Major sweeps, increased diversity and historic wins define 2020 Emmy Awards

The Primetime Emmy Awards go virtual as the first major award show since the beginning of the pandemic has a historic night.
4:44 | 09/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Major sweeps, increased diversity and historic wins define 2020 Emmy Awards
To Hollywood now are TV's biggest night was like nothing we have ever seen before the 72 annual Emmy Awards went virtual for the first time because of the pandemic. But I'm still sure we'll gans was screaming the whole time he's got the highlights for us. An Emmy Awards fitting up 20/20. Canadian friends. The ask you. And no real audience time appear all alone. Just like prom night. And definitely no Germans she wants all the germs have been burned off OK here we go out. Perfect CME's going live for more than 100 different locations. Then roommate since 1980 fortunately but I thought that I had not. It isn't like TV on the unbelievable. And death is Reese and Kerry. Any New Year's Eve party at. Why. Are pretty it's your media Gregg but not before the winners were handed their enemies live from the living room. This is so three kid three years. Purge it became one of several wins for watchman wearing a shirt with Rihanna Taylor's image on it. And her name on it usually do but shirt as he actress accepted her any from home but Robbie use of sharing what happens when you lose lives in the living room. The 20/20 Emmy Awards made history and other ways that day a becoming the youngest person ever to win outstanding actress in a drama series. Emmy Awards. Okay come down breathe breathe free in the Brees. A sweep for the little comedy from Canada becoming the first she'll ever. To sweep all four acting categories with nine statues overall it's also the most awarded company still in a single season ever. It was celebration of inclusive eight. Broadcasting station of homophobia. And a declaration. Of the power of globs of thank you Daniel thank you academy thank you. And will -- joins me now to break down some of those big moments look at the voice left after last night. I need. I do I do have a voice left there were tears shed in there was so much cheering you know all about why. It was such an incredible night GAAP freaking out over your favorite little comedy from Canada what we're gonna get to that I'm shore. And I'm sure this is included in this answer cable what do you think we're the big standout moments of it highlights for you I mean we're calling it sweet creek now writes about was definitely a favorite but we have to celebrate. The diversity there was. A record number of black actors that were handed out trophies last night things to you. Shows like watched men and euphoria eyes and Dan became the youngest person ever to win. It's that was super exciting while there's obviously still a ton of work to be done when it comes to inclusive but he and diversity in the Emmys. Especially when it comes to Latin X community. It was a really really historic night for black actors which is something to celebrate for shutter button diversity and social justice for two big scenes going into this show how did you feel it that was on display last night a cable we side literally when Regina King wine her. Best actress in a limited series she was wearing a shirt that had. Rihanna Taylor's name and image on it similarly when it was really do but picked up her Emmy Awards she had. I sure that's agree on a Taylor on and then we saw you know a lot of the winners asking bear using this piece asked people to get out the vote so if it was a big moment for making political statements and statements. You know that that really matter to some of these winners after. And and then what's usually the big focus is the red carpet fashion but we know red carpet last night. But still wasn't fashion on display even though people were home on their carriages but what or they're at look. Expect yet that's Alex Bornstein there in her PGA's she opted for definitely become fear. As opposed to the couture it looks the that we get our Tracy Ellis Ross is of the night who went. Full gland sheer Hoss I'm so excited to talk about this if she wore Chanel haute couture. Her dress took 12100. Hours to make. 12100 hours in my dad's crazy she's nominated for unorthodox and so great yes she she really stepped it happening came to eat beef fat. Fashion look I'm what did you Wear for the I wore this vote with the tide but I figure for the morning after I can relax a little bit took the tie off but yet this is my. Look for these that you haven't changed heavy slap I have not seen. It's just too exciting for sweet creek I couldn't sleep how could accept it well we love having him wedding you're well rested her you're at bats and thank you for giving think you die hello down of course. Congrats ons and we creeping Craig yeah that's over on it the case.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"The Primetime Emmy Awards go virtual as the first major award show since the beginning of the pandemic has a historic night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"73147133","title":"Major sweeps, increased diversity and historic wins define 2020 Emmy Awards","url":"/Entertainment/video/major-sweeps-increased-diversity-historic-wins-define-2020-73147133"}