Dylan's Candy Bar Celebrates National Candy Month

ABC News' Michael Rothman and Nyla Smith head to Dylan's Candy Bar to celebrate National Candy Month and check out the store's 3-D Gummy printer.
11:20 | 06/16/16

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Transcript for Dylan's Candy Bar Celebrates National Candy Month
ABC's Terry Marie and joins us live. He's talking to some folks there at the big news they have coming up. Just one week away you may have heard this term Brack sit over and over again Terry's gonna bring it up to speed on what's been happening. On the latest on that issue and what people there are saying Gary Ellis where you are what's going on. Hey guys what this is London Warren Regents Park where that one of the loveliest parks in London the American ambassador's residence is. Just up the road here and this where we are is a food festival the London taste of London. We're here because a discount at a crossroads not only of londoners and British people but at the cuisines of Europe and that. Is what this wrecks it thing. Is all about the big question coming up next Thursday the vote should Britain stay or go should they stay in the European Union the EU. Or should they go it alone as they did for many centers but first let's talk a little about food you might be surprised at how great. Isn't London Brent crude was kind of a joke for so many years it is now really one of the hot spots have. Food scenes in the world and we're gonna talk about it here. With one of the stars this is Dan Doherty of the duck and waffled at his restaurant over there and Claudia Newman who's with. Taste of London definitely ask you so I lived over in the British Isles some decades ago London was not the greatest place to get a bite to eat. It is now what happened what changed but I think the. It's changed and I think the main thing is we now have this middle bands that before we had really really high end restaurants and we had lots of losses. Apple restaurants and I would but it's noncommittal on whether. You know that this must work accessible approachable price wise but also style lives. Who owns a box there. That she beats. Actually could phenomenal food that front and honest money that better than the ones that talked about actually taken a step back and then not doing that this spotlight native and that the really informality. It's actually being shipped back in you know you've got motive. That holds Nicholas exhibited that this kind of sensed it. Was your restaurant the dock and waffle. That's. That's an interesting name for a restaurant where we get them. It is it is named after one of but his signature dishes all right chronic disease cents a percent of the blue wolf that based on the American chicken what fools we do accomplish that led the bucks an oak Belgian waffle. Fried duck egg in the submit its so there's kind of there were considered residents who is a dish that I think should be reflects its ready for our idea unity it is bitch become unsafe speeds them up and president. That's still one more question we're gonna walk around talk to people about politics. But let's talk food for a moment and the European influence on British food do you think one of the reasons. Did you get any better here these days is because. Of the food scene being European and not just British. Think it's interesting point when he go to Paris told road we'll any of the big European cities they tend to be 90%. Futile battle areas in rove his old Italian restaurants. We may be to percent of other different things whereas. Actually we plaintive. Made a mistake. Will be forty years ago by eight by eat. It's kinda setting up so that not sticking to graduate and Steven the fight right outside the byproducts of guys that we ended up with lots of different cultures. If rigs and updates regularly give feed his. The most the advocating UK and you've got so much diversity is famous. Seven different restaurants to go exits are needed and options why. Keep pirated part of and Aaron schools and our visionary that's and he doesn't have been things. It's become a very exciting food scene. The dock and lawful part about it now I gotta go yeah identity detectives are gonna walk around but thank you very good Claudia thanks very much. Judge you get here things have gotten better in terms of both the question now is. What will Britain do. On the menu of choices that it has next theirs is actually only two choices stay or go to they stay. In the European Union or do they go. And one of that one of the big issues in that is frankly immigration. A hot button issue just like it is in the United States because in the European Union. Anyone any citizen of any country can move to another country in the union. And has the right to get a job and just in the United States people's sake. Immigrants take the jobs of hard working Americans they say the same thing hero polish immigrants of Romanian immigrants. So let's see if we can. Talk to these ladies here either they're about to scramble away from us now now now we like to talk to ABC news about Bre X it. Oh my that's a yes. I'm gonna pick them I would love to die. Stood. You love the idea and I love the whole today I just love them well. It is that it wouldn't smoking. I'm knitting is what today. Every Wednesday we. But they've had some announce that they suspect's name. Oh look they hit somebody in the government they respect Nixon admitted in his state I love it when I speak to change their mind on a daily basis. They knew I was on the face yesterday and I so this thing that sent them. His it has to be but that they can stay on his feet motivates me just in case you won one in. An enlisted