Deadpool, Box Office and Superheroes

ABC News' Dan Silver and Michael Rothman review Deadpool and discuss box office numbers and superheroes.
22:45 | 02/16/16

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Transcript for Deadpool, Box Office and Superheroes
Outlawed. My problem here with that ABC news and the man's name he needs no introduction. Of I can't solar. I look and you need introductions known yeah. We are here for some that you need something different. Work we're calling superhero lunch and I right now working title and I've heard you might have already this artist's. For here is sort of there was very hungry credit. Delicious or similar there was he was quite photogenic. That album all these business analyst I does that make them. So we're here to the NBA huge here and superhero movies. It's available and that kids English. Kicked off this past weekend to record breathing. Or else. Not the first you'll know why we're here what we're doing you know why we don't matter to be talking about this. And you go first how long as you zoom in to comment reading comment. All my life. But at an early knows that he's. But that's what qualifies us I think. Vernon carries a time where it's. The little McClellan he asked that pop culture and I'm tanner now. And you're really talking about a story telling. And ultimately what separated did well this weekend was Hillary. Do you bring criminal institutional standpoint. Ottoman medium that out right now yeah Maura hardy eight stories that we read when there are incidents characters. And translate them into modern world as a lot more visual art at the same time keep their roots rooted in the pages that everybody remembers reading my neighbor yeah. I think it's a social aspect that stores Redskins. I I you know a lot recently learned it doesn't all the Dark Knight rises. We had seen. We haven't talked letter on Tuesday coming up but he's dead club was big I'm nineties and even ninety's. All right guys those characters that. Are now starting to make their way into movies. Yet exciting it's. Just the people that read those comics are throw doubt on how they're the ones that are making that decision so it didn't mean it's White House is coming back on Netflix that's what we grew up watching everybody wants to. Especially now when all of the people that can do this are making decisions they want to go back to what they love they want more of everything. It's for a development the end the Greek army active duty today literally today a new preview of that and we permanently yet he dropped so through every Nook Tablet. So heed the people that were once the consumers are now the solution makers and ourselves. Into an extension yeah. Listen nation and we're not expert we really love the contact very excited and we're excited about. Talk yeah. I got resentful. You mentioned you about the war. Oh over the weekend over 150 million dollars or else wrote this February records her opening and that were. Read our land and why do you think got to start. There's we can get in. Yeah why it's the wise interest in music really good marketing campaign. I think they're very clever and what 80. It was buried on the news in the sense that there is an act. It embrace the character the characters maneuvers at some audience brick wall and thinking. And that idea braking affordable to them happens. Countless movies. I I'm not one news. Reminded the fact that it was a raunchy. His concern places right right place right time we haven't really had a market boundaries. Summer like an Arab people in the way our business there accounts. And character that had eighty very bold bandit so he combined high quality good acting human rights and the right place. I'm very successful 250 million dollar break yeah I'm opposed fifty million dollar budget is very stressful. For those who don't know visit. Summary of dental. Damaged the fourth wall he talks the audience very different. One the first comic character to do so. Ryan Reynolds is that all who basically van wilder and a red suit fighting crime in kicking butt. There's a really won't get into and I can't really modern day love stories and dollars. Really well done. He is. His new genus is regenerating healing and that kind of back story that's been. He's been. Loosely connected with an over the years it was light and joy and he's more of his own guy are very obvious reasons a lot of cursing a lot of very. Different story telling if you will. I guess in getting to be casting about Ryan Reynolds is perfect like that it's van wilder who can do. Kind of a role he was an Atlanta biggest. Killer of his career a well. What's usually and we should note that we are sitting in the ABC news cafeteria and moral of all things is owned by the Walt Disney company where we are right now so very wary Juliette now but it did nothing nothing good about it that's very important to note marble owned by Disney and worked as. That's what we're talking about. There's a 20th Century Fox. Bernard and that. About this movie particularly. Especially when it pertains to Ryan Reynolds is there a lot of similarities between Ryan Reynolds is in his career right now Robert Downey junior was. I'm in his career blues. How personal life when he took on Iron Man and a lot of this came critiques that people made of Iron Man wipes the gospels were completely dead or. Which is this is that don't the charisma there will be always Downey had in him. And now it's coming up at what's really interesting similarities between him is that. Dead horse and mask some movies just like Iron Man wears a mask was. Which means that at her personality charisma he's accomplished through the cost him and helping you don't actually pay. You're getting is more of Ryan Reynolds who otherwise would but before I. So you take that van wilder years of experience eighteen years of the leaders of movies this movie and that's in and out of this Mia culpa. And he put on the mask and if you sort of track right. And make right decisions after this. He could very easily have a career like afterwards because he's got his character right now is her husband keep calling back and you brought up. The casting. He brought down east. But Reynolds. Adding