'High Valley' Talks New Album, 'Dear Life'

The group 'High Valley' discusses the inspiration their new U.S. album, 'Dear Life'.
5:41 | 01/16/17

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Transcript for 'High Valley' Talks New Album, 'Dear Life'
What's really important to understand is that before they release that they had a lot of success in their name Canada and this. Even though your album your life is your first US album it's not debut album. I don't have a lot of albums we never want anybody that ever hear from way back in making records from. Won't. Through coups but how does it feel to sort of like start all over again be a new group uses this is a challenge that you welcome like I can't act. Are not clear if Libyan twenty years the owners is yet to startle. Us with an advantage though we. We are experienced being Branyan. And again. From August excellence. It is well I guess you can correct mistakes that you need to first timer it outburst make any mistakes I don't make good yeah. Now he doesn't tour with some pretty big nation tweet me collect that I'll. What we've learned from all those experiences. Be on obesity genes it's a crowd there is CUC. Have to win them over that means you guys there performers. I think we've had to fight for really hard you know in those moments in and just yesterday we were we were at a show Washington and open. From the headline and I really thought about dialogue sitting in the audience as well this is that the audience feels like when we go through that prism they're not really. You know we are not interested in you fight to get them attention where. We've played some pretty awkward situations in our lives so where. We're ready for you know we go there we kind of almost force them on their feet and clapped their hands and usually work. Hopefully make them and. I guess that the images of people coming vexing I never before now human. Sellers the goal. Property. Often apologizes to since it never know yeah. I'm. All right totally. Or so tell me about the culture shock he experienced when you first heat national assuming that we certainly an adjustment is Italy's. The coolest thing. One of the first things I learned a Nashville is that we had grown up eating organic and we never knew that are called it we just did. And then people and national trying to explain to me you can buy into these forms and again vegetables from some sort of plays answer natively or go to whole foods and extra effort specials. Five let me there is trying to pay money for his farm way it is doing. Well what about musically. Was there anything that you were exposed to weak international that you you accurately experience would certainly your mind. Michael Jackson. Was songwriters. My gorilla to play a Solomon's artist we artists and embryos. And the next actually doing AG and honestly raise awareness and and the and a package Michaels accident in. I honestly didn't. People IC LE well in this new balance of that in this movement you two were. On the other crews maintenance and the reason is as were currently experiencing its. Time that sells it for decades. Like. Last decade before. That's known as a as a make our own music dancing says it's it's hard to deal but. And wants polity can arsenal's him. You know very from. And I just met Julio. Me. As amazing because we didn't know. Anything about homicide detectives who view these please. Realistic. It's everybody thinks uncle. Gangsters. Which I didn't know when I checked up with. It's only fair right front runners. Pop. Fairness. Uses a lot of that pretty thing is currently. Signal did not take offense that that's on no no I don't amazing. And. That. Yeah he he he rules don't regard but I well that's it uses that is going to be voted we're. So. What's so that you guys pocket relocated to Tennessee yeah I was at a big adjustment is well or with the Portland kind of going from one rural areas. Arm I think that we you know we've we've been coming to Nashville. For years before removed and some pretty familiar with national life and never hears those quite an adjustment for her. I'm moving out an extended stay hotel and into hero does. Well actually we're gonna hear was actually inspired by a member of your families my entire life called she's with me tell me about this is the first song on your out. Yes sure is. My my wife has been you know right now there's lot of cool things that I analogous to giving people thought through diesel. And it is thought better of it. She's been there and we were you know old minivan driving across the country and she's been there are punishing her kid after seven months on the road in a man. All the really not glamorous style themselves cheeses me just talked about you know every facet of a woman can do this through the ups and downs. Relationship it's something to be applauded for assurances goes on.

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"The group 'High Valley' discusses the inspiration their new U.S. album, 'Dear Life'.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44813147","title":"'High Valley' Talks New Album, 'Dear Life'","url":"/Entertainment/video/high-valley-talks-album-dear-life-44813147"}