Adrian Grenier Comes Clean on His Drug Use

"Entourage" star's new documentary gives a step-by-step approach on how the war on drugs has failed.
6:43 | 06/27/13

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Transcript for Adrian Grenier Comes Clean on His Drug Use
Is an important role of Vincent Chase for the HBO series entourage but aging -- -- isn't just an actor in the director and producer is not afraid to tackle sensitive subject. Like his latest project how to make money selling for a. It's -- law of nature where there's demand their supply. That's where you come and collect the Coke -- isn't easy when you start out -- alone unprotected. At the bottom of -- ruthless international crimes and most of the world's cocaine is manufactured by drug lords in South America they smuggle over 500 tons into the US every along the way. Passes through a long line distributors -- a couple of Koreans -- to a point in a massive seventy billion dollar game. This seemingly how to guide is actually a documentary that -- the bright light on a billion dollar business that operates in the shadows. And with a human face on drug dealers -- and produced the film. And he made it with his partner Matthew -- who wrote and directed at they're both here to talk about it with thanks for being -- -- -- evidence great film I really loved it. Such and -- -- perspective on the drug world how did you get drug dealers to talk about their work. It's a funny thing I mean. You could literally spin any one of us like -- top and see where your finger lands in pointing at somebody. That's an amazing story to tell us -- with the drug war. Including yourself. Everybody I mean ask yourself you know audience out there ask yourself do you know someone who's. Tried a little or as may be dealt a little to make ends meet maybe somebody who has a bigger problem with drugs. And it's literally it's it's you know a vast majority of us are connected to this war on drugs and so how did you guys get involved in this specific project. On that Matthew. Ms. Matthews concept. Let's tell a story that's fun exciting engaging. Let's use some of the devices of pop media and keep people in their seats for ninety minutes so we can really explore on the very deep level. -- the hypocrisy surrounding the war on drugs. Very clever the way you had it laid out like a level -- -- novelty you don't read it without your idea. Yeah that was the original -- them yes let's do. Let's do essentially what the black market is actually doing for people in and make fun of it in -- way and say. The black market is teaching people in ten easy steps -- and make money selling drugs because. It really is easy. And it's not easy because we're encouraging people to do that. It's easy because unfortunately. United States' largest consumer cocaine and marijuana in the world so those jobs are out there for people who otherwise don't have an opportunity. And you -- really get into the politics of it right which is interesting history in this country how do you think President Obama is dealing with the so called war on drugs what would you like missing. What do -- ended differently. Flood like him to follow states' rights first of all but I'd love to see the campaign trail Obama be the President Obama -- -- -- second term now. So I think he has an opportunity to do the right thing. And the right thing is look we don't want our kids and and and adults for that matter struggling with drug abuse right so let's focus on that -- a problem. A second problem. Completely divorced from that. Are those that are created by the war on drugs -- we have this militaristic swat team approach where houses are our broken into by. You know essentially. Our police forces on the front lines from bags of marijuana and and people with small amounts. Drug possession going to prison for years -- Rockefeller drug laws and are still in effect in some -- and you have some great star power. In the -- area students -- -- -- -- -- -- on the phone and you know I mean how did you get is. Celebrities to open up like that. Well -- and Sarandon -- always been very outspoken against the Rockefeller drug laws and you know trying to bring a little bit -- reason back into the way we deal was. Addiction and I think one way you do that is have a honest real conversation about the truth behind drugs -- mean. The reality is people do drink. But not everybody necessarily becomes an alcoholic and people do use drugs -- -- without necessarily having a major problem that's not to say that. -- -- -- -- Just blindly advocates for drug use because they are dangerous and that can be dangerous but the truth is some drugs are more dangerous than others and some. Are not to -- -- feel comfortable trying to make your own drug -- I you know a lot with autism piers Morgan that we we talked about it I will if you will. Yeah. You. -- you -- aren't you know. I didn't do any -- while making this film and when -- on entourage we don't actually smoke grow weed but of course I've I've tried we inhaled because that's the point mean Obama -- some -- That I am a fan as high school and college -- experiment little never became something really wanted to do -- and to. But I'm sure like so many of us you've had friends who. Gotten into and -- course well I mean looking thing if -- been busted. Or or you know confident had gone to jail that wouldn't change the course of my life and if we think about. 50% over 50% of Americans have all at least tried an illegal drugs. So if we actually followed the letter of the law. Our president of the United States would be in prison and half the country would be imprisoned there. I mean it's that you the matter is when people have genuine opportunities. In life to go on and do -- Bigger and better things they don't waste your time doing drugs drugs or distraction. From true inspired. Engagement with society. Right and you talk with the producer of the wire because he gets and about two and Baltimore look there wasn't any other industry around and if you had any kind of interest in starting a business. This is what you did you know. Like you that the fact only factory in town that's hiring in some ways -- as the drug and -- absolutely. So I just have to ask you one off topic question because people who began on -- wanna know what's up with the movie. -- -- event happening it's gonna happen and happened when did. I think soon. I'm pretty sure -- I don't have any -- Afghan. But it is happening. It it is happening mr. all right Adrian Matthew thanks so much that you come down the United States that -- for the -- we're gonna throw you under the bus. -- and I and. When -- get ready did join either the reasonable and in the cameras started -- -- everything can. Take money selling drugs that the mail on cable and demanded -- and it opens in select theaters today and --

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{"id":19507818,"title":"Adrian Grenier Comes Clean on His Drug Use ","duration":"6:43","description":"\"Entourage\" star's new documentary gives a step-by-step approach on how the war on drugs has failed.","url":"/Entertainment/video/make-money-selling-drugs-producer-adrian-grenier-clean-19507818","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}