people to say was ministers of finance. Heads of government Tina hi ray of Plano bank. People yet and that the people to leave that I consistently since Saturday. But doesn't propaganda. When he does remain is. But it out then I'll speak of on the fence sensitive that you're on the fence and I don't know I would Simons breaks it I'm kind of on the in his peninsula happens. I understand the reasons why they wouldn't leave and we ought to be outsells again in the EU's ten means is they. Governments build powerful beings that made it may be no wouldn't. Tonight we understand it better the devil you know. So I had no idea and in. And wait six slicing sick I. Of the enthusiasm but what happens when did die we'll have all families little heavenly favor hands. It is not is not let me know it's not gonna kill people is not going to be. You know that terrible terrible. Stop this thing right it is that I'm I'm and debate that seems to me I'm I'm I'm and I'm he wouldn't say I'm. In a position I have a haven I have found in a couple whose state senator Joseph. Sesame I didn't mean it in meetings at my house my talking about in this it would have announces that it. So long. Mike visits my started it I didn't voices. You do what no I'm I'm have a voice an agent. I feel welcome to you in a little while he's do you I. Thank you very much it made him marry and they think that of them were expecting to chat with my god. He. Yeah and. And that's oh thank you very nice to meet to small world so you get this sense there of one of the big issues with. The growth in European bureaucracy. Just like any bureaucracy. The European Union issues a lot of regulations a lot of regulations and that's got people here. Upset that. That Powell or over and over their own destiny over their own lives has been taken away from them. And they're concerned that Brussels where the European Union is headquartered is now issuing all these regulations some of them quite infamous one. For example was about cucumbers. How straight should be cucumber be. They actually spent time regulating that's the kind of thing. That people are talking about but it has huge impact not just for the people in Britain not just for the people in Europe. But for people all over the world because if Britain decides to leave the European Union next week. Many people think that could plunge the entire world into another recession. And that would mean your 401 case perhaps. Your homes in the value of real estate in the United States it would have a huge impact on every American and the American presidential election as well. So let's see if we can talk to somebody else you got a moment talk about wrecks that no. That's going to be a no excuse me. Have you got a moment to talk to an American television network about Braxton on. We have our star but I'm Terry if India communities via. So we're here to talk to people about the big wrecks that vote. What do you think about Mo well. Actually tied it so I'm against the brewers that it is that they can argue. A resident in in the I worry between UK and it's me yes. Still. Obviously. It back to you personally. Yes absolutely they've got to get out how to but that moment was it would become I think. It's not really that here but I'm supposed to supposedly we're gonna have to meet these. Toward cleared. Is the Euro gonna get stronger as opposed to the it's and that far was the buying power. So there's a lot of things our property here how is it gonna go up when so there's various things vandalism on a plane. Coming back the other day as a lots of breaks. Moving dying and I was thinking why don't you want that anymore after the I hadn't. Because the ease of travel the the fact that everybody in the European Union basically can go. Free movement of people free movement of labor that's the whole idea yes yes you come here you find jobs it gives us security number and and you weren't. That is gonna become a bit more complicated I think is going to be like for us coming to the states and the states coming you know here you need of these value need to find. A sponsor. It becomes a bit more complicated I think. I think we'll testimony what we need to do us and European Union is to warrant on. Finding solutions rather that that's still in different directions and to our own things that but that's life vests on and when you look at the British. Having this debate what do you think there on the verge of doing. I really don't know because a lot of my friends here I candidates. All of your British friend yes they are thank god but. I don't know I think there's there's that the trends. But it is the same week city halls and additions talking to. They did it mystical. In pools of have been won and it's about looking about looking after themselves I'm making that if we look after ourselves that everything is gonna be okay. How we're such and to connect to its society and world to act and yes we have people coming and Johnny embassy do we just. Let them down there and forget about it would do we worked to. I and Cary Grant talking to some folks there in London at a food festival but about a really big vote the people in Britain will be taking on in cast a week. Whether or not they should stay in the European Union.

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{"duration":"11:20","description":"ABC News' Michael Rothman and Nyla Smith head to Dylan's Candy Bar to celebrate National Candy Month and check out the store's 3-D Gummy printer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39914182","title":"Dylan's Candy Bar Celebrates National Candy Month","url":"/Entertainment/video/dylans-candy-bar-celebrates-national-candy-month-39914182"}