Danielle Brooks talks final season of 'Orange Is the New Black'

Danielle Brooks discusses "OITNB," her upcoming EP and more.
31:24 | 07/12/19

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Transcript for Danielle Brooks talks final season of 'Orange Is the New Black'
Canas lions ABC radio and I have returned once again with another queen yes that's Friday. Mallon nation and follow a fact I was so happy to welcome you guys to be one the only Daniel Bronx. How are you. Until then wonder if now before we get into or into the new glad we got that in the end of an air last season the seventh season. I'm guy again is sue it or the law come gradually hey yeah. And saying cues oh yeah. And we are so happy for you think you are below linger all eyes alone. Me. Police say lived inland things nieces and added began. And we yes it is the beginning to many great pains. When you first got the news release online now assuming you know she's on had been little. Pregnancy test and all that and uncle when you first found out what were your initial thoughts tonight I feel he could be overwhelming at Atmel. Is really excited. And is lately act against our do. And I get to be a Monday. As I was really excited kind of in this leaf is Al is a sting with learn how makes me lately can has been Larry having only does it. Com but we will and I think everything happens for a reason I'm about to be ferry feel ready to deal yeah. End of quarters you know we we did it like are at it like OKC she'd because human carbon nasty got rolling the Rio on. She looked in on nice see this is live in her best line. A what are your family and friends thoughts when you finally told them because I know you take a moment fear itself need light Ocalan does marinate on this and and you tell everybody so what was what are the mom phenomenon. Say they are there any saying mom knows him breath for about fat mini straightening leader leader and hand over her mouth and. Am I Dan released that I do. In my banner around miles rang in his Louisiana and additions to soon name is William M Mon key. And so everybody's really excited for this new baby to come via Medina all but the player we do in that so. It was you mightn't get anatomy bell. The animal's planet if yes what we love either or but acting CEO loathing yelled running around seeing in on key. Donald. No I don't marry men. Bank is paying the negative Muniz sees someone else's face on them like and it's crazy to think about Lena. You have phase of being on you chios may. And current I know I'm at a news hope they have dimples S Japan yet. I think all get a little good genes gra de Dem and this is a really good. He little BBB what I like they have. Yes so. Okay not Phyllis segued to the clinic to talk about the may be new oil a day but I do have begin into the fact that this is the last seven season of oranges in new black July 26 on that Blake. I've you guys haven't caught up you need to catch up. Eighths at OK so much to get into first and foremost when you found out this was going to be the last season what was your. Reaction response to. NN you know. Seven is the number of completion. And I think just the thing that we had gotten that far it successfully. I felt complete. And you know is that show really has launched started my career. Some really excited c.'s show. I'm it comes to television and film when those I'm capable of doing. Now added a flat they gave us Halloween is in now amended to ciller. Yes and aren't going because actually I recently saw you in theater take for in the park. Hey I didn't look right there and like. Tic. Thank you me and you do you definitely Dylan it I mean instant spike still amazing the fact how talented you are I mean everything you touch OK now. Uncle grabbing that and just all you're able to do just being young wonderfully Melanie this I was got a give that little better and Latin good energy towards that out just for you guys to kind of get a glimpse. And the new black has been literally I think it groundbreaking chill until many ways really showing their lives to public school of dramatic thing of course. Behind. You know women's prison in an all that it entailed you know it's definitely. Not a resort for anybody and I think it would be about have a good happening now and it really some trials tribulations that one can go through. On behind that and I would talk about kind of a little bit where we find tasty at this point she's kind of in a predicament. And I know that she definitely is facing a lot how did you prepare for this season. Knowing obviously knew was your final season but also kind of the arc of of teeth TV she's been too high and now we're in a space where she's brilliant them thank you know I accused for something that. Yeah. Much but it's. Yeah. Yeah it is tricky because this is actually the face time added change you had given as our art. And she had called lake her series regulars in children this would be the last season. And she told us what would be happening. And dumb so all the preparation was Kynan. Easy and in usual because you kind no way this story is going