Lena Waithe discusses her action-packed romantic thriller ‘Queen and Slim’

The writer-producer talks movie, “The Chi” and other upcoming projects.
21:04 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for Lena Waithe discusses her action-packed romantic thriller ‘Queen and Slim’
Candace plans ABC radio now of course I'm always excited when I have and marinated god as sitting across from me yes. I I am so proud to be able to introduce you all to this created. It Emmy award when there. This this art Heath who lean away power you know. Oh good man this is Bruins are Monday. In the house yeah well our every day. I'm very humbled that hair have a beer yet and I'm I was mentioning you know literally eagle for use sat down here and ended an end you know motion there he had that this. Film gave me life we're talking about queen and Atlanta. This film it's it's just one little film that takes you on emotional roller coaster but it's still artistically and creative lead John that I I really have to digest it with you a little minds hand on to talk about it first and foremost it comes out thinks gave me. Not eyes nine elevenths when he said then I'm still me YE dog and likes and it makes Shia get fed from the spell the end I'll take you there is not a soul food for the doll. 22 great people headlining. David cola Daniel Cooley do you get a clue and Jody Aaron Smith yes Joni Turner's are clean hands she she is she is just tell. He's behind yeah. Same name only and we want to break someone. Because once Daniel. He told -- he gets himself in a movie Daniel's leg he ran early draft study just awesome friendship you know to me like he's just I'll want to read it has so he ready and then he was like okay our enemies land my old man and Emily and heavy Molina and he are ready yet so is she reading about tomorrow night we'll look how one Molina to directed his own gambling is amazing you have can be dealt. I'll write dollar machine got to read it and there agreed to do it and then we see and I got to talk about who Quinn has found will be. You gotta sit tight NBA's anti she read it she decided she wanted directed not taught in my day you wanna be slams she was like. I'm lobbies right for of I just trust me those that would counseling Imus says she has is an oak Amadou prominence and in a 75 hours she was like oh my guy this is the gap as the do. Name from that we were like all we have so much leverage now want a break and axes and wanted to be brown skin as well and then luckily our amazing cast and director Carmen Cuba. I'm sentenced Jodi and we were like well this is it may read together and it was magic. Now you mentioned that you cut pretty had Molina and mine right yeah. And. You know filming things give and Wallace are right in the script this and and have Thanksgiving and on master of none of those on an episode dial one ME four was it was directed matter. Just don't think she she guy you know. Lost loves it and I think the directs an episode is phenomenal and never sold to me would be way it is that she hadn't directed. Night we were working together and it was like MJ classy of the vibe was immediate. Al Sheikh affiliate act affiliate. And then our ass out working on an Islamic Tom wasn't done yet but outages knew I was like I think she might be removed for this movie. Com but I was aware that she and animal via a new ever I was going to sue her for a speech it was going to be. Com I knew that this is gonna be my first feature obviously I knew we need to be like someone special to come in and out I'm cool allowed directors but. Turns where Molina was or how was it was just the right thing for us to come back together and do this and so now we you know in detecting. You clearly there match you see this film you'll see that. I team effort you clearly you to come together and they're able to do and on such so full beautifully done. Aesthetically are typically like it's like watching. You know busy campaigning bet someone is. Meaning there and doing only then you'll you'll get a full picture at the end normally give anything away right think to until the end men want their console let's talk a little bit about. Which you do which is still well is when. That right that's gripped talk a little bit about kind of what you initially had in mind and how it came into for wishing because. Again it's just ahead V. Kind of content failed. I want these characters to unfold their very complex character you can imagine the need to get a mean you touch on so many timely things and it the jury have an idea of this film and how long before you actually put that pen to paper well. Actually the idea Cantonese and James fry our James frank sees me he came. I'm to me at a party and was like yards idea for a movie that I can't right out of lowest IDA like as a black ma'am laughed woman on a Thursday night while horribly and I'm formerly well. Gives Iraq home a diploma police officer things escalate really quickly and they decide to kill him a self defense and I think in the Congo and I was like oh that's something and just thank. Out of you write you can't write that he shouldn't write that Robert bass my story it's. And IBM and outline of the title you know Al Ras Al want any of that I'll look any of that I don't need any. I was there has not been nice ass and I'll share my story by credit which you do our fair person I was I want to take this might run would use I'd be my guest SL. Now the W years ago you know and then I'd sag hasn't started. Illuminating on an asset there's so much that can be mined from this one. You know sort of incident this catalyst as painless as an office his journey. As an Odyssey Kabila was in a vase of us about folklore it's about creating the heroes that we need. It's about black lives as about what it means to be black and oral does burning down around you it's about that. That ongoing war between black people in the end and