'General Hospital' 50th Anniversary Chat

Stars Finola Hughes and Jason Thompson answer viewer tweets; watch the "20/20" special Sat. 9 ET.
16:48 | 04/02/13

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Transcript for 'General Hospital' 50th Anniversary Chat
Hello and welcome to a very special ABC news live stream celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of general hospital. The iconic soap opera that has captivated generations of fans. To mark the fiftieth anniversary the show has brought back the nurses ball. A fictional charity event dedicated to HIV aids awareness taking place in the fictional town of port Charles fans will be excited. To -- stars from general hospital path like Rick Springfield and Jack Wagner. And joining me alive right now are two of the biggest stars of the show the Nolan Hughes who plays -- did -- And Jason Thompson better known as doctor Patrick -- they're answering your questions live just tweet us at hash tag GH fifty. Signal and Jason thanks to both of you so much for being here instruments answering defense questions we already have -- -- a -- -- dive right into. Infill and to start with you are you surprised at how long. The show has lasted. No I'm not really I've felt that when I first started on the show that it was just I never thought about and being -- and you know that doesn't have to be an end to show that's. Got these kind of characters he's kind of story lines. And -- You know it's an ongoing drama I don't think I ever thought about an end you -- tonight fifty years is a long time. -- fifty years is a magnificent amount of time especially for a television program. But you know general hospitals always done very good job of staying current and I think that's what keeps people kind of coming back. And the characters and -- fall in love with come back and it's you know. And its -- every single day -- they get attached to it so. It looks fantastic line of -- -- kind of magical realism you know we have like the ice princess and -- -- by stories and -- also you know dealing with. With -- with problem -- she's really she's absolutely and here's another question. From Rosanna. On FaceBook which storyline has meant the most to you and why. Of course I would have to say this storyline when I just dealt with Robin. Last year daughter. My daughter. I believe to be dead and you know we went through a lot of heartfelt stories and -- and I think that it meant a great deal to both of us and we would have preferred it not. -- claiming not to have that story in -- -- -- it it was it was so emotionally draining that it was wonderful to share with someone like Jason and I felt right. Very comfortable. He's going to places that we did you know Jason what do you think. -- I mean it's the same -- an actor you you want stories like that that you can come almost blur the line of your own reality to a certain extent and that's what we were able to do obviously saying goodbye to a dear dear friends -- Kimberly as she left the show but. Being able to share those moments -- go through with the obviously from the would descend with somebody that you personally care about let alone you're looking at each other in the eyes and you're talking about somebody you dearly -- You don't get many moments like that where it's just sit there and just real for you so to marry as an actor it's very gratifying -- story. Yes it was definitely seems like -- and -- all of this question is specifically for you from Angela on FaceBook and she wants to know. What is it like to be back -- general cost -- it's it's been fantastic I mean I've been back a year now I think. And a little bit longer than a year and the first day that I started existing -- -- -- -- Jason and Kimberly. And the Brooklyn. And it was the best -- I've been wanting to come back on the show for a long time so I just love it aim is spending analysts and a great ride this last year. And I walked into something that was amazing we have -- -- -- A dispute ahead and wrong -- -- Langley space stories so they're feeling different you. You know the -- same -- yeah. At. You know it east I stepped back into it I think. Will you always at a different place in July and so yes and that the one big difference to me is that I've never accident on the show -- ultimately. And so this year's -- this first time I've been back there exciting. -- day summit to give this expression here from Megan and it was between -- and and she wants to know what's been your favorite. Story line to work with since you are two characters -- Since our first characters -- the little specific this question is -- if you. Well I mean I you know there's -- in the beginning -- -- I've heard so much about -- through Kimberly and and some other people on set and when people -- even as well many many stories. Some haven't shared with you but that no -- I think when we first started it was really interesting to get to know her. Playing. The mother of the woman that I. Was in -- with and trying to win she didn't like me really happy and not. So it was fun we had some battles and we want you -- -- -- -- I tried two times -- Puts we have a great relationship so every time we were together it's always a high five and -- -- because it's always fun even when it's hard work it's always fun. And -- generally treats are flying in this one is from Melissa to both of you if you can play any other character