marvel has and that's one of fair. He's the best things they've done. Meaning even mark rough lo and behold the second time. There's been. They're analyst at higher and it third time has been. And they bring their own personality and persona in the character Scarlett Johansson. Is very powerful in her own right. Is fantastic and guards the galaxy pat. They didn't that's is that it like that. He's doing well well. I'm seeing this someone. Sees this from the outside I don't know the back. At the end of the day marvel characters because our movie. Early Coopers and the characters. No Iron Man because Iron Man. All you want would need to do I was in the position on our cast the best. Performers to play in the world. So. A dead and one dead it's just an added that only happens yeah. School. The living embodiment. Of the charisma of that character and who is for a long time wanted to an actor played it once buried. And not very successfully and by his own admission like. The whole thing with this movie is just the whole movie felt like I Mea culpa from last twelve years his career. And yeah. Rightly or wrongly if you believe the should be done or not that's what this was and he was like it was and I finally got this right we've got inning to get the right choice numbers like Karen. Ultimately the character tell his car yeah he did lot of the right personality to life. And the vehicle is. We're talking no spoilers here around better and for anybody about it yet but. There are. Oh marches and Joseph use green lantern to the original debacle that was then. Wolverine origin. Or Ryan Reynolds I think even at one point. A reference is that is now lives a lot of jokes a lot of humor. I can't believe Rembrandt there's no nothing's off limit the studios of fun at everything is made on that so. We can get into I think breakdown what did you like about it and we'll go let's talk about you know if there's anything that could. You know added or changed there's a lot to like. What it what did you particularly. Like there's a lot more good and is moving then. Most movies are made today. It is. When. Read primarily I think of her movies that I love. Small I don't want ones that feel should be imploded. I think tunic and that was one of my biggest problems with the individual try. It felt to be. I loved superhero who are really good example is winter order which really. But the story it is relatively small it takes place over the course maybe two days. They didn't. I always loved that because that's that was the reason why I'm over here everybody's at large vendors like Alan two days here have a lot of time on the avengers that's the view them. Be it if it was nonlinear. But the actual action itself outside and flashbacks takes place today. He takes place with. Great comedian Judy he wakes up in the morning does what he's going to find me on Israeli and hitting different kinds spoiler possible but it felt very small and it felt very contained which makes me feel like it is. Character for him. Bigger gets and the more that the world of the danger in the heart of the big extent. Additional to look so like the fact that they all like the actor David and Rick back at me focused on the character. And dangerous all the others are added things instrument was non Linear that is. Humor. Into another decline job directing it was an early moments where it was like he really showed who was. Director and as they can piece together a very little. Film. But other wherever it inaudible you're gonna put together really are possible moment and anything in the eastern and back again mark. As a director. Because he comes from the special effects were only comes from if he's very in his runs very successful political work. Which I'm creates a lot of opening animations TV shows music videos. Obviously a very real this film which obviously. Ultimately got agreement. Com. Very talented undoubtedly talented but. I need them moment grows like their intentions put together a really good. Our own name. On top of that I love peace is actually going. Didn't feel like this from top to have actions. It's like every time that sword came out our country was moving plot holes and Dark Knight is the only yeah that was every moment of awkward. So I think in this when he really had an opportunity and every action sequence. Clark. The Condit was really relatable well. I just gotta love stories like a modern love story but I mean. We have a lot of adventure parks in the movies like so you want to bring back age evil tribe their. A huge willed it won't day in Marion and and they do that a lot or there's our chemistry between characters and you wonder the whole movie and it together this it was just. Very very realistic. No bad words there they hook the start dating afterwards love comes later they do I mean. Gov is a very awkward we're going to be very often and that. Another company in the best I love. The best friends of the refugee Miller thought he was a fantastic addition there's parts in there dwellers where. He is not your typical. Superhero sidekick. Horse breeder best friends. Therefore I'm let's go Pointe obviously at again very relatable very modern very very simple. Which I ask Lee. He had a feeling it thinking you believe is a blood marvel at its core sure. And but I kept having flashes like garlic. And elbow drawn which would have been serious. And in the kind of way that the characters associated with each other. I felt a lot of charm would get which is Greg and we ask him. Is there anything that you. To make a pardon me like just prayer. It was underneath and a digital TV and movie theater for two hours. So I love it I laughed at that the action was great in the highlights cringe. Go ahead exploding and all economic and it was cool like there is that there is too much of this movie like. As compared to go to movie ticket part these are picking apart and it's just happened and he. He broke digital China's car. It was a good movie but I don't think you weren't nearly as visitors avengers. I think Al. Out fires we've done fantastic work at Ford in the last elves and men which is again another really solid good movie. I could have garden. Wrong with bringing a big name you