the police I mean that a start our way back from you talk about and the is just you know it didn't police I think the market whenever of them represented the vote of oppression. Of you know rather than being protected by the police we are policed. As so it's more about how does that feel when you're in a country that you've helped build. Ancestors help bill with their bare hands and yet you know police are simply overshoot should be back on the force and a week so to me I was like government has very traumatized and from me as a black person in America. And also led by the ruining the Somalis as it as an artist duties to reflect the times disarm and lies to reflect the times and also I was angry house of San oust traumatized. So which is saying that the meditation on the working through that trauma and the found an hour sub Obama looked. It's not a black Bonnie and Clyde not think that that that comparison a simplistic in it's also scanned the this movie is a meditation on blackness is a meditation a legacy of the more important as a meditation and mortality. News while I think it's rat. Pack. The everyday at that time. Atlanta has asked you're not out of work so I want you to add odd and it. Does it just in that sense you know we really are in the space of receiving these words do these narratives because you consistently do that you office offer us. On a specific narrative that I think anybody can digest is not just laughing at you mention it's an all people thing at the people where it's it's a project where. You can watch it and take it for what it is witches. Relationship. Dating the awkwardness of it all right the the feeling that you don't have a choice story art opportunity -- feeling that you are policed rather being you know offer that help all these back Billick he resonates now. That in mind knowing that you really delve deep with that. Was there any apprehension was there any moment's glance of saying I don't know if this is is too much or did you say a medical full throttle. Just like Bonnie Clyde routed you know I'm gonna go for it. As much as I came with this army arts act. Can't get to a SI my hair when I'm writing you know the scary thing is the more and more mark profile is raised the more I kind of feel that seeping end because of way. On how people expect a meteor or my highest sort of you know I'm grateful I have a very loyal. Com and energetic and enthusiastic. You know audience in and not contemplate cousin Leno into a follow me on social about it so I would say play because of this family. And attempting about that it don't have I can't considered a family too much and I'm mark and because I'm towns you know just like and your family particularly black families are things that they needed they aren't aware that they need yet honest soul rabbit and continuing to make my chemical comfortable sometimes my job to make up and we squirm a little bit. On because I thought we will grow and only we will stretched. So I try not to think too much about it they'll be things operatives of the lapels are male what you do yet YE what you do to act M hard because you know this is a thing I wanted to remain on a visiting I'm trying to do work. You know even I to a casting out nothing's entries like we are cinecast Ellis Ellis like. Oh I didn't ask Arab that you gotta go writes a movie if you wanna cast something angle rice Tom and I and must not allow black people now live from black sweater. Is a little bit of that they apply weeping so also should be stole a police just as Michael we want to hear from me out. You got to remember it's like if you get a receipt to make something you never writes it's a blitz the other way you see fit so I think that's les ha I'm coming that it's like I'm not. Oh and punches I'm not being too PC and my thing is like I don't want my art to be polite. And an and we appreciate at least I do I know I do our appreciation to the point on the no till I you really feeling that that's the time that weren't you borrow deathly letting us know how safe in. I'm but I have to mention this because we are radio and also because we love Lauren hill you know we talk about this not. And hounded out had a crazy. Yes how did this happen will warrior hiatus. Outlook army apart Molina and I we both you know is even in the script is there as a references to music and that's up my dad's as me trying to create about a dozen which I communicate to Molina lab is what I'm thinking about as an energy I want. Eyes she says she's so great about banking gays I Haas who Jameer I got in. But we both really grew up in a ninety's so we know about soundtracks Lamar like albums went to be the body to our way to toys. I'm boomerang lodge are soundtrack. So we were like can we bring that back with this and and we saw the movie two would we want to do will him and and that in the end and relations as BM very black limos to a multi now we love the folks over there. And and so we we really similar put together real soundtrack and we. So it's a few really like Gelbard is like that stables and make this ballet you know it was a spike mom really be dish Chicago Achille it was as Ali's artist that we really. Appreciate or respect obvious its allies does that was found. I'm so it was our Franzen Sammy now and they stay saw the movie grateful that they were various fire by a move by and they kind of when their labs and came back with a lot of these original Sargent year. And the victim was I think lonely and I just kind of sale would we knew we wanted a big artist to do something and bike to do an original. I weeds is woods really since talking about having Molina two and now she always ways create bigger than me I think she'd do hot Lauren I was like. Now his that would be iconic. Com and then we we lower level yes mutual friends and we just you know we we. We restart our team and she asked a CA as she did and then and then she several