GoStream: Pennsic War Participants Ready for Medieval Ball

ABC News' Charli James learns the art of medieval dance at the 2015 Pennsic Wars.
15:44 | 08/03/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GoStream: Pennsic War Participants Ready for Medieval Ball
Welcome back to ABC news digital live streaming coverage all day of feed and pours worry for the country wars and Pennsylvania. We are out of final stop I can't believe it's been such. Day full of battles in the market then speaking to kings and queens and we're finally at our last stop of the day and this is a dance that's. This is the European Court. Dan. And we are going to get an up close look people learn hair. In nineteen. Speak to some of the answers to the woman who. Run the damp then I'm gonna give us. And then myself that look at. There and things. I didn't like it that statement I am team consistently hear again and home. Well nothing there right now what we're seeing each other's hair thing fifteenth century Italian Courtney. That we're people where would you keen not yet seen it enables household. Royal households usually after he history evening unique case. And what level to Eaton. The Texas thing right now are begin level dancing. We have some that are more complex and. And and how many different kinds. D'antoni dancing styles from people like now I'll. Probably about a dozen different styles they're again everything from English battalion fifteenth and sixteenth. And that let didn't get a closer look. You know that I understand that they have day performance of the FC. Granted I. Feel to have a alive. Full week. We'll. Okay. So what we do any interest in learning that again. And the very first offense they went in the NCAA wasn't long and dancing was all that happened all day. So I've been doing it pretty much has asserted that there are a specific event where government comes and and in some of them yes. I'm confident we just have balls in the after everything else. Thanks and for you act greatly thing. And an opening night letting it coming day like eight. I'm evening. I. It seems like that dancing and much. Well. The motion appointment. It involved took it it's. That a product of an imminent. Could at arias speaking. The fifteenth century and it. And have a lot of story it and legions. Couples getting together and going apart and active living with the people's. What the story. And it something we. Oh yeah so there's a lot of great. We started it all wrong brand. Yeah and then implement like the spring water height that. Ultimately the meal there again. And all of the sort of. This is really good to be the diet and yeah benefit that. Deckers that certainly in the F. Games yeah some people together. There are at different stories in the opener and maybe we talk a different story the first time you are right. Yet when we were doing. Every inch thick here by giving him. Amid that we don't need. Purpose. Well I there's some things that. Didn't I might be able to learn. Thinking it's trickled. Yet because Portugal as he steps. To those for much effect. And it takes but on this. Every every other that it's a very. We would do I know yes. We'll we'll we'll look at another couple of so. Documented and in the latest incident yet and that's why would you want to dance. That's really play QB play equipment that we played. Does no which means we don't in the oval room. To the person when it is useful and helpful and to protect them. And up. Until just. This. Is pollute but there's. We don't ever closer than ever. Set up a net. And then. Well don't. Political momentum there's just a little movement we can be challenging for the party with the ladies but there's a lot of them in the stands there. So minimal movement ladies respond and and it will switch places that she's ultimately. It. But senator. Police news something that is movement. It's. People. Pittsburgh and it's. Others. It is. Police weren't depressed. We also. Get back to get us in the community. The second time Belize city person. That's the home and. Job we'll be issuing its who. It isn't. Here. Cleanup yeah. The survey didn't. We. He. Well I think that unofficially in the that he club now. He's country cheating and you are all day coverage from the 44 and six more here in Pennsylvania and as you can see from all day it costs so much more than just got you know. It. She then hopefully this will be asking him independently and I'm. Thank you so much for joining him. We go out on one warrant and. It's a little bit of. We. Yeah.

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{"duration":"15:44","description":"ABC News' Charli James learns the art of medieval dance at the 2015 Pennsic Wars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"32861137","title":"GoStream: Pennsic War Participants Ready for Medieval Ball","url":"/Entertainment/video/gostream-pennsic-war-participants-ready-medieval-ball-32861137"}