Iyanla Vanzant discusses the new explosive season of 'Fix My Life'

Iyanla Vanzant weighs in on the R. Kelly and Kevin Hart controversies.
11:28 | 01/10/19

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Transcript for Iyanla Vanzant discusses the new explosive season of 'Fix My Life'
Candice Williams ABC radio and I am so blessed it's still honored to have such an amazing woman sitting right across from me. I mean. The advice and knowledge that you have the wisdom that you offer are once again and any money drama. Yes Saturday January 12 on only. It's a new season kicks off. Dealing with people who have been broken dealing with past trauma. You're really getting to the core of it in the preview I mean they just catchy from the from the start. Any of the people that you're going to be speaking to army east and Allen's eyes first off well prior knowledge of them before the show started and did that affect anything Florida where did you just treat them they hate needed just. Get news people to meet that I need to none whatsoever I I don't know anything about the gas before they they came casting would now that they they come to Meehan. On paper. Man. I always looked war what of these guests bringing to boot. The table that will serve the largest number of people in the viewing on. They gonna get help because they're right there when it's the Buick the viewer has to be able to relate to again you have. And you know it it it's scenes of need like every season and you always find. A way. To some held an end and gold watching I like how you gonna break brutal because there are some Bay Area ears on that these individuals have. And you know whether it's past trauma are certain things that are currently dealing with did he give you guys tease. Albert talking about Althea from Levin hip hop. Duchess from black he. And minions from bride zealot yeah exactly so these are people you've probably seen before you know watching your favorite reality series. Now aren't talk a little bit about how do you. Yelled in an and start to break down these beer yours because. You know either patterns because people and he watches and hope we get a therapy session from themselves you know ideally because you face as poignant things wrap shall. On what the eagle the signs that you automatically know okay. I'm going to have to deal with this before I even get to that right. Well first of all let me just remind you and to view as UC 48 minute I went 23 sometimes or days with these all the what you're seeing is the progression of the work from where they come into where they go out. And what makes that. And it's always in their intention. Every guest pass to be able to its. You articulate all right let's send us an intention. This is what I wanted to do his the question do you want to be live different when you meet. And then on look at what they want and win AI and meg games with what we need to do do. Yes and you know. Not to give too much awake I want you guys to tune in next Saturday. What to say it if if any is there that dramatic things that you pulled from the that week we're gonna pull for the Steve Catholic every Stephen Hadley story. That is too cold somewhat India MC. Stupid. One which you'll see this Saturday with that we realities. One who'd be and then on reality television 05 season one who'd been on for one season. One who'd been awful one episode and they on the same stoic reality TV but when my life. Now. That's not to. And so when what this glorious about which comes up again later in the season is how we believe of the people take away our personal now. News news we give it to. So that is one themed the other theme this season Matt you know kinda unfolded in this Laurie a generational curses. Things that go on from one generation to the next the next the next limit. Bills are due to being. Lincoln people took you power and generational. And just briefly if you can no way he keep people tune in to consult and I'll let how do you break what's the beginning steps to break a generational curse because I've heard that being talked about a lot Latin write a lot yeah. It's identifying what it is and that is looking at what you do that Danny did your mom a daily grandma did and really looking back added an unidentified neither of the pod or the behavior. That is the impression. And one of the greatest general generational Cruces that I've known in my own life as well as what's coming pull it is people not telling the truth. About what happened. And then make enough staff and then when that's always starts the fall apart to make up some denounce and it's. That's right easy. Oh goodness now I have to ask because we've been talking about I've been covering it there's two stories that are pretty much a meeting. Everything that we're talking about I have fat. It all technically started with an older sister is older sister molested him in tally of course you know enrichment. Ego I'll talk about if you can't. Again you know where were we don't. Where were all trying to take in what we saw and we're all trying to process and we're all re. Acting to it from my own personal experience including people have been sexually violated and have a tell anybody and never abused anybody of people who have been sexually violated. And didn't get the healing away all it would call was gone into it Obama only broke in wounded. Police and molds the bonds are angry about it. Let me just say this killing reached the X. Long we've well if you mentioned with him. Did meet one of the criteria. That we had gas. Are they willing. Be ready. Or they have become. Some. You do the work. Did an emotional. I just didn't happen in the I news. Based on what I was looking man. Pacers then I would have a can. It would have been brutal you didn't have the capacity. He hasn't done well. Are now with columnist Lori only from the people who need so many common. I would never ever condone. Or oil or. Justifying. Any thing that he's been. Use you. Locking him up in jail. Not been. Renewed. You think. It's like the people that he. Allegedly committed these when bids. Needs to be massive yield. Then he and all of them. What I do know is that without some long term intervention. Heat. Doesn't have half. This wouldn't be able Hewitt receive this. Classy thing is that he's not telling the truth about. And I say that's the classic. Case of the generational cause he's still sing and he didn't do. If he was to start telling the truth about it would be would you. Would you be open. Ultimately absolutely. Absolutely and people keep out texting me telling me to work with the some what's the fix this not fit. No fix other than them doing knee healing more. When they can get to the place based recap should they weren't. Eight innings. And dignity. The point when they can figure. He the wow wow now how do we heal as a nation after seeing something like this because now it's kind of bringing up other thing I think you know what. This I just you know from occupant. Of the white host to this thing happening. Ulanova to shorn of who we are. From meat to. It's just been going on he found I was such. Lee violated. In subways and science in me too because I was healed and I just in the human Y. What do you know viruses stolen. It's who we ought in this putting it right in front of our faith and we and not getting it's not about the occupant of the White House our Kelly. Or or or. In the of these are the big noise Bill Cosby Harvey Weinstein it's about the lack of character and lack of integrity. That we have as a nation. It's about them dishonest the emotional dishonesty. And emotional violation. It we have all its unions as into the me and a. III know animal that for time unfortunately but I do want to ask. Evan heart. He's been kind of at a point right now where he doesn't when apologize anymore for what he. You know he retained a decade old a homophobic tweets that went out he stepped down from the Oscars. Does he need to have a conversation two or do you think that he's in a space where he's. He didn't seem sincere. Went with sincere look like a man. Opened. It hasn't happened as a turnouts in at and I don't know if he needs a compensation if he's saying. I don't wanna talk about it and I'm luckless that he needs a conversation. I'm not invested in this healing. But this is what I was that if he's not at peace within needs a conversation. It's not he. Is not at peace with the same thing I think about the people leather angry enough that would. Occupant of the White House our Kelly Evans on anybody viewing at peace healing healed and work is you listed do not bear that Sheila. Oh. Can't say better than that each woman has and I'll look I I I know we have to go but I know on Saturday. January 12 I'm be glued to my television like it's not hot in my house he not hear the people of tissues at Hampton's and that might tissue and then let out. EU. You always. I just feel amazing what you do and it's such a gift to the talent before we go you talk Q when you need to re. I have my army you have missed able. Bring apartments near warriors. Left that means hapless Indians mine. I have my answer is listening. To goad him. Thank you so much for up by ABB and talk to need and blessed me with all this knowledge and wisdom and wonderful things that you always being in. Of course we half to watch this Saturday January tall on own. I locked up achy summits and you'd canceling signing.

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{"duration":"11:28","description":"Iyanla Vanzant weighs in on the R. Kelly and Kevin Hart controversies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"60296578","title":"Iyanla Vanzant discusses the new explosive season of 'Fix My Life'","url":"/Entertainment/video/iyanla-vanzant-discusses-explosive-season-fix-life-60296578"}