Keith Urban on speaking through the 'incredible language of music': Part 1

From his roots in New Zealand to growing his family with wife Nicole Kidman, Urban gives ABC News an inside look at how he speaks to fans about his experiences through music.
6:49 | 11/12/18

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Transcript for Keith Urban on speaking through the 'incredible language of music': Part 1
I just come out ready to play. I wait around all day to play. That's what I do. ??? When the sun comes down the stars come out can you feel it I take her by the hand ??? We've been opening this tour with "Never comin' down." It's good sentiment. It's a good energy. It just feels right. It's a good way to open a show. Yeah. ??? Tell me now tell me now ??? ??? never coming down ??? I'm in the moment all the time. I mean, 98% of the time. If I'm not in it, I recognize it really quick and pull myself out of it 'cause I play, because I'm moving around, because you sort of -- this -- you know, vigilance is key. So I don't go running off the stage. Everybody brings signs out, all kinds of things written on signs. And I'm looking for something interesting, just something that gets my attention. It says "I dressed my husband up to look like you." The best one, many, many, many years ago, was somebody way up high had this huge sign that said, "I pay your bills. I wanna meet you." I'm, like, "Yep. Totally." Reporter: Keith urban is as "At home" in Brooklyn's Barclays center as he is in the global arena. He's New Zealand born, Australian raised, and 100% Nashville. The ground floor of what I do, the base foundation of who I am is a country artist. It's what I grew up playing. So it's the deepest in my DNA. And then the next level up -- you know when they cut the side of mountains and you see all those eras? Country would be the bottom one for me. That's my -- that's my solid bedrock. And then the next one on that would probably be radio-type songs, catchy choruses and hooks and great rhythm and great beat and universal themes. ??? Just another rebel in the great wide open on the boulevard of broken dreams ??? ??? and I learned everything I kneed to know from John cougar, John Deere John 3:16 ??? Reporter: The talented musician and lauded artist is also known to some for his movie star marriage. This was a second anniversary gift from my wife. Ah. It was a magical morning, I got to say. Reporter: It was in 2011 that Keith first invited us home for our third cma special. If someone who hadn't met Nicole, how would you describe her to them? Extremely pure spirit, a really, really extraordinarily rare, I think, pure spirit. I'll spend the rest of my life trying to find the right words 'cause it's, you know, words are limiting. Reporter: In this case words are part of your craft but when it comes to her -- I'm glad they're only part of it. I'm glad music plays a role too, 'cause music is that other -- the larger language, you know, that goes beyond the -- the limitations of words. Reporter: During that show, Keith opened up about his growing family, the long road to fame, and overcoming addiction. Is it a struggle to stay sober? It was a struggle to live the life I was living before. Yeah, that's -- that's what the actual real struggle is. Once -- once, once anyone can sort of say, "I'd like to surrender and move in another direction," when I stopped fighting, life ceased to be a war. And that's -- that's really the perfect way to put it. ??? Rhythm and woman/child feeling ??? Reporter: While Keith and Nicole have been known to collaborate singing on his Instagram account, their greatest collaboration remains daughters Sunday rose and faith Margaret. I just love being a parent. I didn't know that I'd ever get to be one. So, it's -- it's an incredible feeling. And having girls, I love having girls. You know, I come from a family with no sisters, one brother. So, it's been quite the learning curve. Reporter: Keith and Nicole celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary this year. Having a celebrity marriage fuels constant interest. Well, I mean, we have a real life in the sense that we do the most Normal things. And we don't live on social media all the time. We don't read tabloids. So, it just floats by us all the time that we don't give it any attention. We just have a real life. Reporter: Part of that "Real life" is Keith's commitment to others. ??? Oh ??? just last month, the singer visited an Ohio hospice to spend time with Marissa English, who calls herself his biggest fan. ??? You don't need that guy no you don't ??? For me to know that somebody likes my music like Marissa does, and I have the chance to go and see her, then absolutely I'm gonna do that. Music's an incredible language of the heavens. And I fully believe in it, that it's here for that kind of healing and connectedness. ??? You don't need that guy, no, you don't, Marisa ??? Reporter: Keith connects to his audience through what he calls the "Incredible language of music." ??? I wake up feeling ??? his ninth studio album, "Graffiti U," is an evolution of the artist's process, refined and reworked with collaborative style. It's a combination of everything from ever making records. ??? Nothing in the world that feels like coming home ??? Reporter: This year Keith earned three cma award nominations, album of the year, male vocalist of the year, and entertainer of the year. I mean, all three, good lord. I mean, they represent absolutely -- entertainer is, like, that's -- I've been performing live since I was 7 years old. It's extraordinary to get those nominations. ??? When the sun goes down and the stars come out ??? ??? when I take her by the hand ??? the best feeling I have is going off and then coming back out for an encore and everybody's still here. If you want a sign if you're connected with an audience, that's it right there.

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"From his roots in New Zealand to growing his family with wife Nicole Kidman, Urban gives ABC News an inside look at how he speaks to fans about his experiences through music.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"59128326","title":"Keith Urban on speaking through the 'incredible language of music': Part 1","url":"/Entertainment/video/keith-urban-speaking-incredible-language-music-part-59128326"}