Hong Kong-style waffles make their way to American weddings

ABC News' Charli James discovers a new sweet treat taking weddings and social media by storm.
5:02 | 03/29/17

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Transcript for Hong Kong-style waffles make their way to American weddings
I can smell the you're gonna unloaded and ends. Corporate parent and you haven't seen these before they haven't you a few virgins that they're gonna snow. So they haven't you hear these. And they quietly yet I can't let it looked right. Really cool and it's. Not let. Him out back. Yeah facilities Hong Kong style waffles certainly nice game and a tipping topping that a lot of our customers like such as the horrific violence and Dellucci. I still buries its you know horrible to live there. The states decide if elected bodies but it's like you know living events. Bomb but little to do like apples as long bull parties in the event school. Kind of know. But I really started because he he's going to let's. We love that but it was only really big and we want to do expect this to a wider. Diverse culture and we're gonna go to counseling though besides I think. So it I think it's out there. And so he hasn't actually let us come behind him and let that hammering out there they're gonna let us come through and watched one get name it. Here for the whole process so we're gonna sneak back stains bad. And watch the process though it well we watch them all look. More I was in hiring guys my wedding night when you people want. That is coming out with that deserved honor. We he had client that had like particularly concerned that the whole waffled phone. But then that time that we have fired the third on the time frame. Dessert comes what I'd expect them. This breaks it also weren't into a couple planning Wiener at about 2 in the morning. You can't bring out all the others that and everybody all the put Hungary. And he can thank him but I could really nice. Very excited and in the hand you're anything. Times. We regret our clients in need victories has put his. Our original we always there it was days are modular is apparently bolted town let me. Let it rip bonds and other equipment client was let into the labor rights that they play. Also. Technical things on the what's. Big thing. Not that in this. Here so there's a curfew and a lot of their name it it's gonna. If this is our final curtain closer finals that putting that ice cream in here it's rainy night. So this is Vanilla ice cream of the public be easy but now lies green eyes and every vehicle. People especially nowadays on this very. In another day and he's been. I've got to answer when they're talking about outlet. And selling him but. Six. Now. Maria. It's quiet. He gets sick. Yeah. I happiness thinking that talent let it pound happy. It is evident. It. Not know letting a guy yeah. All right. Yeah. Thinner and it is they want us. Awful lot like this the only outside consultants in it and let it now lots and his novels have been soon. Five minutes. You. Different Kennedy. And tying the wobbles in the light and it's not having. Pastel. And again like yeah desired and night want to have a full heavy long. These mobile light crispy and oldest. Doesn't. Yeah. There. Special lending unit evidently not here. Yeah. That wouldn't be out I thought it. That's coming thank you know.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"ABC News' Charli James discovers a new sweet treat taking weddings and social media by storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"46440949","title":"Hong Kong-style waffles make their way to American weddings","url":"/Entertainment/video/hong-kong-style-waffles-make-american-weddings-46440949"}