know Ryan calls connect in the character of all of ride it. Out just fine. Seems like diesel Al ironing out there is not an hour of bin. Channels on an official source for well every one that raises the bar the other end. I mean it's important to note. And we don't need to get into it. This doesn't exist in this game worlds and yeah. Because. Long and yes there is amoral universe controlling twenty century fox marveling Kursk. Controlled by Markel and this morning in the twenty sparks I don't. This morning really can only urge him X-Men fantastic horror. And things like that it never went anywhere there are excellent canyons and there are being carried out this show within that world little neither one of the top ranks of shareware first class and X two. And it didn't do undoubtedly those and and global marine like. Those are tough pork brilliantly eccentric are. Who would you sought on and then we can get it sounds like this year was your thought on what James Gunn. The drug that guards the galaxy. Said yesterday that he was thrilled with how slowly did and and the reception. But he wants to make sure more people. They're takeaways that they be finished be creative not that now it's green light on this 11. Ever maybe the first ever. He created be different the original thought that was pretty poignant. I think that he won. I totally agree but it him. He was I was talking knew about him here somebody else again remember but. The hangover comes out when there's copycats that every successful genre is guilty dad copycats that is just the way that this works we're gonna move. I'm any superhero action exterior our original. I think what I think what government is ultimately it comes down in June the quality of the work that you do and then whatever is within the speed of her old. So I totally agree with that but it's impossible to not chase after we thank you want to say well that's the next whatever it. Erica it's never gonna. It's just the way we need to accept it and by the way there are good ones within that. There are other good. Making him right now just seem like that's what I felt like yeah. That's OK as noted in his. So it's against him. Identical fantastic beginning to a huge team Dan brought up X-Men there will be a court next apocalypse later this year. Knock trains later this year. Each we have Captain America civil war which I'm really excited about getting to that ad nauseam later on. My next month march we have two big is coming up and as we do want to get you talking about animal joined together. Daredevil on the eighteenth coming out. And another big one Batman Superman dot justice. On the 25 with. Pulls. Neutralized if that came out relatively recently there have watched cannot yesterday. Maybe we thought about that of their double looks fantastic. Lumpur involved as publisher. I am all in and marlin woods. He loved the first season don't daredevil. Jessica good yeah yeah. Rawlings. From al-Qaeda executions storyline so great so I'm here I'm walking and yeah. Daredevil. Burial mind I'm home. And execution stand point I'm not concerned and Sam Cassell back and it looks like the tone is right I am particularly curious to see them. I'll do what they do with these easy going to do this idea. Charitable works on assuring that it needs to and they obviously it's a lecturer at the end of the trailer we don't know what she fits in is there a big bad that daredevil Knievel. Daredevil and Cassel can come together fight together. Just going to be this. Idea I love the way betrayal of the council was constantly. Challenging and telling him he wasn't going to park and critiquing using these easy evolution of Korea's and he deserved real interest in things that you can't act and ten to twelve episode season. But is there are big bath like what is that and we still don't know what that is. The most excited that on the next couple months. In the super hero world and I yeah. I think you go to Atlanta think that kind of story arcs fascinated him in the dark matter did really well. That man not Britain's one rule you all kind killed that guys. And as they don't know them on a shirt is. The former cop tragedy. Stanley was. Was killed and Keating blew black and work skills that the need to states and out. Daredevil. That Charlie cards not so much Steve is very bad that put them in jail that's it. And that's where these guys are gonna. You know you can edit it basically hero for anti hero. Which I love it's almost. The night and I was brings out if the most fat man at Israel and you know I love you as it was a bad that Andrew. We'll go to that length and so what he knows what is right what is wrong. I'm very great dignity starting. Yeah. I love it. And then there's an amendment. Yeah which I'm entirely neutral from I want you I have tried every angle to get this. And most. They simply can't I am you know. Going in which I think is good movie that I'm going. Have high expectations and low expectations. There's a lot loved about the trailers why haven't liked about the trailer Tuesday and this. Indians over. I'm going in I can be Bryant and other tasks in the west highway I want to go to movie theater. XX. Hours. And Google wanna like an obscene or some kind of hate me if you don't want one. I don't know I I am completely. Neutral yeah. I do not you know weren't. Eight I'm looking for a two I really hope they don't. Use your words loaded up too much to the characters. I love baton and I thought catalyst is very serviceable as Superman I love. The again that our. What is really right what went wrong vigilante verse. That. Your hero and that equals Ian. And about a month what. What we eat welcomes her hands and how audience sing it. So I think please Soledad. Union Station the FFI. In my entire lunch before we started this week that I had an entire album while we were Jones I'd think all of my soda. And yet I feel like I did most of the talking. So where is gonna keep going through. And it's only eat and that's all gonna happen. Getting. Yet think you guys for joining us. We'll. Now let me go. I'm me now and that was guys next time next month he got. These cars coming. Answer ABC news.

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