Jackie Joyner Kersee discusses her character on PBS Kids

The Olympic athlete talks giving back, PBS Kids, and her foundation.
17:29 | 03/09/20

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Transcript for Jackie Joyner Kersee discusses her character on PBS Kids
Candace zillions ABC idea now of course I have another exclusive interview very excited to speak to a three time gold medal winning a live PM. Track in field. The one and only Jackie Joyner can see how a hi how are you die I'm Giuliani looking very beautiful and you're ran very presidential I say presidential because there's something that comes up very regal about it. On so of course I'm very excited to have you here because you aren't I can't thank you are an inspiration. And I am very much happy to be able to have this conversation with you because. As a young girl I saw you running and killing in on the attack in BO and sell it it's astounding to have you sitting right across us I Q&A quarter is any time and you know just let you guys now yes. She does this legend but she's doing amazing same. Currently. Still. In the field. I stayed at the pond in the field of television. So loud you had a new PBS kids' film coming up at 21 hour film project episode. And it's just be glad to know what it's called it's and Xavier riddle and the seat need Dan I am a Dem president. Comes out march 16 not too far away. And day you're only care actors that are featured you play your cell. And new voices character. And it's a he rose type of episode the talk a little bit about. This particular episode and how it came about for years. The being a part eggs baby year read vote secret museum and one of the characters and CD. Animation an end to be animated never been done before for me. But food. The Dave they have his sister yeah Dana you know well out. From thin that. Around leadership weights he needs some similar to the work that I do it my foundation are ready work and we young people. You know a heparin dances the impossible with probable win. But this whole story and I knew you know in the series madam president you know tho. It Vader in the fist there you know it. Never seen things and around the fourth or taken aback and being raised to go back in history in the NBA were to come out with. I knew Jackie Joyner carries he story. Going on him being Windham actress from Makiko Matalin. Not given napping in understanding doing they have Catholic. 8 evening by evening you know a step by step to become one of. He asked. And so you know it's interesting because we all can be history books and and and learn of your story. But how much of your story is actually going to be featured. In this actual at this. He out if is mainly. My story from the standpoint. My Olympic experience and to become the first. America wanted to win a gold medal in the heptathlon and and could be to tell this story. On a level where. Easier to win three of four year oath kin can relate. If my community thinner now we have a pardon issue with. And by U that we feel we are historic program. You know Indian also with the young people who come through defender who AME county OSC in my history good. But animation and the beef is CN to understand the different eve van and how is broken down but they and also the news. Don't give up you know and that's lit one inspire. You know a generation passes. Never give up by something his thumb and in your own he wrote that you can pull from Nia. This person might be it. I work if you know are impossible and you know being native go to space you know being via Sally ran million Earhart you know against. Being an accord different stories like out there to pull a thumbprint from Beijing Harris Wilma Rudolph who's you know let. If this is really fun because this and a making. Yes it'd and you mentioned some of the year other heroes that are being featured a Milli air art Sally ride. Uncle can BA yeah I mean it's it's great that we all have an opportunity to see this in. This kind of young. Atmosphere where kids can understand these are people that came before us and did amazing things. On talk a little bit about. This episode in the sense that I think it sold tying the timeliness of it it's like. You Dina. Real is shocked to discover that nobody. No woman has become president and hear. Me right. No woman has become president. So I think is very timely so talk about kind of does this episode explore any of those things things that we are dealing with thing. Yes I think is timely from the standpoint. These views go back in history and in that you fast forward to where we are today. Wow you know they their there is apparently isn't there but if we still on the thank path and how do we you know as women named in as people change them. But then. And I fell reduced Cheju that this not a got to go within how came we'd be in a position to put it. People in in a position to be rude to inspire. A young girl who one day. I want to become president. And that it's not impossible you know youth continue stride toys that are. One day you know life for my staff are want to go to the Olympics running know if it was going to happen. This happening you know and felt any with different things are not and that's happening in our life today even