Backus A gallon I want to do so before I think that's what I think we only know like me we got wind here. Thus far harder Dudack light was huge and that she's issue like young and old demo that can actually work with this she does she want to re cut it every do it obviously. As she did in and now manages. Is just as our pocket despite a way it does come on the credits I have his Laviolette daylight. Is what who OO so look like you wanna states have to operate the today and the credit Raza the kind of movie which really brings me a lot of joy. Is that I how to feel Elena movie comes out you know he's the only really did and you can't you can't even move actress I use it all the way through today ended a credit. I implore people to do that because we have a couple of assault and a pop and we also play with some sound or whatever like syndrome and a after the movie's over legged on the when people come and clean it up. They should be like okay so we don't coming here that's a mile out on Iraqi you and that way were you cemented whole credits and also to a site. If you wanna get a large hillside you've got to the Democrats little bit anyway as worth it's worked and as you know voices are such a shape she's sheets of these are Jerry's and in the Samara. Endowment she's phenomenon off overly on I think also as almost the folk lore the movie like he does like. Lari kind of buzz and about it that we killed let out Danielle Lauren you know light what more do you deal things given. On a whole darn yeah I guess I'll money they had the talent hands legs and it can be donated to date. At the end yelled you lie to me like we really were mass in our number like Molina opus almost craft to work and sand like you know timing out just right over the credits. How miserable Gradison with the fire has really cool the color everything everything is so intentionally and Ellis. That now you know. The end of today people are gonna leave with many things from this film offers are going to be emotional they're going to be angry they're gonna be you know goal and threw it would whole. That dole to go out and see this film because everybody is now c'mon what I want them to take away from this work. You know what I can't I can't call. You know business thanks to me what to take away from his what you bring to it. And and about think back to me is my mission as an artist and I want to tell people how to feel I never won you know. You'd be controlled a popular receive mark as my job to make art you know that's Margate. Palm the rest of we have to the people in on neighborly make it what it is you know. To me due to write bang boys and it. Love dolls those movies are classics. Not just because artist but because of what the people have said and the people have kept those moves alive the people he revisiting those found in Marseille say that critics you know it's like black people are the reason why I love jones' so talked about the reason Marta are parties is so. Donald docile love that story and our people (%expletive) they can't please seek out this documentary Robert Towne and it caught the making the five heartbeats is a phenomenal vacuum marrying. I'm in a make you love them will be even more back if they did that's impossible. But did the big thing about it was I didn't know there's. That the movie bombed at the box office they didn't do a blue route and go out and see it. But they likely because of you know home video. Both found it later and then Arab Razzaq Ali is a big classic and Robert counterpart like no yeah I'll be out he was late you know yup founded after the fact. They didn't matter like the best out of people. Aside it's it to see it pass out they'd found in house and I'll post OC group queen is ever they've you know we don't want that bait but. It ended the day is like is still became a classic because black people found it and they held it up and they realize all this is a story about us this is the story. Ross survival is a story about love and music. So to meet das that I mean as by. The people determine. What clean a slam becomes me Emily and Ari know what it means to us now that they announced that now when it comes out we really are handing out the responsibility to the community and really to everybody because. Is not yet that we made if a black people. It's a media I think everyone should come see the world to our lands even just for a couple hours. Yes. I I agree I mean he just that it like bitterly how I think. People need to see what we see the hands in this case in his emporium is very important I know we have to go through but before we do moon last you few questions because you have. Multitude of project beyond had a door to a year the first of formal we'll see you in the space of doing more directing I know early 2000. I'm not a director at all I tried had to accomplish our house that's not my eyes against adding there's a Dana have isn't and issue a folks wanna be all things all the time. I don't have a desire I know my strength I'm no mark my limitations. And so what I how Enzo to me also I love collaborating with the maize and irregular gonna work with so many of Melinda Massood has just a semi end. I'm Dave is Tiffany Johnson Angela Taylor Sean frank. From eighty Rockwell on the list goes on our Rodham blank as someone who are produced or moved behind us has been direct about her. Let you know I I love directors you know what they do and I respect what they do have a lot of people think you can pick up the camera ya action to be a director Noah takes vision. It takes time it takes crashed it takes patients out to be a director and signed a wouldn't take them lightly does not filled on people to pick pick up a pen and paper comes as a writer. You know you really that's put an hour's I think that those who look at me SA allow that which you know I. Are you that suicide OK what I want you want to you know what he wanna start you