male or female. -- -- EMI would be sunny. Movement to prove -- -- to place simpler just ahead of -- -- you know right I think. You regret it could. They do it again. We you know had a long yes sure things don't change in the -- -- I don't I'm from. Male or female. I'll just check open it up guys. It. You know probably the Carly character would be a lot of funds you know. You know she doesn't take names or she does that into the -- and yet you underbelly ways -- -- -- should be -- she Laura has a great time when the show which is was well on our show which is no. -- great job in this I don't know what to oversee the. Acting director is listening and -- new -- and take drugs and I don't know problem -- -- smells a new story -- -- Elsa Lopez's tweeting and asking which character. That your character doesn't usually have scenes with. Would you like to work with war at this for both of you. Well I actually like to do seem caught having an impact. Because we wouldn't you know it doesn't seem to be reasoned forces they -- because she's she's tough cookie Saddam might be nice -- you. I would say there's a couple people. -- -- haven't really worked along with -- character and time into Ian. Yeah -- he's obviously back on the show and we don't know for how long are anything but time. He's a great actor we get along again really really well I respect him -- and so I would love to work and work with him. At that the writers -- let's think it's relaxing here we -- our address on work magic have a good I think getting exciting and it like I like to quit with sunny and the ones I -- that would -- much -- beginning to work. With Alexis which is nice and was originally that was fun to mix it -- -- -- I around right now Judy is treating and she wants to know this for both of you. Years has it been since the last nurses ball from well gosh we'll. Music and I've been there for about seminars now -- -- the one -- -- and a while and I news I've never been to one and so. -- -- I'm and I'm in -- I mean it could be as much and you know. -- -- 101010. Longer -- six -- rings back and I mean I really don't know into it I think that's. For Franken right to bring about any BC to bring about -- and -- time. -- because there they're both they'll both hands of the show he announced that I Easton giant -- of -- have me back to the little reminder to our viewers if you're listening hash tag GH fifty tweet up right now. Questions for canola and Jason here's another tweet from Matt Clark. For both -- -- who are your favorite actors to work with. On -- it. Where humidity. I love for human Kimberly -- -- A love -- to -- in on his -- Tony I'm Jane. Who and we are getting you know Nancy. -- -- you know it it we we we really don't very hard to say because you don't you go ahead. It's true because -- -- and I think we talked about before there's never. Everybody doesn't job fare very well they're very professional and know what they're doing and let alone they enjoy what they're doing so it doesn't matter who you're -- -- with you feel like it's gonna. It's gonna come alive to treat or treat. A lot we think even -- -- and when we when we do work together it's like. It you can you hit it and stomach it's -- safety kind of brings it down and you do and it's so fun to be able to do that. You might feel how portrait -- actress -- and really he's a great tennis great right now of these you know everybody on the show adjust their holdings you know there. End of the bargain and they just you know so ready to go and say it's just -- -- -- -- -- them now I think all of this question is for you and it came on FaceBook what it's. Are one of the all time favorite characters for you that has returned to the -- people upcoming golf obvious -- Well I would say a Christina on could. I -- -- Wagner I was -- her coming back who -- just it's interesting because we used to be friends you know back in the day in and -- Herring as -- Yes those those two girls coming back and I Nelson can trying to you know we we -- house back and died right absolutely now this is Linda question -- question from -- from FaceBook for both the view. Who is your favorite GH couple. Of all time. I would have to say about you and around -- yeah yeah yeah -- To me it's -- couple. -- -- -- We wouldn't be fifty years of it wasn't for Tony -- -- planned new board humor just that's the truth to show up in the air it wasn't for that. That marriage of those two characters and -- after the after follow but also but I'm thankful. There is amusements. -- like Sonny and Brenda. Yeah that. I don't know any other couples to be honest I didn't show in his first -- -- Alan Leslie to. This is this is the action businesses. Nothing -- and now here's a tweet who would you like to see come back from the G-8. And. You're allowed to say. Yeah -- it's always that chance of that. That'll be the best if if Kimberly came back yes Robinson. That we -- I think there's an amazing story to tell there and I think as much -- it hurts the fans. That. She's not on the show announcer released in her own thing which was so proud yeah it's some it's it's an open story that I think would be very well. It's interesting is that because the next question from Karen on FaceBook is will they ever find Robin. I don't know what they going to do you know it is an amazing story to tell you just think -- -- whatever way it works out and I. There's an incredible story