Erin Andrews Trial Verdict Sparks Reaction on 'The View'

The co-hosts weigh in on whether the Erin Andrews settlement is too much.
2:50 | 03/09/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Erin Andrews Trial Verdict Sparks Reaction on 'The View'
Alan Andrews member Erin Andrews. Okay she was just awarded 55 million dollars. Hotel OK an op Ed piece in the new and the daily news today said that it is a mockery of pain. And suffering why. Because a lot of these people who those children have been killed by police and sued. Have they had not gotten nothing near that may be the most I think was six million dollars but yes it's 55 million dollars. So what do you think do you think that that was up mockery what do you think it was fair I. Think that sometimes when you go up against a government situation or the police they're not gonna get as much money as you just surf I think she went up against. The Mary Ott who. It's just a different type of mentality and it has so much controversy between Freddy gray and air garner between the five point nine million that they got a six point four million and that. That's different that's issue a top issue on top of years on top of years. And then here's the money because we really don't want deal with the problem and that's not the difference of Mary at that's that's a whole. That casts I mean leaving it at the Marriott has to protect their image tale ending when you're dealing with with without a company or business that now stands to have people say well I don't wanna stay in your hotel. Because there's risk involved they have a lot of cash they're gonna be willing to put that money out of also remember. She's a celebrity she's front page fronts honor this is a society that sensationalize this stuff they like stories like that she gets a lot of coverage she's got a lot of money she's got great lawyers she has a lot of benefit of Al Sadr. Says something that this thing has gotta live on the Internet indefinite lived a live on and that's right but you know I I think many chant really put a price on I'm sorry you can't really put a price on pain and suffering. And I think the argument instead of being she got too much is why did Eric Gardner's family gets a little why did I read irate. About Aniston and not not to take anything away from Aaron Anderson I have a lot of respect for her you know working in this business. But 55 million person forms I hope she does something great with a lot of that money. But I was reading a case a man was wrongfully imprisoned for a couple of decades and got two million dollars and but you say that that's part of the problem with the legal system right the problem. With the legal system because each jury can decide differently every state is different their caps on damages and in many states but the bottom line is I do think we need to do better. When we are compensating victims and an end. Crime youth and families of of crime victims no question about it but the aging parent might be happy to set a little bit east and it's gonna live on the Internet forever those gambles are gonna live with that Dell IRS and that's our Aston. They should get more money get more but I hate to say that sometimes. Dean and America's not fair we don't always digging up in fairness.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"The co-hosts weigh in on whether the Erin Andrews settlement is too much.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"37523251","title":"Erin Andrews Trial Verdict Sparks Reaction on 'The View'","url":"/Entertainment/video/erin-andrews-trial-verdict-sparks-reaction-view-37523251"}