Keke Palmer discusses her role on the 2nd season of 'Berlin Station'

Palmer dishes on her current TV projects, music and finding her voice.
15:50 | 10/11/17

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Transcript for Keke Palmer discusses her role on the 2nd season of 'Berlin Station'
And here with the Kiki on ABE eighty welcoming home the app and I thank you for having me you look at that vision. I'm cheating. Because she you Arthel magnate and Helen Keller and thank you so eight yen from glad to meet bank ads and ads about. Normal currently HJ. And second seed and without any idols in the big saying yes you are playing a new crew yes talk about apparent Aaron she won on the April has listened. Deadly new recruiting she is all of that and more disk. At a school and she was actually first class as she comes exit. You know this this new DE she's very ready to get on the ground running you know she's seeking channels and meeting a Cheney's to know which he is ready to be professional. But of course like any young adult deal going in their new field and really ready but never really got their hands dirty she realizes that you know. The national black white you know is it is easy is right and wrong especially when you're dealing with politics yeah. Absolutely and in areas like new orders that come into play a lot of mean absolutely that you either have to be on top exactly and guy you're working with the amazing actually yeah. There are summer weather but you of course I grew up on her rent hardy is these girls meet so many things that got blitzing council. Working with her was like. You know what I'll ask you jet lag doesn't make everybody occasionally. Dodged jail or leave arson or sell a robbery coming into the show. At the belief of the company would be an issue with Assad she is at its other male and just act that's who she is. At the end. In mind. He palm. Type. He. Exit to operatives at. The Yang. Hopefully we'll see Morton that involved note you. Cracks girl with them for four months in Burlington and and they actually travel out of the place went to Norway Spain in. You know so they went to a lot of different places I giggles in currently out of their for the whole four months. I was really awesome but it was also have to like it helped my character too because. You imagine I'm point four dislike for the first time that I was ever in Europe for that long time I was ever in Germany before and had only been to like landing you know what I mean excel. This was totally different plays they spoke a totally different language really cool look at a lot of the adjournment next it's speak English that was an old Lee. You know kind of left out the world like it but it was different it was it was. Coming of age period for B for share. Damn I thought I. I know what to expect that I don't let anybody you would have beaten you must upgrade like at the it was really cool that they wires definitely surprise. Scenes to that you aren't out right now. They should the Essex action coming out that that element that day. Again Allen girl so much fun because. Get a seat or Lee Daniels always wanted to do so. Being on star in the important as love everybody gets the air all the talent all the talent app you'll grown up with you know had a great people. The second season whale. On that jail cell it would just awesome in this character she's the largest taxi gets GT. She is larger than life so that come about theirs and that it comes out Wednesday and it. Wikipedia. And harm Medina. You can eggs and against them Pamela genome that he let you know zoom into the DD is according artisans and she's definitely be an exciting to me. Now the kind of like life imitating art yet pat yeah it's you know we we at least the EPA Anbar and our ran. At and I would count the new elementary. You know you honestly. Yunel and yes last. Week buoyed its large. I project. Yet so. Well I mean by IB EG a ME DV is yes I mean a current that you take that. Aaliyah let's get it right beyoncé and I'll always he'll be asked at one and I aspirations but also brain. Also Leah. But I mean every time when they raise the I think ED detain even guy or girl you'll always like anger you Julien saying silk Mitchell abducted from me I have worked with art Kelly. A year before rats started at lord EP peppers I think a lot of time always had to. May everything's separate but my music with acting after working with art Kelly about the size of that you should she went on you ask that. Actually tell her story. When you actually able to relate it had attracted. Attracted us to be about which. Yelled that was how big the Asian ones sport that. Shall act and the Patrick should never be separate from your music and so I'd EP was like wow witnesses. Apart act really explore you know and eating into the cockpits the I had to make its debt equity common in this kind of multi pass plates. Appreciate you. Roll bar. An herb block yet among do you. And those are just saying yes I don't belong to and who to talk an inviting. Its evil. I feel like it's. Time for people to eat and and you you know certain generation and that need as well here. Yes. 03. Yes station whip and he you know one million about the Greece's step. You know it's so fortunate when. Stuff like acting as you know because it's like you don't have that relationship with hers and so is it that you say Il the great they get. I had my experience has been in court you've been kind to me never. Denny being crazy Timmy sulfur you know when conversation comes up discount like details that I know. You know the parts panels and it wean. When nobody believed. It was simple I was literally in interview talking about pain album saying how much album and he calls me ups and nobody shall we would love it if you came out. That's what you from Chicago and that's