and I. Being a part of of their theory is that I've always wanted to charity book and it fellow this year has prepared me to say. You you gotta do it you know I talk about it you know if I get it done. So what would that. And I know we're looking at the future that children's book and tail because I feel like you have the perfect story your story to tell. Yes I have my story anything around asked Lam an asthmatic you know we're gonna audience is I can't do it is and that the make it in a fund wave that. I actually have bankers and are around leadership reaping it and doing even and we in Dana isn't really about. Poland different pieces that wow if I work hard these can happen. Wow I can I am that leader you know having an affirmation in knowing and these are defense that I need to take package for this. Value racket cooler this from a Jackie Joyner carries he put this from that person. Wow. If yet in this the thief and I kid could become ELN and and that's what we have today where. I youngest connects brewing in and do amazing thing yeah. And you mentioned about your. Foundation Jackie drinkers he foundation. Which is the goal of this since they alone you know the youth the dream and that you don't through determination academics and you know all these things that they can achieve. Forensics tests so talk about what you hope. As you move forward your foundation really can help in tap into with these young people because I think you're doing a lot now. But you know it's such a tough time right now for young people like being especially with all the challenges social media. Talk about some of the things that your foundation does to really help in trying to get the young people on the right track. You know so we have where we have taken my autobiography a kind of grief and Harrington into the curriculum around leadership and character development. Taken fourteen different path both men. From those for Pressler the year we it. Confident and happening younger as this weather gamble if but in households have respect you know also being mayor Rick and I would you accountability. For me. You know Indian what is risk taking names and but also mean and where they are. You know put their it's wanting to be it is charities faith with them but it's another to be the two so. Have they have an example you know land. And for me my hope is that. I know my work round the enemy but being made of can defeat that I can teach in a generation of today. But they announced that it their generation of today can also be mantras the future generation. What it takes to give back. You know way to take to be patient you know how do we have a Dow allow and talk about different issues that affect death but how can we grow in the process. Absolutely. Now. You know you talk a lot about the episode and I think he kind of touched on that but I BC march 16 he guys check it out PBS kids. On Diaw would hold the take away will be for disease the young people tuning in because they feel like there's so many great things that they can get from it was there anything on that you specifically hope. As you know as somebody who. Participate in this episode that you want the young people again I'm. Yeah my hope is that days recognize. If they have an attorney. And you know in that the work ethic. That it tastefully dream to become a reality and that. From meat it's never been down before. And then the diversity and in dilution and day this is the united while. At access is everything. How can we have this be and then where you can see girls and the like me. You know it's okay. Navigator with Pete. The young Q and I were quick death with they're going to see and think wow you know this is possible. And then we start and no thief and a very engaging. And PBS kids you know and our capacity to feed him failed. And learn through. Wow he'd do you know that running is not for a punishment running if you know felt. Go out Iran and now find him maybe one day youth and on taffeta podium. India Olympic champion. I mean I'm and lighting and I was on her writing was not fun yeah. I have helped to change and norm and I think others that are also helping to change that norm I'm talking about changing that norm some of the athlete that you look at I mean I know we're very proud of you same Bolton. Some of these amazing women athletes do you get on the phone you'd correspond with and hanging talk about some of your relationships in this field. All my guys CSI a my my has been about Kerry's figures they're coaching and I'm Cynthia Nixon's one hour athletes and Alison if someone and then through worrying. He pick up a phony cop Harry you know find your Richard Roth if someone I have always admire and guess who's the you look at the younger athlete as coming out where we get. And the Mohammed who broke were reckon in the women's 400 hurdles and in a young fit in the half and you know. This nipping at her heels man. You know but the ANC JC. You know a Kenny Harrison who is me. World record holder in the hundred meter Harris I do we us and who is gonna break. Want to speak before Beriault one day made hundreds you know but it is who we get half how bad for cal it. A young women are doing some amazing things and if you know being even if the