'LINSANITY' From The Court, To The Big Screen

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6:41 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for 'LINSANITY' From The Court, To The Big Screen
He is the second Asian American ever to play in the NBA and he led the losing New York Knicks to a seven game winning streak in the process begin a phenomenon called Lin sanity. And now there is a documentary which chronicles the events that led up to this phenomenon. And they look at the director -- Jackson Leung with -- and a producer. Brian -- talk about this amazing. Amazing documentary called insanity first and foremost in a 32 snippet. -- by Jeremy and as a kid. -- Well with this project while things -- okay partners and he was a very humble. You know quiet private person -- the swimming the NBA and viewed as we first posts in this in this. This document composite ending in May give an NBA right and that in itself was very document but look what -- what stood out. It to you guys is that he would be a subject for this. I personally you know we we were both days American folk who -- -- we've both had dreams of you know playing basketball in NBA I was he made it and I didn't. -- also harder to by the main artery that. Let you know I think there's a lot of things about him that represented in -- And you know that's -- close -- enough to disarmament it. And one of the things and Brian may -- -- think this is one of the things that that you do show in this is that he dealt with some racism. Yet. You know that's part of the story of insanity. And growing up peanuts chronicled in the in the dock where when he is -- high school college and and in the pros and even you know probably to -- degree today. He faced a lot of you know harsh you know there were comments that won't -- -- -- it. He had to deal with -- just kind of plea through you know and because he's such he sticks out like a source I mean there's no there's no question about it he's. Asian American you don't see that -- -- in in the highest levels of it. You know professional basketball so people are going to react. You know just kind knee jerk reaction and they they'll stay stupid things and so. That's part of what he had to go through and -- he's though it -- attempt -- he's dealt with that he's obviously that -- a lot of adversity you know just for being accepted into the sport as well I mean I know sleeping and when this teammates couches. And then February 2012. Everything just changed. -- I mean. -- -- superiors and we news Andy. I think it gave you -- -- if -- made ending insane gold chains gold project he's changed our lives in and -- his left in the process. We would have you seen then it was the talk but this is kind of -- that he's seen the transformation in -- and self. You know. Women really go into what is now he -- love and on camera. -- -- you know he has changed at all you know me and I'm try to things favors he was -- years ago and you know whether the a lot of people. -- around him. You know a lot of people look at him differently than they did -- years ago and that's what's really chains. -- as world. He's got three. And that seems to -- kind of his driving force you go through -- as far as you know kind of what is the what is his psyche like what is his motivation. I mean of personal loans as is his faith in them and that's I think that carries up to the -- -- for Stanley. Settled for a sport it was school -- family school and basketball Brett and you know also three things you -- if they care who weighs two you know I think. -- we explored that because you know I'm intelligent and you have to talk about that that's what -- represent successfully want to share -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One tell his story you know we don't have agenda remains June -- -- we're ABC we wanted to tell his story and to his story he once there's thing. Then I might add to that that when we market this film I mean it's -- obviously in the world of basketball not easy obvious thing but. Vote in reaching out and -- -- festivals -- -- at people in those demographics have responded to it. They didn't just resonates the message you know people from the church people who -- Asian American obviously people who went to the ivy leagues. You -- sports fans so the story is such the universal underdog story. And whether you're not whether or not you like basketball or -- or you went to the school that he went to -- any of those things that key. -- himself is is in these people all C a part of Germany in them so that's been really adjusting to to see that response. I think I think Gary and -- exactly what you're talking about because I think that's why it's going to be so universally accepted because there is something for everyone which and it was kind of like to throw away line that people what we say. With the documentary or any kind of you know form of entertainment that. It's it's the message that you want to -- sort of to your own life experiences but I think Jeremy Lin. Really does kind of encapsulates a lot of different struggles than a lot of different -- that people you know have. Has he seen the film using the film and what his response. He's you know he's been a part of the process the whole way you know we want to make here. They you know Condit story so you know reacts the in the beginning he saw early 'cause it's so when we are together meaning it seems -- -- -- I'm here and toward the end -- in heating he got to see you -- what it was gonna become and you are part of it and he's very happy that you know. He is like this is he's in tell his story everyone -- told them their story about him. He did you tell us what that -- -- Echelon ask you about that before with you go when -- -- and -- does he feel like it it it's an actor portrayal. Of of the of the jury that he's taken. Yeah Manny he's in he's he's he's part of it you know he's he's probably he's proud to shares in this is my -- -- -- you know. And -- that we do good jobs. -- -- -- -- were approved from Germany -- He you know who's very reluctant to it is the beginning when we approached him when he as a Harvard. Goes way back -- and you know it was a process and billions trusts and then did a great job and and in you know just. We always say I knew it was shooting this thing was -- really just hanging out with him you know wasn't like this intense. Big Brother we're following 24 -- -- so. So we got in in and build that relationship and in over the course of time I think he just he saw that it could be really. Powerful medium for him tell -- story and so. You know so were opening today in and we're excited to share this with the world it is theaters now it's called -- -- -- -- Evan Brian thank you got so much stuff Mike good luck with them. Things -- much.

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