the person. I shall you know vaccines is one you know me so I. Appreciate you. Your. Green and tonight is clear scream queens ideal primer field Cox in scream is left in DB because a lot of times that name an aim missiles at what eyewitness. Act in. Now screamed we've done Abdul screen which is also produced by labor unique would keep us company am so excited about that. It's coming to MTB actually eighteen early to me tell you we have actually steal them and I'm so all excited about that because this is the world. That we've never seen with in this screen range of this. Scream franchise that we open net Campbell back in the day and sell this time we use actual mask was they didn't get you in the first two seasons. And yet used actual voice and these kids. Look at total different. I of three College Park girl. Condit why. Exactly Atlanta and we plan. That game. I am. Us. Spelled out outlet and the yet. E-commerce. Congress when he it's. When your. Different yet around them 14. Liberty's top about. That I don't know I've never admit. Either and it met the Brothers united I've done two films with in the past I mean long chats with in the past ice cube you'd like to sit this project in. You know it's just unfortunate how I and hate that. You know that that's what's happening and that's really all practice say is that I hate that that's how people feel but at into the day you have to speak out what you feel that you you know what in powervu so more power to those that are speaking up and feeling like you know they're getting their boards her. Hey how do you Latin elegant buying your bullet went to barrel. That's really what it's at now you know. Industry Eagleton situation becomes typical because really eyes on your career. You know but it's important to lose yourself in your. That the book is something. People understand that. Call Kiki isn't at wake up. Knowledge and really two to what you're saying is lots of its U hospital at a time for me coming into the acting world. Everything was on expect so what I REIT benefits or success or whatever you would Collie it was like okay. And it was it would you you know from growing not always it's so music industry and I expect the kind of response that acting in response with you just control infrastructure of the music industry is opposed to. The actual music itself. At L very. Like lost you build extremely it crashed my. My fearless as some music that I had as a child but an overall aspects I and how I'll sell. Take a step further evolution for lying and which is that. Quiet ideas that we have attached as idea to teach you in our experiences that naked and that. You list all the way it's all about changing your mighty him into Christian and that's when council unity and also covers topics on the hill. Need something. This Friday at Kaiser Permanente. Boys and Neil I think it. Not understand everything that's going on. But it ain't accident we are is eagle person who we are in this world. And once we realized that we don't belong to other people think and that we belong to the crazy ideas and got that we've accumulated over the years of good being there at the that's what we become control. And as everything is flexible with eyes that. Package the feel bad it got broke a younger and go forward I'd have to succumb to this emotion or me and I can let it out in. I could decide to move fort so I realize that all that stuff was in control. It became easier to practice and I now of course what like adopt the hat yummy in perfect completely still lags only different thing. Like that was a real key in the gaining control like and really being able to buy all my uncles. Dallas and the next I'm going to be the mayor first. An app screen. Leah. That's such a cool concept that shell I think is sold on it it's like about it today gates in the X you don't need a time where 19202122. Year old war one to one. And only when that was like kit that would be the mayor when it got court for the Supreme Court. That somehow got. Loss at Gillette look at society so when asked that she'll. Let cool concept and really get kids excited to see how much control you. Because with a real. We've put so much emphasis on the president's. But the real stuff is the years in your CD the governor's the signatures the people that actually can be changed exactly what you locked. Now who would make you voted for you eager to into the president but actual people there at Ellen what do the ones that are in supreme. I mean. It. That's Maynard this you know I mean that old people sell. She. Has not error. I love acting. Yeah did you Jackson again the use. You keep saying it right. At Bellamy 28. Year. A parent of the day and it. It's. His. Art because it's accurate. You. The more you. At and TO. You know. What exactly yeah I'll let go and did what I see them at that thank you deny. SA but he will missing. Happy moment hands. Since tube in a wave. I am. Phenomenon no. And snag. Tune yeah. Against Bob and until you as well. And me. Gain a now. Our lands and and could. And yeah I. Bob told. And oh. I keep. It. I appreciate you for. Radio top. Aide. To let go April moments. The and everybody else to. Thank you for stopping by and he. Has had she. It's coming cells and he got consulates and I'm in Atlanta our panel that. Everything no doubt he would eat it I can't I don't mean literal OK it's I mean everybody can execute me. The accord is under rocket science here.

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{"id":50422869,"title":"Keke Palmer discusses her role on the 2nd season of 'Berlin Station'","duration":"15:50","description":"Palmer dishes on her current TV projects, music and finding her voice.","url":"/Entertainment/video/keke-palmer-discusses-role-2nd-season-berlin-station-50422869","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}