banked. That being say is still is very challenging because as some of the things that. I was being asked to do know. And I couldn't believe I'd at my I think you can give any direct. I ache if you seem in the season sneaks. Week. It led me news CNN rest of salmon she goes there it is kind of refreshing because. I feel like. In G herr writers. And always come from an honest police and I respect that. You know when you latch. When they see as suites and the exonerated phantom what they've all they've bitten went through. You see that it isn't just wine. Or two huge instances that they went through during man. Ice again even say why they lack that would break it in so many things it. Tickets hole and a person when they go through being accused of something that they didn't do and here is tasty the same. So even though I was economies ousted Brian the child and she relations. I was happy that the truth was being shown through billions of tasty. Yeah and fortunately this is not an uncommon thing you know their. I've given name is beautiful beautiful and it's easily ions and and sell or you know fire. On you know this this accusation that it's wrong wrongfully you know accused. Narrative is is one that actually playing on the real world it's not something that is just a television down. It's something that's actually happening. Oh did you take in any of that type of feel towards approaching this. This season because you know you don't have to go to fire restarts this tiny little legal talent television that the people who have been and you know I mean obviously sees eatery in prison but the idea that you know. Feeling if you have nobody to speak on her past an end in feeling that confinement in your you know not getting your your freedom ending here you know being. Tag Don extra years and all these kinds of things that are result of it. You know it was any of that in your mind that approaching and just. And it was yeah I think Iranian think you don't have to reach fire in a man and it's so sad to say event iams and to go to the agri industry say John. The prison says dumb and injustice and a all of that isn't Manny if face and down and you know one story that. I really held onto its was. Khalifa brouder story was someone who else was wrongfully accused of pandas in. Countless years. And ranked crews and with abuse in. Mom and soul I you watch the documentary which actually one of my cans Meese nick send out produced. I'm that they made about his life NG it is so dramatic that she cannot only got to watch wanted to scenes. And you I'd say it. And down so ice and free for me it was very challenging. Acting it out you know but one thing I can say. Is even though that was challenging for me to fully in Battie. You know from the disorder is in my feet suited every inch so my hated. Trying to breathe life into this characters bring honesty. Have to live day. And that's you know my address and when I'm grateful for every day is that. As does I had to be my story. Yet I have a responsibility. To serie of those who don't have their voice and it is the story. It isn't bin as you don't have to go five. You know and that's all. Powerful you even. Mine. You know. Easy to whom much is given much is definitely a bit back at you. Already know of that and live that is is that the blessing for the people get at the YU. A backpack the great thing in berg is thankful for like actors like you are able to do. Now talking about this character he's eat I mean. This really have to be alive teaching character in some ways a talk about that on knowing that you know. This was I would say. An introduction to Italy you can say that. How this character has changed your life and an end in now you know where you are at this point in in in kind of you know relinquishing this tasty Carrick and think OK and I'm here are moving on. What do you find that to be hard in reading goal of of who this person's voice it's. You don't pay incidentally has quit. You know because I'm still gone through it is still parts of the prize says of these. Come completion net. We're hearing the fans responses to it. Still doing a few interviews with my girls from lines you so many different. Cars that haven't been completed that I don't know that fall releases we haven't even guy and the point where we if we worry to continue season eight we haven't even done to them month he would live you know normally we shinji loud is. Seoul was right next month. Sold to not go back to work. I don't know this kind of feel like the now he truly napkin on tasty Susan but then do you see other shows lake and a two and now. You know and be ready DA may be you know I think and need a little boring it could happen. Com has been quietly Janine. So grateful for it Al mas didn't take you went on offense started because. Those feeling right. I'm playing this area tank been. They want me to do a shower scenes I was worried about Ambien toppling isn't as as in knowledge that was the right. Growing up in a very conservative religious household. Arm band grateful I found my dad's advice. You just tell me to follow my