and this is soliciting have you know -- and -- advance notice you get as actors and to the writers keep you heads up. -- -- Well I mean after I lost Robin Patrick had a little bit of -- -- Drug addiction pill addiction and I was told on sat -- and I was about to rehearse the scenes is that you have a pill addiction. What when's it start now. So all right yeah does that mean yeah how much what are -- doing what am -- taking -- What is it so sometimes you don't get -- and sometimes you get a couple weeks -- sometimes are part of the casting process and you kind of get an all of that but it changes. Sometimes you know. B please we'll take your -- witness what we're thinking of intact and had been in the same way that you're saying that in and I -- about to start back his -- and a and it just the police are initiating any scenes in was told oh by the way your face on him right out since -- overnight. -- -- -- Didn't know -- to repair this is for you Jason -- the F face but asks when do you start watching the who haven't. Never watched a single up the -- I -- definitely. You know I think probably. The week that I was up for the job we'll. I auditioned for the job I was very first person to ever read for Patrick trick or all of exactly -- children Phelps was me. Dear dear person in my life she changed my life and only by. Give me the job and Tom. And I -- her a debt of gratitude for that and so I started watching when that can happen to understand what I was getting into but other than that to be completely Johnson never really. I didn't I didn't wash my my grandparents -- -- little -- but I think -- high and our fans yeah. But they have they've switched on overtime -- my grandmother's -- some of the jobs. All right this one is from -- on FaceBook is and a ever going to find real. Come -- yeah. I think again. Especially -- it's who -- do -- -- I can't say never they never ends and -- also wants to know how involved. You both get with the story line I'm not sure she's asking from writing perspective. I think it's not our job to interpret it I think you know we leave that up to two. They have writers however. That being said I'm never shy nice -- All witnessed the great idea. And and it would just blazes have an idea -- thank you need -- and you can evident than a publicity and could. There where I mean you know with our. I mean I mentioned -- obviously we have a new. Executive producer in in French and he's. It's different -- because francs almost on set for every single take they'll do so he's so hands on which is. Great I love it I -- it's great because he knows the show he knows the direction he knows what he wants. So as an actor you're able to put your own stamp on it but you still want to perform what they want that same in the same sentence so it's like. To have his input. Right there and when you do deviate -- you do your own thing because you felt and he comes -- -- awesome. It's it's a nice partnership and and I think the shows and very very great place because of that kind of hands on these -- and writer everybody's in the same group. It's great. And plus you know -- Lebanon -- given it is coming to your specific. Tasting menu is an actor and US style and and and it. You know sometimes seem to be written in this very -- WS I think. Anything that has been on it to be kind of you know tougher -- it would an end and that's the joy of of kind of this collaboration with writer. And you know we YouTube you presented materiel. And you you have the ability to interpreted in a certain way -- and and that's you know that's exciting what I find. When you're working with another -- to some she interpreted one way and I interpret -- -- -- an iPhone -- doing my job we're listening so that -- -- reaction in the -- so. All there's -- street yeah you know road you know perfect set up to our final viewer question what are some of the things he done to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary event. Others commute in New York. Credit we're happy about. -- just. -- -- I mean I think this has been such. Very. Organic outpouring from everybody and it it just feels so right that we're you know -- at this. Position right now and done that's not what if -- done have you done anything -- no you know it's it's almost like. I had a little bit of a moment when I was shooting the fiftieth anniversary episode and we. I don't considered I think a -- today but I'm kind of talking about the blessing of ghosts of general hospital and and I sat back -- -- almost. Just got emotional -- like I can't believe on the part of something -- -- -- doesn't matter what happens in my life as a professional this is an amazing moment. And Donald and so to be part of it with people that you love the cast members and the fans that have supported it it's I feel like we're just one big you know. Pushing them all -- down -- candidate that you're -- -- see now with the nurses ball that comes along there was a moment where. Be everybody's together and then and -- it it is quite so and you know this is special and it's very heartfelt thanks very special for all of us the knowledge is Jason Thompson. And thank you for participating in our special live -- event and don't miss a special edition of when he when he this Saturday at 9 PM. General hospital fifty there real -- it posted by -- gore and Clinton thanking them.

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