Jimmy Kimmel shares childhood stories of growing up in Las Vegas

"Blade Runner 2049" star Ryan Gosling joined Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night to promote his new film, but he admitted that in the aftermath of Sunday night's tragedy at the Route 91 concert, it was difficult to talk about the movie.
5:00 | 10/04/17

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Transcript for Jimmy Kimmel shares childhood stories of growing up in Las Vegas
How do all right I'm doing well thank you everything all right with you I don't know oh really. I don't because Las Vegas. Yes is such there is still had been. In strange time it is it is sent it did take her bills like it's not over either it just feel like it keeps going on phenomenon. I really appreciated what you said the other night about you know wanted. Well wanting to come out and just wanting to tell jokes and and be like but it's it's getting harder and harder to do that I would imagine for you as. And a hard you're in the middle of promoting this movie the work for a really long time on and then. This week analysts terrible thing happens and not that movies really matter anything but it puts you know aren't comfortable position doesn't. Well you know uses cigarette although you know this so many people's suffering right now and they all. Victims of all these search panes in that obviously this shooting in and earthquakes insist. You know it's. Its guests it's it's strange to be talking about a film but I can't imagine. How you must feel being from Las Vegas race. Did you spend a lot of time in Las Vegas W. Is there a lot and a little time I know your interest I don't know that there Las Vegas mythology. Who grew up there I did yet what was their. The such an interest in place to be from what was that all I never realized it was uninteresting place to be from until I moved away from there and people kept saying well what an interesting place to be pump. You know for us who has just where to know where you from my played Little League in you know win I was Buckley clarinet in the band. It was just like any other neighborhood but just happen to have as little little. Wait like Anaheim in that. Disneyland is there and but you still it's a town it's a community right and dumb and I think you know there of course Las Vegas you know it's always in the movies and there are all these you know crazy things and advertising campaigns what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and it all that is true for the people were visiting their part the people that live there. It's kind of a regular place to live except for instead of nine to five your mom or dad might work midnight to 8 AM you know. Her instead of being. Plumber your dad is a dealer at a casino or in order mom is a cocktail waitress in Elwood. Is isn't its dreamer they run into any of the those. Iconic. Las Vegas people. Yes bomb on a number of occasions I. I so Liberace buying meat at the Mayfair market. Pretty great. But he's wearing a hair net and you just look into like that the big cuts of peace. Guys like wow that's when crop up at. I saw Sammy Davis junior shopping for clothes in the boys section at Saks Fifth Avenue. About this big. But they still nice clothes for kids there. He would where kids clothes there are always like drunk Elvis impersonators all over the place I mean news that you always run into those guys are a lot more Elvis is back there isn't it isn't clear though. Art theater junior and senior firm yet it's a clean bill. An end to clean those and I grew up right across street from each other Las Vegas and we've been best friends since I was nine littlest that is all odds. I love me well shoot your ass eight. I don't wanna take away from your interview would have you originally thought you know this those I was. We'll win that I was riding a bicycle. Wearing boxing gloves a fact that the and sunglasses at the time which for some reason was weird to have three negates the that was it was a rainy day out sprint sunglasses a I had boxing gloves and people thought there was something wrong with and it's tough. Everywhere books that I don't know. It's still I was not a race. I don't know you just do you have boxing gloves on and driving down the block and clear like all of the port kiddies like a little slow. And befriended me and that's what we did get it. Except that kids all under present it up a I think clear does dad is prankster and always was a prankster and he would teach us these leg. Things to do like for instance still to this day at their house in Las Vegas there's a big spider nailed up to the core in middle like you walked in the front two grenades and giant tarantula. That scares you every single time. Go over the house a thousand days in a row and each time he's seen it all. The still there yeah it's still there and we're gonna nail that year coffin when your car.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"\"Blade Runner 2049\" star Ryan Gosling joined Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night to promote his new film, but he admitted that in the aftermath of Sunday night's tragedy at the Route 91 concert, it was difficult to talk about the movie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50276364","title":"Jimmy Kimmel shares childhood stories of growing up in Las Vegas","url":"/Entertainment/video/jimmy-kimmel-shares-childhood-stories-growing-las-vegas-50276364"}