Gilmore Girls Fans Discuss The Upcoming Netflix Revival and More

ABC News' David Merrell talks to 'Gilmore Girls' fans who gathered in Washington, CT to celebrate the cult classic
11:06 | 10/21/16

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Transcript for Gilmore Girls Fans Discuss The Upcoming Netflix Revival and More
Everyone David Merrill here again from Washington depot Connecticut we're live in the Gilmore Girls band festival here I'm with some new friends of mine here. Singing it. Our own asked some of you. What are you excited about with the we've got the new season of Gilmore Girls well we held a season except for features on Netflix next month November coming in and lawyers cited for. Hi I'm Amy web so I'm excited to see accurately and your original creators hadn't seen the show didn't and then. You know result when it wants as. And I temperature. Steam jets. Haven't. And. What he does come from those of us laden and Cincinnati all right. And I keep pickle and what's at nine Andrea and are you also teamed jets fancy jet. For the record I'm also the real calling are. Eric Luke Tyler of a desert you come from. I I'm proud I am that Pennsylvania. They are from Pennsylvania and Philadelphia vehicle and compound the area's health. Resolve a mater of course our Jose from. Clean acme in the irony not far enough and against opt out day period and I Williamson were between seasons and okay aren't as so it's don't know what you guys are used season seven deny Ayers. Now I liked it some and its place are constantly DeVon plays just took some interesting. A lot of people because of the new people coming on board were not huge fans of season seven I think it was. I'm I'm one of those but I'm also team dean C yes Helena. Like a big guy built her a car. Do they teeny girl that is related credit card it's I would he has not received from the a new season coming up an element that together and kept it together. You want you wanna see some more Gilmore Girls. Yeah they would about it you think you think you know more guy coming made it. And with hot tag that Evans right and. That's okay I'm not familiar with the symbolism there is. I Abby. Lots and she had the acts like she was like I think I'm pregnant. I. Mean how pleased. Are you guys have been viewed in bacterial. At bank idea anymore. When it was presented you also. Gordon yeah yeah my dad and I think I wanted to Arian and we haven't asked a lot of team just yeah yeah. He. OK yeah. That I can get behind season to season three address with a little Italy like ABC news little you know from my days. The amount of the. Yeah. And I am oh yeah. Nobody gets excited for for the festival here vinik casts the cast. Yes I got all right now that hundreds of question what is your favorite job of curtains. And their future movement like yeah. Not even vote on an. Yeah I. That is that shrimp you don't have the right. You guys. I don't have to point out there's there's a very Gilmore thing going on right now we have coffee everywhere. And RAM. Our secure there's a copy of it what what number to agree on today. Who is. We see here admitting it you're not like laurel in the high. Just my first cup after how many five are and that's. Now did you go to Lucent a pop ups a week ago. That's right yeah that was very popular for those of you who don't know Rick Steiner. Had some pop up shops and cafes and hundreds of cafes across the country. Lines of people out the doors everyone came to check it out her denial. Dan. Showed up that one paid very little RS would also excited for at the festival here. Yeah. Yeah I am I. Yeah so we've got a cast panel tomorrow we've got a behind the scenes panel today with the writers producers customers. Though the whole nine yards. What else we have gone on. I'm not. How many here that's enough you'll just arrived here we're just kicking off and you have never met each other before. But no real name is together and keep. I'll look us up afterwards and it your friends and another group. Quality guy what else we have go to I love you teacher by the way it can you explain to people who don't understand. If this crime even you jump I jump Jack episode the slogan in Murray in the life and death for grade. I think at this and shared and insulates him Logan. I mean. Our Indian built her car but I guess if you if you get her to jump off of a skyscraper. It's that face your fears that that's collaborated. And Emily and belittle you. About the only did look it up he'd lost about. Yeah. All right there you have guys if you wanna impress a girl don't builder car just fired at the. That theater here in. And and I'm gonna go look not coincidental. And not hold and read and know. That's not city don't have the money through the expensive bag you can rent no intention. And yeah. So are we do have we do have cocktail hour coming up in Friday dinner right over here. We're gonna have food trucks and and everybody's gonna have a nice Friday night dinner just like they do on a show at laurel and orient annaly. The whole family and our new family here are assume we're girl. Hello there but he say we go in the whole weekend. All right let's look at it. Favorite episodes. And New Year's. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah the camping trip there that glamour camping how did and a heads as not very isn't not Luke Danes campaign. That's it right that's right and it's alright for fighting. Think said that the department. Right. Any. Mac. McCormick's Medina this. Yes that's right under the stick but you know that in which is better than how we feel that Chris. Yeah. When six. And the Italian here. Only thing that that was the end game. Think it appears if I can marry me. Nap nannies. And in the athlete he isn't. At least sixteen he let me ask you know which she wise is an eye out so he loved her and let the girl that he knew. They didn't like. I Laurie like such a long time now I don't think that I didn't. All it. I loved it and why I just went behind him. You think it's gonna happen. Liz you were adopt. Living only. Weird weird spreading rumors here I don't know that when. It up and statements. That up. Once but ask but the final Portland in Dublin and I think I can't shoot them. Bombs and yeah. That's right so the Gilmore does one of my favorite podcast as well they're going to be here tomorrow night. Moderating the cas panel that'll be a lot of fun. Favorite characters aside from team Justin Logan. And I. Lulu I am a big fan of. That. FBI pretty young. Well yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Oh yeah. Now. If you had to describe yourself or your group of friends. As a Gilmore girl or supporting cast character through Judy yeah. Everybody is really here tonight and even anybody other than Larry here. And I'm. On hi. Eric looks so lane. Is gonna have gonna have some kids that are that are grown up. Yeah. Yeah. And I go yeah. So what do you think the chances are they have a family rock band. Yeah. That's the prediction about making us and I'm looking towards. Aren't well it's like this is dissolving everybody wants to go and talk about. There on time we're all gonna go here into this. Into this tent over here we're gonna watch the pilot it's been streaming on a Luke. We're have a lot of fun would that really go over to have cocktail hour and family dinner right after this right before the behind the scenes panel. Thanks so much for watching keep up with us we're going to be speaking with Sean guns. Big fan favorite and take who plays slayings and some other cast members later on tonight so stay tune for that. From ABC I'm David Mel thanks so much for watching.

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{"duration":"11:06","description":"ABC News' David Merrell talks to 'Gilmore Girls' fans who gathered in Washington, CT to celebrate the cult classic","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42975150","title":"Gilmore Girls Fans Discuss The Upcoming Netflix Revival and More","url":"/Entertainment/video/gilmore-girls-fans-discuss-upcoming-netflix-revival-42975150"}