Marco Rubio Goes All In on Trump Attacks

The Florida senator gives the real estate mogul a taste of his own medicine and lets the jokes fly.
4:12 | 02/29/16

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Transcript for Marco Rubio Goes All In on Trump Attacks
So now let's talk a little politics because there's a new wind salt comedian on the same. Mok a ruby out take a lot. Donald is not gonna make America great he's gonna make America orange. He doesn't what does this pores are clock from the spray tan that he. Like 62 which is why don't understand why his hands are decides that someone who's five to admit that. They're like they're. And you know what they say about men with small ham. Yeah. I welcome good writers club ladies. I mean he's now making penis jokes and his running for president. What it has come ten what do you ending we talked about as last week means nothing Alice has worked he looks at the map he's not leading in any of the states an upcoming except maybe Minnesota but. You know what I only as you might get a little beneath the dignity of the off a little act I don't know. I didn't Hillary senate. Her South Carolina victory species at despite pitching here we don't need to make a grip America great again. America's never stop being great but we do need to make America whole again into the building walls we need to tear down barriers need to stop. Gave her problem this is a game that's not displaying. And as he is winning. So these other politicians and and winning winning winning any it's getting really down to the light. And if the problem isn't Kimberly attack trump on his policy committee doesn't have a whole lot of policy. They're going after him. For the way that he's coming after them they don't have a choice because it's the only thing less. It bothers me most about rubio they'll K trump is a whole different beast I'm not making a comparison. Literally I feel like rubio will do anything and a lot of these politicians will but that's the part that the market's leading up means risking integrity where do you go to bed at night feel okay. Or. Traffic going down that road I was taught just because someone's taking the low road doesn't mean you have to go to that road with them take the high road yeah. So why. Because he's kicking here this isn't everything will also at this point of almost he's gonna get the nomination. So these other people are trying whatever they can't and that's why they have no choice but to hit on its level in the very thin skinned guy he's very sensitive and it's breaking news outlay he's so that they should just left of the port it will watch other people about nothing is rubio is getting really into heat your you know watching news speaking at you he's never in the class clown a guy I know there's a 100% and he's an update that. In the guess what can you. Edu and do not present do you want a president who's going to put a call prudent a duty had good that's what's got that's what's gonna happen and what it. I think now he's just a lot in the celebrity world but we are celebrating bad behavior that's what America and it celebrating bad behavior and they always do you say believe campaigning he say. Fight for the underdog but in the end we always oh my goodness winds and extreme right gonna happen I'm not at is that I'm sick and what one of the worst campaigns I ask. And kids were like putting marker down for this but. What do you saint what do you recommend his other politicians do. To be trumpet this point or so they just all I get out of the realm present on Walker's only 44 years also recently wearing about the next election. Because he's I think this is gonna come back to bite him an assailant with a four he was during that campaign. He's gonna I wouldn't it bicycles out may be several of his most I don't know I'll stop talking about trump and and celebrating his bad city resident let's we have well it well could you can't stop talking about trump who is now. And has not disavowed the Ku Klux Klan. He has to and they're now they shabaab David duke he does about dvd did yeah. Let's not clay had not yet know that I don't know about that yet yet the recent until they are. Do you guys see someone posted something it very darkly funny. On incidents argued that the trump logo but the ends were to cook let's claim bugs. It actually looked unhappy on this thing out six over the years right into the over the years they've gone to jeans and T sure they have no much better chance and I'm okay the right track.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"The Florida senator gives the real estate mogul a taste of his own medicine and lets the jokes fly.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"37286442","title":"Marco Rubio Goes All In on Trump Attacks","url":"/Entertainment/video/marco-rubio-trump-attacks-37286442"}