Cookie Johnson Talks Marriage To Magic Johnson, HIV Diagnosis, Faith & More

NBA star's wife talks about how difficult it was learning her new husband had HIV and how her faith helped her overcome difficult times.
6:34 | 09/20/16

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Transcript for Cookie Johnson Talks Marriage To Magic Johnson, HIV Diagnosis, Faith & More
HIV virus have attained. Will have to retire from the lakers. My wife. Is vines these negative vote no problem with. I plan on going on live hormone time for the new guys I have always have. That was the announcement that. Kind of shook a lot of folks up 25. Years ago. It came at the same time that magic Johnson's wife cookie was a newly when expecting her first child and she shares the emotional journey. That started on that day in her new memoir I believe in and magic my story of love overcoming adversity and keeping the faith. Please welcome the fabulous cookie Johnson. Fifth and the wedding anniversary and I heard that he pulled out all the stops. Might I was and it and there was a kind of a surprise to me. As I. Heard I figured he was doing something but anyway yeah we have four different parties and Monaco's centrum pay. I'm key eat you name it he did it was a me me. And all of our closest friends at home and hunted a plumber and there was at media reading that he gave EU's completely when he tried years to any back cat. Oh heads of them. Have you no school I did not cash the does conflict that artists are. But never isn't it let's talk a little about the book in the day magic. Revealed to his diagnosis to yield just 45 days into your marriage you had a baby on the way so. What was it did you think he was. Kidding what did you know it now okay. You know I was in shock I was just in shock you know. You know devastating I was at home about to watch him on on the gain you know he was in acting Denver's airplane time. And he called me and I'm sitting there waiting to see him walk out yet but he's on the phone going I'm on the way home I have to tallies them. And I knew then that that had missed something very important if he wasn't on that basketball court. That the when he guided you know he didn't beat around a bush she just told me it. I was just scared to death that it in the in the meantime waiting to find out what it was that he didn't say when Ryan that my mind was going to kind of crazy they have like a lot that we did truck rally got. Mary are we get it. It into the wanted to boards are any you know what should. You know I had no. You're pregnant at the time I just hours only shows you it took Julie to find out if they if the fetus was going to have the HIV positive yet. That's a rough two weeks yeah how did you deal with that it was so hard I dealt within bagged going to the lord in on my knees praying. Without bullets that is and then that's what I did I couldn't. You know I couldn't fall apart a good thing I'd be strong for him was there as they could have given it up. Now Baghdad. They'll bag then that that tests of that amount of time now days actually you know ten to get a quick response AM you can do it like overnight yes. Message that's rough that's what is one notebook you. Talk about one moment that really resonated with me as a woman where you were waiting behind closed doors as he had to let the other women you know that he had been went no. A caption you know when you give a jet ear ache you know it can be about it for ten years you wouldn't know it. So you have to is you know and you have to be responsible. So he you know he had it sends up and around the car people you know and and over a ten year period was the part of in people and thought he had no that was not a good feeling. I didn't like it but. Again when you when you think about what was going on in and and you know oh. What you are facing at the time. At that time I felt I was facing two things you either stay here it's and and help him live or even let him die. And I chose to help them and have some contract out. Handle that moment I. I it's I can't even finalists are expressive but it moved me beyond measure to just see they see that you got through you know I love talking about faith and I know that you are. A devout Christian and so I wanna know how your feet has helped to overcome everything that you've gone through in the last week. It was everything you know I'd like us and like from that day even from maybe our talk about our courtship Halloween you know I have on. Relationship. For twelve years before we got married and how hard it was teeming get married so called to get to that point. And then that happened like right after you got there it right update product they're paying it was devastating. But for me each time an obstacle hit me I went to the port. And would you do as you just I went narrowly paint myself but I started. Resurgent as surgeon word and going to Bible study and going to my pastor and understanding of where the would you do is you find out. Like what God's promises where god has problems is what and when you find out what those promises are. Here Brandon good faith and that part you won yet and the and the great thing. And I have to say you know is. Because of magic struggle people paid attention like this they paid attention and so. He's live over the last point Barbie is very well and very lovingly and very happy and I got to say you know. He was instrumental. In us explaining to people. How HIV is passed that ill one is immune to it right and you know. And it that I mean I they've got eleven game and he's got nobody nobody unless I attention should they think you're at you're goddamn hour to pat you know a lot of guys are ready likeness. Fact it's not come back and hang out listen. Thanks to could be Johnson her book believing in magic is out now and members of our audience you know you know Adam about that I.

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{"duration":"6:34","description":"NBA star's wife talks about how difficult it was learning her new husband had HIV and how her faith helped her overcome difficult times.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42228948","title":"Cookie Johnson Talks Marriage To Magic Johnson, HIV Diagnosis, Faith & More","url":"/Entertainment/video/cookie-johnson-talks-marriage-magic-johnson-hiv-diagnosis-42228948"}