Lily Tomlin on New Film 'Grandma,' Infamous David O. Russell Fight

Legendary actress Lily Tomlin talks to Peter Travers about her remarkable career and her new film 'Grandma'.
13:14 | 08/28/15

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Transcript for Lily Tomlin on New Film 'Grandma,' Infamous David O. Russell Fight
I'm so that I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. Excuse me. I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Man. Why are you gonna have Damascus. And I have to ask you delete now oh you are asking. Yes yes you're just giving customers I'm a customer and you know what a customer is that would customers by customers and who pays for your services so I am a customer. I mean what other customers are we disturbing. All of them odds in area yes register them and we're disturbing view is that right yes you are also just every fire every. But I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies Anderson now starring Tom it's called Graham but I don't think you should take that grandma word. In kind of this we program because that's not. So instead of mind telling you law that it let me introduce Coolidge and he and what do you feel legendary news. Now Britain chipset sector and half bursting with legendary. Essence that come for me out look at this what's going. Ewing Jane Fonda are doing Grayson Frankie and Netflix. But the buzz on Graham. Yeah. Arctic are okay okay it's going to. Our and the first nomination and was actually down. With Robert L I wish Bob we're here is seen which he could see it but tell us tell us who grandma is. Programme is. A poet. Who sauce or lesbian. Who had some notoriety as a writer firm Weil during the seventies. We'll into the eighties then face a feminist and seemed to receive. And she was an academic true she had to make a living. And she sort of arrests about what we can play a little though about her granddaughter probably after an editor either pregnant. And needs Graham and help her get the force right. And you go on the road with her look for the 600. What it. Where she's had a lot of expenditures that sect are perm ready cash. She's expecting a check for a lecture she did gesture interviewed in there a few days. I mean she keeps her head above water she's not indigent churning thing she does have employment and she does. Earn a living she owns the house she lives in. Like looking even. I see. Dozens of characters. And yes I don't know who Lily Tomlin as I don't know she could be. That little five year old girl sitting unit so there you know he could still be in the U. Broke she is sixteen or hair Edith and asks Peter she's. She should think of Graham if she was the last Shealy hey grandma was wrongly. And up. Here you go riding with Graham on car that it's like ours is yeah. I guess it's that's an independent movies and it is it is they get anywhere period. And as I was probably director was gonna go. He's connect carted and I said. For me from I've gotten old hearts. And Leno remarked that it matters just dandy. In charge and she tells it like. Yeah this issue. Hugh you know I'm a low bit nicer. A little bit. Yeah I mean I'm tired talent like it is. You know I'm my own behalf right here. There necessarily being up for you yeah. I'm tell it exactly like it is on behalf from an outside right. I'm right intercede. And try to change the outcome an arm injury diplomatic way hopefully. Well you had that famous thing you too human is. That is just like. When people are afraid of YouTube and things going viral that moment Dunn said it by heart that the BZ's Gregg. That's the years at the White House. It could train. Aaron actor's. To be pain. All I would just wonder if we had a contest to was behave in war who would've won. Between David and me where you couldn't hear what David was saying. In my defense. In the car scene when I was in the car. Iverson might. You can hear every word I said he was running around outside the car making rude gestures. And things were word. And you curtain here adjourn worries that Ali's. That but we also had the office. Where all it's now. Tell the world that this happened on them on them these a regular basis and they know it twice twice. Twice he we were high strung us. My mother's. Eyes and I was we were a little Heidstra costs are doing that. The search at the Ahmanson everyday actively work at five and here are dying and drive to be working on right here have been driven to say it took them theater. Iris rattle them that's my defense that's my story. To me that I'll always me oh. He's a very volatile creator guy and I really. And I had friends say what will you work with him again I think heart beat. This has everything he does is different stellar it's right wonder what your whole life you've been a part of controversies. And things that you don't really in teaching. You know in the beginning when everybody thought you we get. But net nobody ever says. They didn't they just this service. They sort of hung back I think here is out of its deep deep personal respect that was they were protecting me but you cut you've had the most gradual coming out. In terms I've started out I got famous in 1969. Yet you couldn't the last day of nineteen section Athens yeah yeah that is that the day by aired on the 29 of December Saro. With New Year's coming in everything you're have to take lop off a couple of days that's kind of Greek and she got married you endgame and got married on New Year's region