Country's Clint Black on Working With Wife, Lisa Hartman Black

Singer returns with first album of new material in five years.
7:00 | 08/13/13

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Transcript for Country's Clint Black on Working With Wife, Lisa Hartman Black
-- -- -- -- -- London I'm gonna change the -- we do. He is one of country's biggest stars selling over twenty million records burning up over a dozen platinum awards and Grammy nominations and he is back releasing new music for the first time in -- five years. On his new album what I said idea that we pull them off just long enough to with the chat with the minister here today Clint Black thanks for stopping by -- -- that congratulations five years we've -- to -- and it's actually I think it's more like eight with one. Song exception. -- on the music are -- -- but technically -- we'll just call it a five guys long enough exit. Carson and this is a really unique collaboration you've got some new -- boss of -- some your favorites. Yeah I it's kind of a collection in my best loved songs and some of in my revisited. In a completely different way and some are reproduced even higher on the same musicians arranger conductor. To to try and duplicate it exactly what I -- it's a big song for us like when I -- I do. You know I just didn't want to mess with that. Rick and one of the things that I -- you said before is that in some of the the -- re instrumentation. Introducing some different sounds and different styles to it was the what if scenario do you listen to the into the redone version now I guess and say -- Activision gone Napoli a little way it was -- -- -- Not at all of the loudest. That and sometimes even a -- you wonder when you when you go back you revisit your -- something you say. I wonder maybe that would have. -- I've actually done it in the past I've taken -- hit song. Like put yourself in my issues. Which was stunning kind of Bob Wills swing and way and then I -- that it must slow blue easy way with a full horn section and complete with trumpet thrills and -- and because when -- wrote that song it actually went through. Maybe that maybe this slow blues may be offense bluegrass style. And then -- said okay I'll go with this style so it is fun to go back. And and try something a completely different way. So the -- when I set -- -- -- of course -- with your beautiful wife now these are -- -- What's that life. We win when you have a relationship is as strong and as loving as public as well as yours and then two to go into the recording studio together its high pressure on producing. I want her to be really happy and do it again right in -- How but I have to have to put. -- -- to get to her best performance. And and what I did was I listened to the voice of my my dear friend and longtime producer James Stroud -- submit a veteran producer when I'm enemy was already been been in showbiz along time. And so I hear his voice and the things that he used to say to me. And and so I try to use you know those same kind of encouraging. The ways instead of just saying let's try that again. -- and on you can do that better and and when the recording -- -- -- And you walk out of the studio is that is that -- you just that the day is done or does -- -- discussed over the dinner table. Can't remembered -- it. It seems like we talk about. I'm I'm always detail -- her she sounds great -- world was not sure. This is -- he uneasiness and it airs again. But it but it but we all have that sense of well I'm I'm not sure if it. If it's authentic I think. You could tell anyone can tell over the years if it's technically right but but but I think we all probably wondered if in my sounding authentic in my is is that feeling coming through because -- What used -- -- it. A bunch and you get your recording down and you hear it and -- self you don't know. You have to you can't move yourself anymore. And I have to didn't know if you moved someone else and so always like to letter now that. Still today. That song and the other duet of -- on there easy for me to say. When when her voice comes and it did -- -- out. What when of the new songs that you have illnesses is called she won't let go and it was inspired. By this picture and I want to put that out and and tell me how you found pictures tell the story. I'm I'm -- Write a song with -- writer producer in Nashville frank -- -- he comes over to my studio. And the first singing does after hello what is he -- this photo down on the desk and says. -- -- -- And and instantly on news this interior all the emotion we need to find. The story and and so we wrote the song. Recorded the song. It's a year later and I'm back into in my final over -- guitars and all and he comes over fences are staff sergeant made it back home. He'd been through a year in Iraq and he was now safely home. And and I remember -- the flood of emotion because we wrote the song with a happy ending -- and then it just hit me that that happy ending and I've been living with three year wasn't guaranteed. That's. And it's powerful it's knows that as an artist. You you look at sort of the future of hunger works going to be perceived and received in knowing that fact that there. Realize that are impacted in that. You draw your inspiration from. The -- Met the family and stayed in touch with -- our staff -- -- Thomas now lieutenant he's redeployed to Afghanistan. And now we're waiting -- happy ending once again men and women that we can't obviously things in nearly enough. So we saw you on the Celebrity Apprentice we saw you -- anger management's. -- what you gonna get back and acting thing I'm acting -- -- -- -- What about Yucca record it again -- this was what do you thing. I don't know why you know acting jobs just seemed to come to me. And every now and then -- go through a series of meetings to talk about it with my agents and managers -- were doing that now on. Now with a nine DC two or -- I'm going to be released an album next year. For me the balance is always is it's always about balance them MIAs in my having -- live -- the in the middle of my career and on them. And then love to -- other ones asking me to go dig a ditch you know finish that a man might. And so it's hard to not going do all these fun things are. Very well it is called when I said I do it is now available -- Cracker Barrel dot com and a tractor broke Clint Black continued success to thank you stop them by my pleasure.

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"Singer returns with first album of new material in five years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"19949908","title":"Country's Clint Black on Working With Wife, Lisa Hartman Black","url":"/Entertainment/video/countrys-clint-black-working-wife-lisa-hartman-black-19949908"}