Looking Forward to the Future with Barbara Walters

Act 11: From what she will miss the most and how she would like to be remembered.
3:07 | 05/17/14

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Transcript for Looking Forward to the Future with Barbara Walters
You've had a lot of people try and explain their success to you. How do you explain your own success? Part of my success was luck, being there at the right time. Part of my success is hard work. I think of what jack Benny once said, which is, "If the audience likes you, "That's the best thing that can happen to you. "If the audience doesn't like you, there's nothing you can do about it." And I've just been blessed with this wonderful career and been accepted. You call yourself a "Would've, could've, should've" type of person. You have a lot of self-doubt. Why? I think a lot of women are like me. "I should've done that. I could've done that. Why didn't I do that?" I do that all the time. It's my idea of hell. I finish an interview. I've asked every question. Somebody said to me, "Did you ask thus-and-such?" And I think, "I could've, I should've, I would've!" I must stop. It's getting too late for that. I'm now going to ask you some classic questions you ask everybody else. What is the biggest misconception about you? Perhaps the biggest misconception is that I'm too serious and I have no sense of humor. Do you have a philosophy by which you live? I say to myself very often, in good times and especially in bad, "This, too, shall pass." How do you want to be remembered? Oh, this is the toughest question. I want to be remembered by my daughter as a good and loving mother. I want to be remembered by my friends as somebody who was loyal. I want to be remembered in television maybe as a creator. Maybe as a good newswoman. No, more than being remembered, T maybe as a good news woman. No. More than being remembered, I hope that by younger women, I can help them aspire. What will you miss the most? I will miss the friendships, the people I work with. I will miss being on top of the news. I will miss having a structure in my life. But I do know that it's time to all intents and purposes my career in television of 50 years is almost over. I have the to learn to live with that, don't I? Finish this sentence for me. Barbara Walters is -- Soon to leave television. And if she is are truthful, she

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Act 11: From what she will miss the most and how she would like to be remembered.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"23760577","title":"Looking Forward to the Future with Barbara Walters","url":"/Entertainment/video/forward-future-barbara-walters-23760577"}