'Dancing With The Stars' behind-the-scenes

A day in the life of a "Dancing with the Stars" contestant.
3:04 | 11/05/18

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Transcript for 'Dancing With The Stars' behind-the-scenes
From the moment Dancing With The Stars wraps up Monday night. Dancing With The Stars pairs are already training for their next performance it's Tuesday morning after the big shown rehearsals are already under way over here with the court passes they get ready for the following week's opening number. That's Emmy award winning choreographer me anymore my. Then it's time for the couples to learn their immune to its. I love of dance pro Alan bursting gave us a tour of the space. Club and Dancing With The Stars a mean it's on the walls he can't get lost. So it's around let's go. So we are five studios is actually the first one. Pat Gillick each one has its own theme. And before Allen's partner gets here he needs to come up with her newest routine see your choreographed Knauss. And how long does that mean you know I mean hopefully it's great usually takes you know a few hours. Torture continued with a stop and next practice room who's in now what's. I as the markets and Lindsay. The good is so this is a really nice studio and Q. But the rehearsals are like any how many hours how many days a week every day week and every day it began on music and loves so. At the center. I have a six hour rehearsal. Yes and that's sometimes not even enough at what went during the week you feel like me you have them explain damage along the clothing. Immune to keep working on it. Competitive all the way through Sunday. An all of those rehearsals in the dancers need to fuel up we get the grids. This is the MTV cribs come out and when we soon got here what do I even throughout the day BK is you have to keep your energy up probably stands at. Honestly. Whenever we see you repeat we just eat whatever his closest and that the quickest option. Oh absolutely yeah. And when they need a little motivation they had to this studio. And this is like you're inspirational studio with all the past winners on the wall. Had a gives you that little glimmer of hope. You costumes are designed for the couple's ahead of each show in by the weekend routines are being fine too. What I like to see an. Ever. And who knew the dancers use a trick to help their shoes gripped the dance floor and prevent slipping. These are kind of karma plug makes us look great season wraps. That's seven seven through the Portland last season. Really his feet and you brush but yeah it's. And then getting keep them from slowdown and really you know desperately and. What's no secret the lasting bonds formed between the cast yeah I'll become a family. Yeah but it off. There are some. On the show tonight we'll. To gain the life of a Dancing With The Stars couple is rewarding. Each week's training gets them one step closer to the ultimate reward them beer ball trophy. Natalie for now ABC news Hollywood.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"A day in the life of a \"Dancing with the Stars\" contestant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"58986150","title":"'Dancing With The Stars' behind-the-scenes","url":"/Entertainment/video/dancing-stars-scenes-58986150"}