Fat Joe discusses his role in the upcoming comedy 'Night School'

Fat Joe talks hip hop, his forthcoming album and new comedy.
16:44 | 09/20/18

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Transcript for Fat Joe discusses his role in the upcoming comedy 'Night School'
Harry Reid. Oh. LN. The. Doing Candice was yeah. Want. On this jury and this comedic. It is bill. I. Mean bitch. School is this gives me have to bring him a game every day that. If you want some about Black America. One black comedian at that time right now which is Kevin Hart. And a black female comedian number one right at this time right now typically adage. There is little fat Joseph in the corner cellist yo you bit step you game out then you asked that any and you've got to bring you call La. Neatly. Into being U eight knowing that that got Latin hip hop and a lot. I packet in. And I truly loved. This film theaters that it. Their next Friday or by Shia mullah plane. And all cats and the dynamic of it because you don't get too much lead that meat not see this but all. Like Eric you can live. Ask there have been years in jail. And so he's in school. Via sky. And I guess he strategies and credits and he get out of jail early and meanwhile. He's in the class. On the computer screen but the whole jail thing is going on behind them the other correction offices fights all kind of things is going on there. Meanwhile I still trying to get this education. So it's it's a Larry is when you go to the movies and see what it's about scoring. Is now first off why I am I you've done well the film but. Because. At night and that he would instrumental and that process. AM and you know I did she's gotta have it season one and Malcolm Lee is spike Lee's cousin. And so spike Lee's shoulder him she's gotta have Fujimori names that I. You've got Bobby dashed shelf that Jones Bobby. So and they now I auditioned for it and I got the role so you know despite noticed my guy you know. Yeah an annual bee and she's gonna happen. She's gotta have it's normal in an attempt at Seoul's. Sprightly WMG. That green light teach you. In and I'm so much better this season didn't the first season because that night school mouse around about all of these great actors and learned soul much. So imagine you're a journalist in Houston and brown the greats and you. You can do you can do you could do. That's I happen to me every single day on the set of night school. You do you can do he flipped it she flipped. OS. On the strip. So why don't point that she's got a heart disease and houses. Hold due to. 21. Making it. One. Thing is done. Oh. Your. Mind and Carmen from. Yes you are out well you don't I have to ask because. Moment when your affair filming you have a surreal experience only here you. Comedian. Masters. All. Ain't. Every day was lying you know things. Eighties madness acting thing is in the will be radio off to screen them what really goes on. 'cause you have seven every day with seventy now a days right. And then sometimes and they have 5 in the morning and mice moon doesn't take place like Lebanon. The main steam he knows me. I don't know what you calling them professional acting by you might be doing apartment Osce here. Because I'm really daring the screen messages since you wouldn't make you feel Riordan Bobby's there. Again happened being up from 5 in the morning and I'll turn around and Bobbie we she knew that loving men IE you exhaust the Adam like. Oh and who only got it is an act. Very intent. If that you aren't. Now being el Al at this as an antique car and and what life takes a lot of our work. You know one gained an executive so now we only one man and we don't know studio. Slow I'm able to call Alicia PM and employee. Things right come out its shall I go back and that that was the big news getting used to because I've been a boss for so long. It and it took a lot get used to light. Oh I don't Wear and show me you know me. You know 120. Every humbling. Very homeland. There's some bragging rights and you are fat GO don't crack. Line how. About. About muse because you have an album coming up now. A family ties in the Singh who is attention. Ellen air way in and Chris Brown yeah videos crazy yeah. What that crazy. That's kind of crazy is like a Michael Jackson. 2018. Tigers as they flow may fair and you know reaches. Wags his. Home. We ought to be able to be ourselves and be creating. And a lot of times. As we get older. People stop us from use and imagination and being creative and I don't like that could be in the creatives eighties. Like to as long as we have the finances ward. Shoot him incredible. Entertaining video in and take you do this next song duet that this is going to be inquiries via. You know I got the video on Miami's on the Ukrainian so. I'm just haven't formed when I love to do so we knew he is that you statement when these day. Did you if you job is what you love to do. Mean game even a job he just enjoy yourself. Absolutely and and you continuously. Enjoy yourself with the music and musing from attacks by days as I mentioned early on. You helped cultivate talent. I mean from that may mean not coarsely beauty Calais Maine home any. Coolidge. If until. Two pit bulls demo to TVT form. Wrong. I'm all about music. Music is for it was God's music and family. That. And this fire and reading king etc. now and home. If I heard you and even if you like Euro sign in with terror squad that you super dope. I'll be like the world got here so I'll give you a couple of numbers through offerings to a president. Of obvious only used it has nothing to do me financially. Because I feel like the world has to heave music and that's what it's always been about for me. No I love that and that's that's a great ideology have personalities doggy dog world leader still about the authenticity of which you do as. Pop cult an air of high that. Annan a lever wound was. Is wanted to tough his days of my life not only because. All these people were