GoStream: Inside the Pennsic Wars

21:22 | 08/03/15

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Transcript for GoStream: Inside the Pennsic Wars
ABC news did little we are accurate and that warrantless. Yeah. Public. Not guilty parent there on a break getting that for the next battle that actually. Now with art art rusty I didn't hear Alan. Yeah the entire cast around holding a let's jump in and good economy. I. That. Love it for a lot of people and for every person out there there's probably. You wondered if you support staff. Running neck yeah. Larry yeah. Not hidden. Royalty here. Around. Evening. Some of the crown they are finding some of them are up here I didn't eat right some of them are participating in other active. For example. In. There's going to be what they called the children's best. Sponsored by the kingdom of the island yet and it's packed. And most. Please get involved in. The royal. That's if they win. Broiled or the next. That period I'm. What ever got here he. Yeah. But don't like nothing of the. And what's the matter back. It's part. And about the arts. People are here it's. Here but he. I. Laurel where arts. The job. They. Let's step up. Let parents. Yeah. No no they're getting. Talking about you know the brain size fibers. And really quickly. But no none of the black. The. I think. We are a lot. Weddings here it. There are also big. They'll look like Whitney. I. So are its appeal right here. Rick come back. I don't walk. Probably about ten miles. You're going down point blank which was the original campground. Was centered. Around the store that we let. M. An area. Bin prepared. Okay. Paul good we will see you. Pass it. Plus he has. Nothing else. It was just. Mary. It that was. It's the west kingdom which sparkled being done. This day with bill why are buried king. Because he didn't like. The flimsy ones. That went back at sixteen and number of many kingdoms have eleven brigades some of them. Even though Monday's not to. Hands. Some of the camps in the very elaborate structures and gates are kingdoms and all they. Let them use. We'll let. And we didn't get not coming home earlier today. That's where stone that. Let's cars and placed there. In memory. Hello I'm here. Fell apart. You know. Let's talk a little bit about how you. And I CNN. Community here at home this. Television and handling. Here. And an inquiry about. I suspect that lot of kids do. In Bay Area. This is earning them. And allow. Us to do that many homes are having come here. That entire. Hand. Things going on long. Nothing going on right. Not something. It. Mike. Yeah. Anything elaborate what. What like. Arts crap when things I'd like. No matter. What you like. Rolls. Did you like. In the library. I'm. All that's left them read on the. My blog tonight. Okay. Part of the area. Well. Look look. Bell on the left. It's back there in the. And car. The bar's right. Yeah night. Divided up it. Local branch. People back. A lot about. Ground. And here. Coming into. Great western war. Let's. People probably. That's. I. Diet I it's. Look. Battle. Is what America. Encampments. And. Come around. Fed up. There's like. Nobody. Like a little I think. Custom bike cheek on the outside of the lake. It's saved. Replica of an Italian they'll look that they spared them and build every year. Keep I'm. There's a relic replica. And healing of this. Yeah. Mostly they're guys. Oh please. I know I'll say something Brendan. Italian Greek. Kerry. Ambulances at. I don't and. How we doing on time camp. More important. Oh thank you. Blunt. And are just. The weather headlines. I. Yeah.

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