via the anxiety for the amber you know our. And it has to be remiss cannot maintain. Someone I mentioned on harper who. I'm so from my home town of east Saint Louis. Maybe campaign you know on our way trying to come back to make when each when he. Now I have passed the side he's still run. Rent the fun. You know I don't mind I I'd stay a train I believe and be fit for life. But I I Imus. Be more challenged. You know because you have to find the time and time for everything you have and when I was training I was I was on its schedule structure. Now miles gala can't go out today on Allen bought today Kate but is is very important I do a lot of walking in. Once the weather breaks in Missouri area and FR and AM thing. Hopefully Beatty gave more my outdoor training mean and am always going into the weight. So what is running for funds on the what's the best c'mon I don't like how far is run for high. And again that's an accident Connolly on the I let him running for high and so for me. If we allow the fun part is bid and that and the stress from not. Pundits who is Chevy anyone is Nike said my own pace you know so I go out. Even if I'm walking and I try to Wacom Meir on meet four miles under an hour. In SAF fifteen minute mile pace but they live from I'm John in Iran and I try to gave me. You know my feet each when he means accord EO. But the in my. I guess. Mix it up wit in a both of our go to the track car. And then going out to department have run in the heels I doing the spears and it also finds time to get into the weight room. And when his bid to. Code lately I go in and I go in and treated nets okay regret that a lot of time phenomena trim intimately tied in my cast and I Kinney Fenner you know. Wanna be her big thing. Absolutely but add that you give your peers are on for the money ha. Yes rapper MIA and then I'm mix it up and then line dance and I'm I'm not a good dancer now but I and then the line dancing in Africa that it's as you what to do. He I have done yoga Ana and that might make the net trying different things beat. Says that way but I have friends around me always want to loosely what she we do so. I'm makes it happened tried different these lithium in it and I weekly return attorney for the moment in my known discerning. It's huge. Health in held the N and the. Fred. And I don't mind content though he could not. I got a pop up. Yeah. Maybe I am excited about its goal line thinking grave in and out there do you do that its inspiration. Us into the next generation. We find a more about the Jackie Joyner foundation. Yes that they can go food JJK foundation that the lord our website you can find out more information. This may mean this may march we have we don't land from a break and international. When this day a lunch and if you different leaders throughout the community and does have a conversation around that diversity and inclusion it how can we have the name Powell on another united be the best that we could be in. And nothing you can learn more about my win in an iconic them around leadership and character development. Yes enters. The votes in the web site. Leaking can't farm it. You know he had man. East Saint Louis have you traveled they have agreed to sign with Missouri come over and and visit the JD case and her eye as he asked as we do door to door. Transportation repay parents who suffer from scoot preempted affinity get a Hotmail on the economy get their enrichment. You know we have the science and math we have agriculture. A lot of my skills and is operated through our when their life Couri. I'm of that and again you know you have been total. I think pivotal in the progress. Of not only athletes but specifically athletes of color. You made such a statement and so and what is your hope looking forward to that landscape and just other athletes that are. Trying to. Be part of that inclusion and diversity because sometimes you don't we know that there are strong affixed and people of color doing great things but sometimes. You know after that's over what happened thank. You know at my a my goal it with anything and everything that I try to do is how can we put us all together and work together because. We are serving a faint population and trying to make a different. And that if you know. If this person is over here doing something in I wanna come in support to doing what you're doing because. I started my work I hit eighty playing you know and a foundation wasn't popular. And I didn't do it for that you know I have been doing this work for years in him and my hope is to. Teach young people. Just give of your time you know you have to have a lot of money given your time and is somehow. Money to a company happy you reach your ultimate goals of the things that you wanted. Absolutely. Well ms. Jackie Joyner Kersey and thank you so much for stopping by ABC audio to talk to me Candice Williams and of course. This show you do not want to miss because it is the a lot of green last legends just like Jackie Joyner Kersey that's right PBS kids. Com march 16 check your local listings I'll be tuning and thank you so much for your support and of course thank you for stopping by thank you can to slam signing off.

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