Gospel singer Tina Campbell on supporting Trump

The award-winning singer explains her decision to write an open letter in support of the president and shares some of the backlash she has received from her fans.
5:43 | 09/26/17

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Transcript for Gospel singer Tina Campbell on supporting Trump
They informs. You live your life that decisions you may cure artistic choices yeah music and so once you've also written about it. I'm and you talked in an open letter earlier this year at higher faith guiding her to your political views and how you were confronting where we are the country right now gas sort of an open letter yet to then newly inaugurated president trop. Right why did you decide to do. I won't say exactly why I decided to do it is a funny so many people asking the right here to a defeated my opinion it absolutely. I don't care what anybody say it just go out there. I'd never checked to see. The impact at all and much PR team with act asking. As it no I just at the letter that it I don't have anything outside and asked me about it pretty Cairo that lightly he basically said whatever you felt about him before. With as well this is what I was saying it and I one on one help I would explain this iced it with my president is sticky making it complicated trying to. It's only it's Manila it's much longer than what what I will say is. I am a person of faith that the Bible governs my life that's my guideline for how I act for what I do arts. The Bible tells us that we are supposed to pray for our leaders. So what prompted this me to write this open letter I'm going to churches and I'm seeing these people sold spiteful it's. So stay aired. So shaky and that we are going to Helena handbag because Donald Trump is going to become the president. Like what are we gonna do because he's the president and the other part adult diapers it was like you know. With going to be our god or whatever but it was like you know. What we picked it was almost like we picked the wrong gotten out like personal present is not a guy that's number one. It's not you got that'll put much faith and that they are an office pray for the duke it. Fight and resistance say it I hate them and that's not up president if you in this country idiots you have the claim on the the lack of but that initial press. So the smartest thing to do. Will be to pray. Got for the wisdom of how do I make the best use of my citizenship the best use of monopoly. And obese and that was part about Christians stop being so scared acting like this new president Asia got good he's not just got an eighty Asia got I guess luckily him and hand. But he's not your got you going to be protected. By the got apple got in the came knocking this sit there and had that's number one number two. The position that we are supposed to hat as people of faith is to pray for the leader no I don't agree with everything he's doing I am. Greatly appalled by many of his choices many of the things he's saying what he seems to be giving his attention to I do not agree with. But you know what. My position while I'm gonna pray for him to stand with you I'm not fighting against you I'm putting them up on you on not using my. Platform Tibet should speak negatively about you because what I saw is everybody does that everybody the day that there were causing fear they would like. Aiding the year and and hopelessness and despair and like stop doing. So meet saying that was like Christians. People of faith if you've got any kind of thing that any got a higher power. But leave and pray and ask got for some kind of perspective of what do I do. To help this country in any way that I Cain and not spend all my time bashing the president talking about how horrible he is because complain about a problem never fixed it. That is literally why I wrote them letter you hope that people's. It got into a more yeah highest point where they can move forward in a productive way and stop spending on it time bashing that does not help. If you hate what someone's doing it's been all your time bash you this is bad as they Iraq. So do not like this straight you're not better for that let you know what the black lives matter issued anatomy because that was what a lot of dispute was coming front. Everybody glad that we ought to be sleazy giving all the ship that from somewhere at a by the was Mexican reality (%expletive) like this is what everybody was thick and I was like. Stop. Pray use the power. You have used the was an that you have and do not think that all of the your existence is in this man's hand that's not what it is that's not what it's about so you know you stand that you pray. You believe pray for him gossip and fashion because all of that does is make everybody angry make everybody bitter they spent all the day's be an angry. Like this man is living a hot please don't take your house and you don't take your car need to take a job from you like. He he should be in my opinion he should be that much of a part of your every day existence if they cannot every tweet that he. Makes and every decision that you know it. It came out of place like that I just got a classic here anonymous fearing yeah you know all that anger and all of the everybody black south and our lives is on the whale browse like my life and all the way over. This man does not run my life. I'd I am going to pray for him and I'm gonna stand with him. In the with the Bible tells me to but I put my faith in him like he's not it into things I'm hearing a little with a defiant that your voice is is now because I didn't agree with all right everybody thought all this is troll I think he's also batting Madeleine what you're saying this is where I'm productively putting my faith and my energy. That's led us resisting. How do you explain it to everybody's thoughts at just leave it out there you re the whole thing there's no way for you to misconstrue my perspective if you take one line. He took about contacts if you choose to do that I don't choose to defend. That you have the right I'm a public figure I put things out there in a public. Everybody in the public can do what they want to do with it they can have their perspective so happy but I think I looked at it I considered it. I think comprehensively. I think I've made it a good statement a wife statement I think it was patriotic. I think it was beneficial to every race every group of people every sect of people every. Created the you know faith of people and and I stand behind the whole. The hope the whole letter. Not some line in some peace and something put it together I stand on the whole thing right I don't I'll ever after really talk about it again you know because whoever doesn't agree with that. You have to ups America and actually anchor people there wanted to read the whole letter it out there and apple get the whole argument in context there.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"The award-winning singer explains her decision to write an open letter in support of the president and shares some of the backlash she has received from her fans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50105800","title":"Gospel singer Tina Campbell on supporting Trump","url":"/Entertainment/video/gospel-singer-tina-campbell-supporting-trump-50105800"}