Dax Shepard Got a Vasectomy Without Telling Wife Kristen Bell

The co-hosts share their views on consulting their spouses about important decisions.
5:01 | 05/20/16

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Transcript for Dax Shepard Got a Vasectomy Without Telling Wife Kristen Bell
Actors accept said. That's separate actor he told Jimmy Kimmel how he took extreme mash it measures after pregnancy scam. Lot. Last year when she monarch was working in Atlanta. We were there and she all the sudden goes oh my gosh I'm so stupid I've been sick for ten days and ignoring that I'm definitely pride. And I was like them we're gonna turn in the kitty Kate Jon and Kate plus eight or so they. Larry had no light this is going to be not worth living that was Tuesday and flew home Wednesday firm meeting Thursday morning I had a vasectomy. Okay today's late so we said why didn't extend bounds up. Up a lot of his wife Kristen Bell wasn't thrilled about the NASDAQ coming. You know shouldn't we shouldn't hit had a little bit more of a conversation with a woman aptitude don't see any place that. He's my husband had one. A conversation. Does something that you have painless and my husband I we have three kids we don't want anymore we haven't had plumbing removed yet. Either of us but if it my husband went ahead invest had a mastectomy and we went on the same page ad and really I I would be really upset. It's it's at the decision I think you certainly have to make together what sometimes makes me crazy is my friends who have. Trapped guys or who have had chilled gotten pregnant even in a marriage without discussing that. With their spouse I always want to have more than two children only have two children my husband didn't want more than two children and I respected that because. We're in it together did you. I've I could had a gaggle. I'm glad and I. Admit now that is a gaggle I would have 45. Seriously look seriously how many gaggle. 45 is that there really four six I would've had as many more like six billion await Christiane you wanna do. The Winick Roosevelt talked about it's like they have a conversation prior to she just didn't know he was going right then and I think that's okay they have a conversation. Like she's not gonna drive him to it I think it was just surprise for her back it doesn't sound like she did know at all. I want there's a double standard here them. My society because often times we tell Whitman. It's your body do is you want don't need to check with a man and a telemann hand. You don't check but not I personally think you should be talking with each other of your relationship I got today and. Yes it. Certainly it's a woman is a decision to make without consulting her husband passed the law with no idea I didn't really I don't actually holding heartedly with you disagree but I'm telling him if there was may and I want to do I don't you can't hotels and what's up my body I do what I want. Do you say to somebody and it's. You got it but it's just it's also your spouses try out so I do not take that in to consider a limited to spouse this child as well my body. Just ask the I don't is that not taping you don't take it that's not exonerated and I can't body. As silent that I said to me if I want to get my two stride and he and I have played a few kids already. And he's like rob let's just have sex I don't want to use a condom I get them since I've not ever say that without having that the and lights so how how how I. Remember when I went in for my third I had have a C section and I swear it is OB must have asked me 25 times I wanna to have my tubes tied he even asks me when I was being drugged up and is like no I don't want my tubes -- why did you tell my husband have a mastectomy why do you have to fall on me so at least in taxes situation. He took the artist and he took the initiative but I was told my husband if I can push a baby out you can sit on the couch with a stack of frozen peas on for a weekend you know I. 1970 not a had an ectopic pregnancy right. I was already like me am I tunnels I was like 39 or something I didn't want to have anymore kids at that time. So. As I'm going into that into the EOR Wareham screaming help me I'm dying. I say to the doctor could you please tiger boats float into its cause one of the at this fetus growing and it sounds to hide. And he said I'm sorry you need thirty days for that. Now I was 39 assault I was a grown woman I told him tied the dam tubes and it wouldn't it would have thirty days that Sydney is innocent injustice. It is none of their business and they should not be is a you know doing this patriot Markel. Bologna. With a woman's body so this an example of what you want I would not shabbily not having thirty days to reflect because maybe it is and it decision. If he isn't ready I'm ready. That data not too soft. I'm just stay away from New York well I'm still about me I'm still about it because for many years I had to use birth control there until like using you want hacking Adam Dunn now allowed a guy I was anti voice activated.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"The co-hosts share their views on consulting their spouses about important decisions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39262513","title":"Dax Shepard Got a Vasectomy Without Telling Wife Kristen Bell","url":"/Entertainment/video/dax-shepard-vasectomy-telling-wife-kristen-bell-39262513"}