killed on on US soil you boy. Where Hispanics. You know as are no different between Latinos and blacks when it comes to death. Blacks celebrate death outdoor party in my house they'll feed you noticed. Latinos are like you just can't listen to music to cue is disrespect. So nom eleven. Even though Jay z.'s Alan came. I mean listen in -- Hughes. Ted appoint acting he would files so it was so here you so we years. And that's the first time I realized match in the world would now use it. You'd be crazy and can't work out some old news and UK it. Music and elevator no music behind TV show in the music behind a music bed behind in their view known imagine no music. Dias world. You would. You you helped give a fat lie. Helped in light not out of coming up in the group are not the end of this month but before New Year's and the quality family time yes definitely and I think don't want a year the next one too is going to be court. Yeah well I'm act I get me on to try and masochism south. Maybe now we know that you signed to roc nation and fill in Levy I have all of all he does celebrate you aren't. And 4040. The DA hearing he. Him and he he's here and beat. These two wounded in it's fun because for so long. I've had to do everything myself it's going to be able to send records daisy didn't. His input MB and who I think is the greatest rap on Boortz. I. And I mean you know you not to shabby itself I think now my. Own home loan you know. Her greatest of all time as the hornets. You and me I don't know that you got bogged waltzes. You've got some people in so you have to be the greatest awards from those laws Steve. He had. Hip hop right now means these instant. I love and I'm also curious since the ones with school and I want I want I want to Seymour. Elian. I I'm curious to wasn't known tune we're. I'm waiting for somebody to come. Some young kids come just turned back into that. New three rounds and pizza and you know when I mean for them stuff you do parties who would in the club with the wooden. When you listen to what they really got content. You know and answers that we come from him slick or. Careless wound you know non cheesy B balloon you know. So you just you know keep looking for my. Wednesday young boy who's going Dewey humans I actually signed artists is his birthday today UFO fees. Who easiest on that real beats him worms like back in the days in the he's just sold dole for the culture you rooms. Mean you mean that the code to mean. I heard back. And Al. Wayne because. We. Went on him pop up you remember. In keeping with what a cool program. When it out. And I. Also one UU. Hiking. And feat he between. And car unique. And accurately when. Don't want known but mark they would be life you know. It's a changing member of of the gods does it change and of the gods. You know. Nikki had it seven years Sri wouldn't every award. I mean females were even discourage the evil bad debts and it was whom she's drop dead gorgeous. She's dole she's with the biggest team she wins everything all right. Does this not even chance. So they're Miami comes at a her college stated seventies. She goes forward as she becomes the new. Female. And Ireland change everything and we may women today bee colony just radically Elaine go in. And and now Carl. Paratrooper and a big problem is doable streamed album of the whole year recently all streaming. So forget about female even to. I don't think God's insuring more now album so now she's there name. And if you reg is just hard for making to adjust. Would like being in the am. Seven years straight unanimously. To have an issue that's pace with these other females and got to move females cast doll. He got a bunch of girls is going this get busy I want facilities goes. Get busy Chinese Katie in the dream dolls in the area they'd come from more low. And in theories about doing. I know you aren't alone because clearly ready for this album on collaborative Lee you know I just love. He knew utilize. The people who have always been around when you. Meehan and we need do you incorporate these Kelly. And when we talk about this album on the project. Day you clean out today that's that anybody else particularly from just. We got being shown on the Chris brown and trying to get tied dollar some of them yet. One feel like he's the guy he's in. I'd like Aaron hole he's lying. You know Aaron Lennon Kelly of this fervor and the real hard and be so I want him more now museums and other than that you know. These two souls away from wrapping this sound man in whom 2008 who has been a really good year for you of the spores. Now. Tony job and to Carter's job when push UT. Jury prize there's some real good music out they mean we do is clearly more to be involved. When a drop pop prodigy can have every right yeah. Boys busy and M job. Right and all you. Beauty leaving something on the was bought separately. Who injured. Songs and relief right he's in the studio and every single night you know yeah yeah. That many features a clearly he I don't put it best rooms in the music gain ground legends and and I am not figured it was the degree and I know it's it's own. Thing. Hip hop gold and corn. Beef fresh grief into treatment. That's up for debate as Doug. I bus tomorrow's Alameda continue to open I'm. Ignorant appalling. Lit. And you have boss and you guys that he writes every bird they go you is second Sharaud. Oh. Controlled it film and I loved every minute tablets when he. Eighth that they didn't he use and I'm going to be running down on all these movies via this dimensional people women and is supported not for re. The in the movie. If you know what it ain't gonna be a worthwhile for them all go Debra. He TV Carrey is now and guns and. Chunky. And their jobs and bugs and. Would you looking good and and I am happy for you that this is amazing. They'll definitely. Night. Don't message. Here. As do. Candidly and dining op radio. Do.

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