Kobe Bryant’s career on the court

From being drafted in 1996 out of high school to his legendary career with the Los Angeles Lakers, ABC News and ESPN take a look back at Bryant’s life on the court.
4:32 | 01/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kobe Bryant’s career on the court
There are a handful of athletes who can't be summarized by their accomplishments are not described by their achievements. They create a feeling. Indelible. Iconic. Kobe Bryant was one of those been in so many ways his legacy. Was just beginning. One name. That's all we need. From the time we first saw him as an assistant store and lower Marion high school outside Philadelphia we're Kobe Bryant and more than shine. Activity and faster than that he's dominant and decides to confidence in the terror. There thirteen in 1996 NBA draft but shortly. Kobe Bryant. He was traded that same day it's only. Just. Bryant will be. The youngest player ever to appear in an NBA game. My second season. An NBA all star. Playing with a flair feeling and stand for many. By his fourth season 2000 playing alongside Shaquille O'Neal. He's an NBA jam its fourth coach that it's. Consecutive time and I believe it. After all new look saucy. Brian and become a leading light on relenting scoring. Famous dropping 81 points to run. Disturbance of its scoring title that season I didn't know seven. Whose needs league NB. 2008 there's a my cousins and my Brothers. We. Have won MVPs but through all the individual guru Bryant's team accomplishments in LA and weren't done. It's. Family the only thing Monsanto. He carried the lakers didn't need titles the next. Some 2009 and ten earnings finals MVP. Holes tons. He's distraught became known as the mom the mentality. There was swept from teaching lessons aside from us. So well. And perhaps showed moments when he returned from the devastating Achilles injury and when he thirteen to only three more seasons. And perhaps the most memorable finale to an NBA career ever he scored sixteen points in his final game. Miles. 2016. Bryant retired from the leak is in eighteen time all star. Five time NBA Chimerine. Two time Olympic gold medals. Brian is widely expected. Into the basement basketball hall of fame the first round leader this year. One need. One icon. One legacy. Movie. Plus forty. MI. And perhaps the greatest proof. Of CoBiz powerful legacy is the way other greats Michael responded to him yeah we say game recognizes game. At some of the people closest whom in his life where those who all self. Had that scene on quintuple competitive drive and fire BM Intel vivid very few have been and will have. In the future in special players special man special mentality. And that's where he we are here tonight to honor him.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"From being drafted in 1996 out of high school to his legendary career with the Los Angeles Lakers, ABC News and ESPN take a look back at Bryant’s life on the court.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"68554095","title":"Kobe Bryant’s career on the court","url":"/Entertainment/video/kobe-bryants-career-court-68554095"}