thirteen. So it's going to be two years now. But you've been together for so long you know and what's the secret. Of a long lasting relationship in the world that you are repair work humorous it. It's a big part. I'm switching just a minute from grandma Q Christopher Dickey because it's kind of a great show to me about relationships. And about. You and Jane being married to these two guys played by Martin Sheen Sam Waterston who lead grew both of you for each other yes this looks like you guys are having the most part you've today. I. Which are we air we are. Is there a reason why you are attracted to show. Well of course I'm there's a reason because they wanted me I retired that was to reach that figure is yet sat at a Nashville and he. But I don't hear bullets it was about it. I about Nash. And our story can say it is but Nashville is key security and seeing all right in the NC hair. It you have to see them. I. Really like it. You haven't seen in where he editing is singing to four different women including Q and every one of these things. I don't you do I think it what you did this and kind of deeply immersed in. For all you do it. I think that's right you'll be out. There you know earnings and it was. Really spell your hands and we'll be. Athens he. What these acts on them. And Altman worked with him full time I remember that one and shortcuts and prairie home companion. With you in Merrill Streep giving him. But doing it with month. Yeah. Was he was all online mine out. There racists are human need to slap him. You know it I read when we are making Nash now. You know we see dailies every night it was like a party area right here just get some shoes down. Gondolas and when he first restoring. And irony and said in the morning. And he'd be aired Friday and swearing in a crane. There. And he kind of just let you all sort of do what you wanted to do you seek. To some. He heeded his it was a masterful pastor. And then he can make do with where he can get. He was wonderful I mean this is an icon and a benign patriarch. He recite that he had you know barbecues this house in Nashville on Sundays. And he'd like nothing bad Vietnam like Kirk and that some ribs or something am open flame. And Catherine of course his wife this are wonderful. I was very very happy to be a part of it family wherever part wise. When you looked at your career as a move in movies we'll take away from we do want stage which didn't TV. I don't like the 45 movies that meant something to you personally the most. Well autism movies I mean just working with problem is Ari sad. Again it kind of a pleasure and a gift. So it could be dead its national shortcuts Perry home compassion. Yeah yeah and then. I but I loved all of me. I love art movie with Steve Barton and and Carl Reiner. And I like nine to five because I became friends with Jane and Dolly well everybody liked him and that it was such a huge hit yeah. I want to come back to Graham on to ask. You looking at year. As an actor. Is there a moment in that movie a particular moment we looking at you where you've got close. To what she wanted to do when he signed on with Paul Weitz to do this week. Compassion though now. I bet you do it. I cannot really does not that my one moment. I try hints identifier moment in that. Let's just listen revenge ever palm island with Tom Waits. Short. Chartered accountants yet ratified that moment that I like the moment when Natalie Taylor's right garner terms are worth a bigger fish. And of error fish from the restaurant or plastic bag her. And I say. Steered the six innings he has some years it seemed real to me that moments in Israel. But you sort of hedged when I talked about this award business because you've won everything I can said he had attendance center. What more do you need afterlife which I journey and I Oscar going to be any cat thing but I was made you have your comedy out who won for that right at a Tony. For the search companies are using me. Two tone had to pee bodies. Two people answer to all you needs the Oscar to complete this and I and I'm interests establish a new. It's scaled trip to richer aspire and that is. He got was that they don't even mention Peabody of the Peabody yet at peace got to get the east deal in for all rye. Lillie you have never been on the show and it ends always in song. Okay it always does it give the anything that's in your head. It's a little bit of some arcane. I get along without you very where. It's a you got me about and it's interesting to give you can't pay for both regularly. You got me back and it's bomb actors. I've never basically singer is beginning and it could never gone on you don't have and Jane. I don't think I have a wedding song no. Oh isn't terrible all of this is heartbreaking and come up with water and sand OK anyway. It's been my pleasure at and my pleasure to look at where trouble. And you look like based. That's a good companies. If he had just trouble. There. You gotta have them both so thank you think they hear him play there. This was great I'll be back tomorrow.

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{"duration":"13:14","description":"Legendary actress Lily Tomlin talks to Peter Travers about her remarkable career and her new film 'Grandma'. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"33385937","title":"Lily Tomlin on New Film 'Grandma,' Infamous David O. Russell Fight","url":"/Entertainment/video/lily-tomlin-interview-2015-grandma-david-russell-fight-33385937"}