heart. In my hired Tommy and I need to tell this story even though I didn't know the story because they eating give us the scripts when that faced son knew anything. Some but I'm glad I stat that on faith. And with physical. Euthanize -- same said the foreign. You know any abuses its. The difference is this is the first time. People wanting to show at one time. So in the course of thirteen hour his life had changed I don't literally remember her. Coming out of my apartment only sixteen man is saying I used alias of concrete. Blessings to you is that this man going to that bias getting on the bass in people standing. Complaining. And asking you to grow from Warren NJ unit grew up thirteen hours laid it. And I couldn't get couldn't on the train. Felt like we would do Pratt worries analysts feel right. Did Jackson fads come and cape Arab as the new girl Barack. People and was so drawn to seeing them says those. And down it is really has encouraged me to continue. To. Search out shows that aren't being truthful to. New narratives. And then allowing room for her new narratives for people that it look like me for a working with the goal is to continue to work with people that aren't pushing us forward -- also allowing room for more than just one. Which I've been I've really enjoyed his being on a show where these. Not so many people of color that some women of color that. Series regulars on the show is so. And to hopefully create. Or produce that which have been getting into too. So it's been it's been that quite a learning experience and I wish she did have seen again enemy would meet. In 2012. To eighteen. Because I have definitely grown a Latin and two dads and scenes. Let's talk a little bit about that. You know 2012. Irwin. And you brought. You know her as they aren't teeth. Because you know you you merely had. Now into your own insanity. Remarkable. Weigh me down any means on you know we've seen now on Broadway in new theme music news. And on Albany's excellent comeback actually she is a regular girl. On acted. Ano but yes talk about your evolution and just. You know as you see yourself in those days and as you see yourself now what has been the most challenging for you and what has been the most rewarding you with. Well that's a loaded question because they're so meaningless as a have been lying. You know there was actually is seen in at season wine with tasty which she's about to get out. And she's talking to miss clouded its crusade about feeling and I don't think I can do is I don't think I'm enough. I don't know hammonds hit back in his world and I don't have the resources who Amara. And I felt that waste carrying mace off. I knew remembered going into any views when I first started on his new black with little reprieve pine and Jason being using K -- released. Veterans have been working for 1015. Years. And meet. I'm feeling like to think. To meet at losing to duke does in you don't they meet. London to meet these thing. The government's Afghan Diana. No inbound main cities you know. But then along the way he. You start to realize you are and I'm really created it to this show is. They have allowed all of us to come in. A close contact with our sales it's know that we are just perfect the way we are this industry in the industry is the one who has to. Open that door and in figured out the legal busted open if they don't. It and bad being ourselves. And down and that's been the biggest lesson and with this is. You know when I Cain may and I'm think. The there was sooner we think man I can only be they can only be one right leg. You can only be one black person a woman on that show in the and you realize how it is a place all of those. And it is a beautiful thing to watch now as you watch an all of these you know women Grohl nineties who remain in. Amber Riley again do you Eric EU Cynthia now or who am I mean the list goes on an online only crime. So we need to celebrate each other so there's been one of the best lessons from me. The most rewarding. I think egos are too. Learning from these women in the learning from Jane G. Even my cast Mays landing from the Verne in. The producers Iran they just keep reminding me of how far I can go. You know when it when I think about. Gian Gian what she's been able to create an opening so many doors France. N and Netflix giving her air of freedom. In the capacity of freedom to. Share her stories share this story without limitations gave us the freedom soul is also shown me. That I can be the artists and activists the producers derided as saying that the mother. I can do all of them you know and I've seen it with drug house soul that's why when I step into. The producing sat on it and it on ain't too proud right now or you know stepping in to music my. He is coming out in my 23 weeks him in the excited about. Or are becoming a mom and seeing Laura pre planning our Yellowstone. Be mothers while working. It's. Again and it is a man. A size me. And you just that is so beautifully you can't do that and you arguing thank you bill let's talk has jumped right into that it's talk about the producing I