David Shaw from The Revivalists Performs 'Wish I Knew You'

David Shaw from the Revivalists performs "Wish I Knew You" off their new album, Men Amongst Mountains.
7:31 | 05/11/16

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Transcript for David Shaw from The Revivalists Performs 'Wish I Knew You'
Hey everybody I'm in a month here in New York welcome to our next episode of lie from the couch we are supposed to today. Entity he didn't use it the revival in its currency. A front man Dave it's doing it's he takes them to be here. Haven't you leaning and it's very important and it's. That. Him that we should mention you guys are at seven KeySpan and yet you are here representing for the ban they have yet. Ray in again. Again delay inflate inflate. Flight failure there in the air announced that they're good they're from they're making their way that you are a little private acoustic concert three year government try to represent us and I'm sure you agree circuit talk about it and you out. A gunman among right and yet there is pulling out tell me yeah it's different from the first to you to this. Who up. Let's see here well we'll say that you know we kind of. For the for the first one it was just kind of like we are all really just coming in. You know each have there and that's studio experience was certainly different. We use the same producer for the for the next to city is sound and amongst mounds. For this last one minimums mounds of it was more it was way more of all right. Let's get seventies in the room. And we're all gonna play together we're gonna lock in on a groove on the song in just you know and you know the various you know. North has after the fact so. The 85% 90% of the record is as playing together in a room you know we have we gets liver duds in there but immediately it's. I was and recorded it live to tape in my twenty days or something. Yet yet there is that there was a few yet we had a few. But yet for the most part it was all day. So tell me about the title of the mountain men among mountains I was reading. You guys saying that this sort of that we are you are. Right out recently keeper rob. Yeah that was it was you know those kinds one of those things. We've seen and we must ourself on the scene. Things festivals you know your company's new kids on the life sentence saying. And yet it was a salute her fear you know it's like a feeling of small being months all these giants playing you know. With Samir heroes warrant means and you know your plane kind of alongside him that same festival it was just like. Well we've we've kind of arrived in and so where and where Holden our rooms. It was a little bit like but that. I'm injury rates in the music as a talking about you're gonna plant. On one break down what isn't where. Start with which any. And other vital. Do. John and actress. You know. Have a thing you. She's. Not Max. Chapman thing June. Me. And and then my. They have been beating themselves. The world so bad day. We'll leave. Amy billion baboons and Joanna fine and even. I'm need them most. Noon on how. Okay got so. He apparently. Pains and I'm Brian. It down. In Sam I'm. Yeah had. Stained as. Yeah. Orleans. It's true. Anthony Hayden. Three. Hammond Indiana. From the giant that didn't. Avid saying you. But I do like zoo budget. And I have big. So Brad game. Below me. I mean do you have. I'm not happy demo. I need them most. And snow. Now a hand in. Things and O'Brien. Back on how. Get down. Dickens am I'm. Oh. Changes in the back. Listen me. Listening. Now playing in. Zoom. Do laughed. Glass. Wrapped girl. Didn't. Elapsed. A glass. Time. No. You laugh and back. Iraq. Yeah. As things stand in the bank. Engine. Back. It down. And Sam I'm. I sent. You bow. Wow are you. Now let me. And our way. Do I now I am.

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{"duration":"7:31","description":"David Shaw from the Revivalists performs \"Wish I Knew You\" off their new album, Men Amongst Mountains.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39025663","title":"David Shaw from The Revivalists Performs 'Wish I Knew You'","url":"/Entertainment/video/david-shaw-revivalists-performs-knew-39025663"}