know affecting the craft a really learning it. Because I think that's what you get some progress we liked about it was okay are they really hit. This goes but he got a club put in the time out of you wanna when they want that they want to ask their picture is that less than before for a few years for you get there yeah. Now of course I read all about Ike I am little Levy's rye from you know wait because I read all everything for our affiliates about the pride and I know Larry know everything about Abu sultan. Are starting at Emory Elliott talk a few of them present you have to go twenty what can you tell us about that because that's one of the highly is isn't any a year working on and I and it's literally all of the bout used. Technically his most way is lose. Based MRI did I say is loosely based because now that we it's is not period so and I do think a person and it's when he is now on the visit your black and your querying its ways and business now. They want you may like a lumbering it was you got. Omelet I was you know I moved out to LA a 2000 sings a little different. By a blaze but we really you know have until a story about this yelled one man who has a drink you know laws we television writer and I really love how I can gather it'll be out on our VC early on dropped as I've DT may give Manny if it is going to be exact day but. I think February February in the new year so fashionably the first thing that people see of my following queen has slammed. I'm super excited about because it's such a different tol a different vibe army back to my bags half hours and the camera comedy. Ominous the first time props on television a clear black on only the protagonist of a TV show such as the allies revolutionary and it's really as you have these two best friends are electing Newsom frames. She's a writer's PA issues grading issues she may have been of across our beautiful Bosnia look. It was a show created issuers foreign. This is is is LA is black it's kindness wag the Romney is this this is is so many things in a cool thing is that the Gallo that Atlanta can exist and secure can exist Tonys can also exists as well I was a centavos to see it. At definitely and then also because you got longtime follower of the shy man I know this season is coming not neo got a few changes this season we still first and foremost. Will how do you feel viewers will. Kind of approach this season in the sense that you feel like the you'll feel satisfied is it something that we now need repairs out for mentally could you know we need longstanding ban. And variety I mean look I think this ten B is a new day and a shy you know and then. And also an and death is something has always around a corner and mossy soul you know but also love that we are we now have a little more real estate for some about a character is and words of some new faces you know we allow lock on a little James candy. As government through so we we we are logical stuff coming out and dumb and I really have had about a bigger hand in the writing this season. Which is why I think is don't feel a little more political more grounded Lamar him and but I don't judge characters amber at all. And the music is really popularly enemy to supervise there are big tankers can on the damp cell issue as is is going to be. This season is going to be really don't feel like how we don't rely Wohl has gone all out I know folks who have a lot of eyeballs that their season opener. On the we welcome you as they come I'll come and come on man. I just know it until a whole new story and has also we will listen in around black women and so State's own. I'm of that and of that well with all that said and done with you worked isn't in the future we'll look. Army I think you relieve dissident hands on line you know the work that takes plays in our pass that was really a hard thing to speak to to be honest. Because you know only time will really tell like what happens and I know I'm growing I'm learning Anwar so much from that. All experience and I does know that my assets are hell are always obvious safe place for anyone there that wants to come work has Vasily argued out of wannabe. Over saying the show where folks can come worker feel good about themselves. And I and I respect that and and I know holiday season is coming around you had any downtime what do you plan before we go. Shell yeah I'm going to stay acacia I'm are going nowhere vandalize traveling this year lot of movement has shaken Santa Lamar wires are so. We you know we have a couple things that does it says circle Levin who got to do the last thing large and I think with the just mercy premier went on super excited about Michael bees. New movie Bob Bryan Stephens and stars and bars is going to be phenomenal. As got over the Seattle Christmas so I'm things given what he's on Christmas social can't come Holler at us but. After that we're done we're going to be would actually go on Alex and actually enjoy our new Holly's by the house this year. Renovated arms so we we're excited to be in it and live ended and chill and it. I'm because you've been back Cairo from immigrant runner first bank property in January when you know Sundance and you know gotta love it the president UK south. It's going to be busy bee once again the New Year's summit site Fazio let me. Rats on another too low saying no you told him recently and finally released Murtha revealed that I think eight. Accused something's been accused Hezbollah Obama I would give the oddity is I needed to masa this follow me here. Well we appreciate you we love and you lean I love you that much countries and please make sure you eligibility this Thanksgiving holiday and don't tell people cranberries and Salinas Blanton units of over the sub. I'm here to offer it though Candice Williams signing off ABC radio again thanks Alina witnessed by banking.

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