mean. I love when I thought. It's amazed me Lenovo and all my god. I mean it's already it's already getting so many accurately he had already being you don't recognize. It's gonna keep getting recognized because it's still good news outlet that's happening and having met hat on in the eighth and means you you have always been beat the new on the stage so clearly this was something that we knew would you we'll how yen you know play. Powell as it kind of now wearing. If you. To use of. Perfect fit because. I. Am on the active side of things I know what it feels like to needs something from year prediction. In not be getting. Hans I was able to be that voice for these young black beautiful faces. To be that middle ground. But then on the other and being able to land. Aaron Tom who allegedly producers on ain't too proud. And learn from them and say look I don't know how this thing works that I want to learn so that I can be able to build what I want a seat. Now on theatre. Or in the unit or even in TV and film and sold getting to sit in those meetings getting to have those conversations. Getting two email in an even just ask. It came mother Powell you come see this is now. In Guinea yen's and now and I think. That's the place that I came from his right to -- be afraid. A yes or no and if someone says no TUI. And that person is gonna give you that yes or create that yes for yourself. And so that's something that I have learned through. This practices and I think is gonna lead me to the next prime rather than I wanna create. So is cool and my always trying to find a way. To grow. As I am not want to live in fear lake and mounting days. Point in the act of good news is going to be those in Hazen narrows bit lake Arab Arab rather's strata in track. Then Mac. Amy you know I think that's literally the best advise anybody can receive is that. Why not be treated and managed you can be told is knowing knowing nothing and literally get out ask about what I'm legs I'm person. I am and I know you're definitely resilient because we see see that the byproduct of it all these amazing things. And you mentioned that now I I know that's just the beginning of many being. Eyes so. Are you going to be getting down the inlet deeper with that behind the camera directing all our holiday that will. Com it will and that I think this I'm also learning exchange visiting man with an MB amount is it takes it now and it's in my system Barrett and sat. This all take time to birth projects is well and is feels overnight so many times we knew it. Watching people on TV and in and seen them create down prizes do you think you have news overnight in the does not. Some soul for me I am building those steps to do those things I definitely want to direct. Com and I definitely want to continue to produce and a larger scale. And so you. You more debt relief issue yet now know one thing that he had is is very close to anything and in bringing us that. In this EPs. And all imaginable dead. All my god so stop ice everybody's understand coming on July 22 my. And we are ready Don that song that that you just so beautifully the visuals were still gorgeous I do it and I don't you all and this is anywhere you we add of the a's pitcher and because the vigil will warrant being humane minutes of seized by yet coral welcome to an island and one does and I horns isn't black. Crew help meat puppets again. Hands for free they host mean with every recent news. As a family over the air ferry early in the name any another climbing called season. He. News it's crazy and. Exciting and I have believe he can't now called for calm that China and lean I'll be announced they blare its fellow right. And I see it Avago for. Backgrounds full aren't disease forced songs he has bad because I was looking of the definition. And admit being an amendment meaning college and a hammer. First black earth it's a direct air. Make me really remember this the meaning of being. And it was a person incomplete imperfect state lacking no essential characteristic perfect that. Night. And no ray and a lie com. And in down and I just remember feeling rank. That's what I want this album to be from meat I have struggled more than people know. Winds. Really coming to low my voice. And so for me this is I Carroll was perfect is exactly this wreckage is exactly what is supposed to be you know has to do nothing knows. You know you've used he told it's four stories that you wanted to and they are truthful and come from your heart. So let them be. And NASA that's why can't with the title yet there is once on the across season ends. And I wrote armed former orange girls and I try to find a way in. To incorporate as many as they can't. And the girls names in the show and build this whole story. Using their names. But it's it's. It's a beautiful song is coming out soon. And actually. I sang it for event casting crew the last day in their lives in it as a tear out tracked him Bailey saying it. And down there and seeing an eight rooted in the show legend G Harry and she is banking though it can't use this as I don't. Eight and I didn't write