started breaking it. It opens some doors for us and foreign -- and that sort of thing with these countries who don't speak English and this was here. But the study and parents was -- amazing thing about it we're sitting here 35 years after the -- And you know still the biggest -- weekend why. A Dixon novel appeal for one thing here -- -- double B cute right now. So story will perhaps in Steward -- and then you -- fairness sort of thing that. I just. I think people but. For that from that aspect about -- -- -- novel victory was a good thing -- on this and we start doing that when people you know for August and now that's when you can do it right because septic field to. But I think people just enjoy it it's kind of timeless and the story never changes -- where no black or third generation of Iranians would you know. The older people like it in the little kids -- this statement a hero. I'm always -- -- -- -- you know what my favorite south. -- -- regular -- -- what -- -- that's got to be it would kick off of this album off the grid. Doing it Dillon Charlie dance I can't think you know it really has been a pleasure thirty Jordan thank -- language.

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