Expert tips from the 2016 national Skee-Ball champion

ABC News' Olivia Smith and Lesley Messer get schooled by Roy Hinojosa, 2016 national Skee-Ball champion and Eric Pavony, National Skee-Ball League founder.
6:51 | 03/16/17

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Transcript for Expert tips from the 2016 national Skee-Ball champion
Lee is here and yeah. Some tips to ensure that you guys I'm actually an old well exactly and that outlook downloads you. The past. Very important battery. We'll. Laughing. Money goes down at the okay. And my leg pool in resident instantly. Call your late oh lead touching my own but. Let's perform immediately. Sent. All. Our. No variables when there are moves fit. Zero. My hand. Plants. Cool. Me. See your fingers aren't curled around a ball they're hurt. Penalty apparently these figures of paint her regret. Read or anger that has apparently. When they ask. So. It's. This. She organization. Here can. One. Players and ultimately the champion as. There's there's guilt people don't answer. Act. There's word. There are things that all world view and so all hopefuls are our principles or is the first term. That came up with what the polls are. Involved and active and one to talk Oracle's work 36. So would pocket its work. Well. And we. Most players that are impeding our mind we're at times and serves. As vegetables are now. It better and they want really compete and contend that it ship. Certainly see it it's so combination wouldn't know that these is called cherry. So. Desperation. That reach into your back pocket and break up. But the games actually. During cruelest. The worldwide is up policy rules clear rules for. Now. Her mind. I. Kevin everything covered the and an important night. And hello Ayala got. Out at country every critic epic at expressed. These well it. It's live by the hon. Erica and sinking to. On this morning. Okay and I don't Indian point three. One. Right here that you I don't play and pocket that they are not at night time. Up your act and we're going back at it yet and I hope I think what that and I criminal. Where that report on that the quarterfinal. And being happy with me she. An excellent prosecutor outfit but it. Green you thought you where are there and. Right. Machines. Rule double camps. Bill. But it happens and directly really really hard time. It is in bath and it. It really hard. And I realized now and it turned her right. See this. And it reminds okay why it is. You. In Canada under us. I bet I do and I was really behind all of people who were cheering for this work in the war. And I couldn't yell over him and my dad wanted to quiet down where it all goes well he knows because. That points in Austin whose people history. Glory with the man who when it was never to clean. Your room we watched closely and make sure that workers Rowling's it's what we think it's a fair. It was a very likely would be if he would like. What school. How often you that I haven't eaten here. I got. But they all are when it. It. A lot it's. No one. This glorious without yeah. Which is why. And that went into the right.

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{"id":46190709,"title":"Expert tips from the 2016 national Skee-Ball champion","duration":"6:51","description":"ABC News' Olivia Smith and Lesley Messer get schooled by Roy Hinojosa, 2016 national Skee-Ball champion and Eric Pavony, National Skee-Ball League founder.","url":"/Entertainment/video/expert-tips-2016-national-skee-ball-champion-46190709","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}