it for that reasons I am. Yeah so it's so amazing is so beautiful because it isn't sisterhood you know we see you guys. On on neo Netflix. We meet ink that the system that we need to come right and he feed you know even though there's conflicts we will see that you know this is. And to hear that is just solidifies so I loved one like that a real Hillary I don't know exactly but it's not that my hand I mean. Com of course I feel like your work always embodies who you are because you're brilliance in this whole lie. Positive indeed an and knowing one foul and accepting who you are. Well a little bit about that Montrae on head as if you continue to do all the beginning at a campaign named Brian and then of course black woman with all about. Accepting your cell body posit giving me is that going to be more reflected on these EP and kind of other projects that you do about embracing one's self. I Def. We think isn't about embracing one's I think uses it EP. Then is. One. Telling the lessons that they learned along the way dominant in a married Nan China does not wish he tank and you know. Way. Soul. From mean. Don't have the mind relatives. Didn't in agony about how little did the identity thing com. As always going to be implementing there's the only way that I can move forward it. And do you agree even a vague and that. Sit right to see you use in a way. I think it. I have to. I think did so many negative voices today just around as I think his world is created to auction is down constantly. So for me am nineteen no way. I'm just gonna continue to try to pour out joy and love. Peace happiness. Laughter if I can do that been lacking key grown. You know there that think is just too many people. Full time when us all that we're not enough onset asthma and a half to date it Hass to. Make maps have fallen about positive duty. His Arizona lamb and keep good. Is we hear my name right is nothing is gonna you lamb so. You know I I don't have to go soon but I have a couple more questions when he needed to you know we've been doing like. Like that he's could the mob she didn't. Speak as clearly as an ally. Well as legal in tune let's say the summer. We went across the net and on topic and in his neck. You know Wayne you what you do for the summer you a barbecue girl and also what's you'll favorite days and I. Like you can throw out the hope. You volume of I think you'll go to lead by meg BBQ. How did you like to ideas and me is tied does. And viewed online to new bank thank you. Not ends only do them backyard as the leading drilling. I hate it now not being crane and it is he. The martyrdom army QU BI's agreement. To. But I'd do could. And if I was bringing anything into the bag acute. Bring some Mac in c.s that can do that correctly. OK and I'd make a mean banana putting. Mason billion of that is. Yeah. Also what are your jammed what do you go to games like. You know some learn. Up until Labor Day when he jammed to the cook at home. An array pulse. Isn't cost down every morning we gas food and no act adds is doomed when the thing used sees the enact. Ollie is with finances sound think I frankly. Janet in the grand. The name Mary here as I will the Amma always does and that's that the stack in the in Ireland's danced. So my boy identities is actually. The EP. Listening his pound bomb. In the state human being and and so he. It leg as far as light on how can be. This Ollie is a beauty would seem the Seymour always do you as he needs them and they were always knew he was he need. Those of rally that to love legacy. Those are probably. Music. I think nine year old album never say oh yeah and some holes will be asked then I learned late Disney's Hannah let's needs to this morning six. Read as I know why. All of time. They are you. Night that in real. Yeah. Soon. You you everything and how I have my appraisal work vandalism on one thing banker frank when he Hairston and oh yeah. And then yeah it out with good Maryland very bright and pattern on that. And then. Top forty I'm and Applebee's island and half will be with them in the art from app from beat though. Little vibe didn't that I had been elected them and get there when you I. Am so. I know about their holiday youth behind the times a slime imagine. Well before we know I know all the fans a nasty lesson time examination ask it this final season. Oh we feel satisfied with mean. I name believe you. I think you'll feel status an incomplete. Ian. And lifted his. May you both feel says. I think they did a good to have a bad I think he has. Needed to the stories being truthful to the stories bass located two with the means needs. His comments from the mean. Well congratulations girl paint on multiple levels. And get an accurate thus you got going company came down the sun could not important that there. And please continue to support is amazing show on Netflix like 26 origin of the new black with this woman right here Danielle Brooke has paid because you can't back as. What I'm want a guy who didn't. And that can't easily and signing off ABC greedy.

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