Erin Andrews' 'View' on Freezing Her Eggs

The 35-year-old sportscaster says she's been getting lots of questions about having kids.
3:00 | 03/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Erin Andrews' 'View' on Freezing Her Eggs
So -- been dating LA kings hockey -- giant stone mud -- yeah. Michael I don't. Leon -- might apply to the future. I hope so -- Funny I was struck me guys -- backstage and and went through college and then right away went to sports broadcasting and kind of just been going nonstop ever since -- As you know and all you guys know their jobs it's kind of I feel that you cannot take over because if you do the next person's waiting in -- take your job. So literally from that until 35 years old -- -- really not worried about my personal life and now obviously things are going great have a boyfriend and as I was saying don't you guys ever contest say to have kids -- -- arrested across. It's -- can you -- this -- to like learning growing just starting you know we moved in together and are trying to figure out how he has a job I -- you. 35%. Do that hot yeah during that I have been content things -- your mind and -- But yeah. So it's a simpler. And drinks yeah. Everybody kind of just brings got up Walt are you gonna freezer -- what's really think I'm afraid -- incidents. I am I at this stage obviously am at a birthday in May I want to get all the information and I wanna start talking to doctors and seek his even you know as I've said with my girlfriends whatever happens with your relationship I think it has to be something you -- -- do fearsome way right now the. Reason X has nothing to do with your relationship with him you know as an example of my legs and you as you get older -- -- about not you would think -- as a -- But as you get older your -- become less viable and an end. Each age that you get -- there is the percentage goes down like genetically at 46 yelling at a 2% chance to have about it at 47 Eagles -- -- -- Homes and my using my -- hasn't yet a slot for a bar or an accident or the morning article -- -- Little freezer and then your story about you can always go bad it really makes me. It's not a 100% right now and I'm so -- I have. Don't want anything that's a 100% and that's not doing anything great champion yeah yeah. -- -- I don't want to add vitality to run around chase after those little guys because they are exhausting so the younger the better for that -- -- pretty isn't credible that you -- you -- I feel like I'm starting to learn in you know about my boyfriend at spent a year obviously -- things -- get comfortable after a year. And then next thing everybody goes right into or what about yeah. I'm still unpacking you know in his please can you ran an Indian don't have -- Not everybody wants children and you obviously means questioning is a -- Jones had just -- already having a baby when -- -- -- that the bush says Americans you have a different kind of charts this if you want to have a -- and people don't condemn him. I don't think -- suggests I want you have the -- so when you have you'll see you right.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The 35-year-old sportscaster says she's been getting lots of questions about having kids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"22912694","title":"Erin Andrews' 'View' on Freezing Her Eggs","url":"/Entertainment/video/erin-andrews-view-freezing-eggs-22912694"}