Cynthia Lennon's Love Story With the Beatles Singer

Oct. 5, 2005: John Lennon's first wife details how the pair first met and what led to the split after 10 years together.
4:36 | 04/01/15

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Transcript for Cynthia Lennon's Love Story With the Beatles Singer
Out to the woman who could just be the world's first rock and roll life the 1958. When she was just a teenager art school student in Liverpool England a girl named Cynthia met fell in love with and then married a boy named John. But this wasn't just any old John this was John Lennon on his way to becoming a music legend. John Lennon would have turned 65 this week it now Cynthia Lennon has written a new book simply called. John full of eye opening new. Full of what you'd never have never heard about one of the most famous men. Of the twentieth century Sarah Palin thank you good mood he's so why wouldn't even though your they have re married yes I do have a change. My an invite depot many years who can run after him knives who didn't go very well. And I have to go to a accent. Instead of gangs. Cynthia Powell looks and could twist so. We suspects Anemia and is very complicated process I don't know into Lenox I changed my name back to deed poll. So this week I could do use it commercially prudent. Announced of course and this is Charles. This is jobs yet but mrs. Charles you've written a lovely lovely book and very thin very fair having your. That was a hard time but you went through with charm and you explain that up but to also come. To the other end of it but I was really it was fascinating when a lot and I want to quote to hear you saw charter school and you sit close yuck. Not my type accident if you could look forward than about have meant that you were drawn to mentally action news for. The danger has the crew was meant to the you couldn't resist. Being around you couldn't resist. Want to move she's up to me so I told the rubble and everybody was amazed by him and suddenly looking. Because he was back to study. And he did very different set game and I was the ones who said the latched on to his left him caps and we don't like pens and paint brushes and everything some. That was how we came together to set an extensive amount compensation office meeting was testing on my side because who have both been on good ascent classes. But and it escalated from there you married in 62 and you know you could draw on those of other women over pictures. What we're trying not long camera I mean it was so creaky because Bryan Mavis it was suspects who license and Brian. Well organized it but within one week we were. Manning and the drawing of course was when I did the book just of men and in 1978. My illustration the host of the book quit cartoons. This is one from the book festival in the that we Seawright that we see here that's beautiful view of the now we many of us now John Lennon as a man of a piece. Of love them but in reading your book the early years he was a complex man and you think we didn't use claim was physical with you one thing. On one occasion yes but that was the end time that was because of his insecurity and jealousy. Because he was the very generous young man that the time had a lot of pain inside. And he wanted to trust me. And he Phil bus by seeing me dancing with a friend of his. But I was being disloyal. I was messing around so you swiftly and done that was only and I finished fifth spot finished with him and then treatments they test. We go about seven and then you had a beautiful son Julian Assange for this first offense first born in is that partly why you wrote this book is does this not the first time we've written. A book about this but isn't this was for Juliet because many people. She said this kind of try to airbrushed you and your son out of the weather story out of The Beatles story I think I have read several new books and a seems to have any films of sexual section. That we didn't really exist we don't like cool calm pops in John's life really did spend ten years he's I spent ten years of my life and John. In his village occasionally the sun was so close relationship was that in the end with a live I don't believe it doesn't usually in the world is that near the end and before his tragic deaths of coombs. They were getting together on the fans never connect in. John was playing music band you know cruel instant. When he was to double fantasy of course. I need Fenton didn't say what you can do this to again. It was just coming back and it was wonderful and and then of course and his life was cooked cut facial some. It's a tragedy that is tragically cut short alive then and Astoria but it's the beautiful book the two Britons and an annual his response I appreciate you being here.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Oct. 5, 2005: John Lennon's first wife details how the pair first met and what led to the split after 10 years together.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"30051877","title":"Cynthia Lennon's Love Story With the Beatles Singer","url":"/Entertainment/video/cynthia-lennons-love-story-beatles-singer-30051877"}