Justin Timberlake publicly apologizes to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson

Reactions to Timberlake’s apology and how this could affect the treatment of celebrities, particularly young women.
6:11 | 02/15/21

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Transcript for Justin Timberlake publicly apologizes to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson
ABC news contributor and serious sex and radio host might use Mike good morning you know the things Timberlake is apologizing for happened. Fifteen plus years ago so when you think's the significance in the importance of this apology coming now. Diane there is a significance there is no importance to it it is it. Not sincere it is an authentic. I find it very interstate now that Justin Timberlake choose a power that's a Janet Jackson and Britney Spears scare. This Britney Spears documentary has come out what's what's so troubling and Matt. My heart goes out to Britney Spears and how she was treated and the media. All of a sudden there's a free Britney tweet and hash tag that was occurring in within one week Justin Timberlake is apologizing. Yet justice for Janet Jackson has been tweeting and trending the last what ten years. And there's no apologies I definitely the double standard bearer as deputy dozens of lake is only thinking about his brand. Now I'm Janet Jackson is seeing huge spikes in album sales. After this apology why do you think that is. And are there any estimates of what she lost due to the Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction controversy. I think she's the CNET news fight because he's back into the conversation and how I think it is I'm an artist is backed into the conversation there's an interest in their music there's a curiosity about what's happening and that moment in terms of what she lost she lost millions and now only just in dollars but she lost her brand as she lost her position. Within pop culture that's why I think this is so different between Britney and between Janet Britney has to do with misogyny. And Janet has to do with race Justin Timberlake has always held proximity to black culture. I Justin Timberlake was how he released his first single it was rooted in black culture he talks are his influences are robber within the black clothes and went corporate space but too often we seen dozens Timberlake Miette inside it when it's time for a black lives matter to really be engaged he was silent and many of those issues as of the fact that he let this black woman. I says he hang onto dry when he was equally culpable of it as well but he completed with dismisses update yet he had a chance to go along and had a fantastic career. Perform at the super balls question was shunned for immediate question was shown from platforms when she was shy and copper and MTV and he said he held silent. The misogyny of britney's really interesting Diane because we think about is our audience that is Britney Spears is majority white women white girls those are the same demographic that was with insane so they have grown up with Justin Timberlake. So he's literally think about economics at him Justin Timberlake. Brand isn't what it wise since he can't afford to take too many hits with an immediate and within the press to those any Mars no amount of fans. That's why didn't do want to this comes down to race and besides me. Is there any thing that we clearly his apology was not. And not enough for you do think there is anything that he could say or do at this point. So were flat that he now looks back on what happened that he learned from meant he regrets it and he wants to genuinely do better and do what he can to fix it. Diane you know me I'm all of our a lot of people grace and giving people an opportunity to grow within themselves. But here's why I'm just so not saddled with that aspect is because of the time gap. It's almost over fifteen years and Janet went Arby's hash tags have been trending everytime Super Bowl comes Janet Jackson's name comes up. My concern and easing is that it is how so wistfully. That he was willing to apologize or Britney Spears oh as uncomfortable to say Diane but you can't. You raise the optics of at all a white one man who was held in such regarded media is now known to have done harmed by the media and those in position and then the white man and his trip this comes in a publicized their harder within the week of this all coming together. But yet he said so silent for almost fifty years when a black woman was literally getting thrown under the bus time and time again. That is uncomfortable conversation to have it but that is why it's so difficult for me to get him grace as a just as he took thirteen years of fifteen years made are do the same another thirteen to eighteen years to get him grace. So as you mention is holding a sparked by the New York Times documentary on Britney Spears it focuses on her concern readership. But it unpack some. Among other things the way that she was blamed for her breakup with Justin Timberlake also the way that she was treated. By the paparazzi in the press a so do you think this could be a turning point. And how we as a society treat celebrities in general but particularly young women. Yes and particularly Diane young women I was looking at that documentary and I was cringing. At myself right back. The pain that Britney Spears was experiencing in this. He's also traveling about it. Britney Spears was crying out for help she was crying out in pain right there on television right in the media. And no one did anything about it they pile it on to her. Talked about the sexual exploitation of her blame terror that governor is why bug Maryland's a nationwide issue Brittany that got tipped me that that was even able to be said. Without any repercussions of that governor's wife. I hope the lesson is now are that celebrities are humans and particular young women and young women and adolescent. Are growing doubt discovering the south going through self identity and what they don't need is for imclone adults. To be ridiculing them and public. As to how they should be as young women ask who they should be as women and how they should act in behavior and to treat them went back. The media and people hold a lot of responsibility. To the mental health that was cost of Britney Spears so I hope Diane the lesson to be learned is. They are humans and to be mindful. That they're just growing and finding their voice just as we aren't did ion mode were 1920. 2122. With thank god into Graham was there were. A point when I was nineteen I agree with that like news thank you as always.

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"Reactions to Timberlake’s apology and how this could affect the treatment of celebrities, particularly young women. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"75907076","title":"Justin Timberlake publicly apologizes to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson","url":"/Entertainment/video/justin-timberlake-publicly-apologizes-britney-spears-janet-jackson-75907076"}