Comic-Con announces Black Widow will get stand-alone film

Scarlett Johansson discusses her evolution as Black Widow and the anticipation of fans connecting to her character on a deeper level.
3:07 | 07/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Comic-Con announces Black Widow will get stand-alone film
If you beat the heat over the weekend that he went to the movies are caught the new. I Disney's the Lion King video caught up with the avengers end game while back movie has now officially become the highest grossing movie of all time. We're learning much more now about what's ahead for marvel are Adrian baker joins us live from Los Angeles she also got an exclusive interview whip. The avengers Scarlett Johansson that great to see Adrian Boris she is finally getting her own movie. After seven years plain black what do you widow how secure about. Well first of all everybody who's a fan of adventures and of injures in game knows that the really. Big deal that Scarlett Johansson is now getting that stand alone movie especially after her sacrificial fall. In any game of it he told that it really is going to be a thrilling for her to play this part from a deeper level ships to delve more into the character to the humanity. Of black widow a decade may Tosh a Romanoff. And just discover with the fans exactly why she is motivated to do certain things wise she's had some of these secrets. And what really makes her tick which she dreams about Scarlett told Meehan which he has nightmares about so. A where Gannett actually break apart this woman who we've known as really like. At kick but kinda girl I'm trying to picture is the right wording here. But it does break her down into what she was like when she was younger. And actually interestingly have a sound bites talk about exactly what part of the story line of injures will inch reduce for the black that a sleepless that I. I would have been happy. And that's it and gaming and walk away it felt like you know I've felt like I was proud of the work he had all that together and that the only reason to do this state alone would be to you. Elevate the genre in some way. Is this considered a pretty well because they're considered a resurrection. Orifice that combat it's their revelation does. Sorts take that however comes up as a perfect word quit a mentally she's fifty. And I don't like to see that it off. And he had that sounds very deep but she really does say that she wants to go deep digging deep with this characters so. And a lot of fans are very very excited about that comic con fans screamed when she locked on to the stage announcing this new movie. Jeff Kent also really excited about what's ahead for marvel at comic con that'd be announced big plans lot lot come out up ahead what's up what's it what's in store. Well for those fans who are really in the know it's the next phase space for in the out marvel. Cinematic universe so what for what we're gonna see now will see a whole host of new movies not only in theaters that. Also streaming on Disney plus Chris Disney and marvel duel in the business gather to say that we. But we know that Angelina Jolie will be starring in the new movie eternal. And we're gonna see in you Doctor Strange movie. A jury me runners care terror is going to have a new series on Disney plus. So there's a lot to see and that's going to be in 20/20 and twenty when he wine and I guarantee you. Fans are gonna miss any of it back very very exciting staff. Yeah I agree it's a great interview to Adrian banker force and wants out of a lot to come from marble thanks a lot Adrian.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Scarlett Johansson discusses her evolution as Black Widow and the anticipation of fans connecting to her character on a deeper level.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"64489487","title":"Comic-Con announces Black Widow will get stand-alone film","url":"/Entertainment/video/comic-con-announces-black-widow-stand-film-64489487"}