Mark Consuelos On His New Series 'Alpha House'

Mark discusses his new comedy series available On Amazon.
6:07 | 11/13/13

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Transcript for Mark Consuelos On His New Series 'Alpha House'
Arkansas Lowe's has been a heartthrob ever since -- -- -- -- an ABC's hit soap opera All My Children back in 1995 since then. Nothing's changed market still heartthrob but he's taken a different role in the new -- called alpha house. Joining us today mark and -- us hello mark heartthrob -- Rodney Leisle -- and why not yet. So here's started a new venture this is sitcom it is and tell us about it. It's it's a half hour single camera show. For -- -- it's called alpha house about four senators who share a house a -- house. In DC. And it's based on an article I guess he needed new York times of the Washington Post. About Chuck Schumer and his roommates and he's had this house and we met Chuckie came to set. Senator Schumer I'm sorry. He's had house for over thirty years that he's had roommates with. And to save money in the not to all the time and ability should be there all the time -- things are going. So they just you know when what are their DC they -- some money the Fisher house but I can imagine the similarities end there right can you take it a whole new level yes what are some of the scenarios to -- -- your recently divorced. Well -- my my characters -- Guzman he's a freshman senator from. From Florida. Specifically from Miami. Newly divorced. He calls it it's a special time he needs a shopping period Anaheim meaning -- women yes. Get. This staged just went as far as I know how hard -- -- Garry Trudeau's written. And I -- that the embodiment of the American dream he's the son of immigrant parents and he has eyes on the presidency. All right it's interesting premise when you heard about it what what -- immediate you don't. It has an -- he was read the script and I heard Garry Trudeau wrote it and then that John Goodman signed on to do it so -- -- -- it was. Immediately legitimate. For me to two to read it anyway at that that the role is it's the fine hands to prescreen. And then Clark Johnson. Natalie jumped on things it was it was it was a can't miss type thing. So get your -- -- in just a second but I want to ask you since you brought up the women what is your wife think about -- of the the telegraph but what does she think about. You both factors you both -- -- it's no big deal we've been doing this for a long time -- she's she's she's very happy that. -- it's something else to please me for a few minutes and and this is on Amazon's it's a little different right thing we've seen a lot of very big hits on that -- -- Amazon starting with its original programming as well yes bomb. I think you know the talk about how it's it's this new platform to get a couple years it it will be not such a new conversation anymore I think everybody to be. Do the kind of mainstream -- -- do these streaming here you're content when you watch you're -- where you watch. And they can push the envelope a little that they do you know you and John Goodman it would need to get a travel -- he may or may not be nude in any -- sent back back in. First couple of associates that look forward to win. -- and John Goodman -- me think. You do get to push him I write I think I -- to really cool edgy it will show as far as the content -- -- is is fun for an -- And you know like -- -- -- your classmates and some big names here -- well you know the -- the cost of this just keeps going Matt Malloy Clark Johnson John Goodman. -- Wanda Sykes also does a few episodes for us and instant -- and Julie white and Cynthia Nixon so. It's pretty intimidating sometimes when you look for you working -- I just tried you know we -- we had a really really good time and yes I think people usually see that kind of cliche it's the best. Experience in institute energy -- -- it really was we had such a good time doing it poses a comedy -- you laugh you hopefully laughing out. Now it's interesting because you are on a streaming you know -- -- Amazon prime which strains but don't get to quite -- watching -- little bit of teen is going on they're gonna release the first three for free so he's logon to Amazon you can watch the first -- -- -- -- -- fifteenth that that premieres. And then after that yet to be a member of Amazon prime. And if you do get that -- watched as the series I think -- -- -- free shipping. To Houston vice. That's right prime yet you get you get myself -- adults are simply that. I Ellison when asked you you and your wife are notoriously in great shape right you hit the red carpet is there is a competition going on the home and and we enter the work -- out. No new loan and a little work got together now. She's been on paid channel on -- we want -- and I am she's a machine cause it was. -- she loves it she does -- it's it's you know there's many there's many rewards it to working. And let's stay in shape and you got an -- -- and I've got a little connection with -- Phillips yet since. Had to get past it's out of my head -- my oldest son runs cross country. And he talked -- into running with him a few times for a few weeks. Which was mistake actually I really think usually run through the should you shouldn't run Alicia being chased by dogs. Like at the last thing yet. So now I hear you suffer from something called mark collapsing legislative that you know what and in talking to other husbands I've realized that it's not such a rare. Condition and quiet it is -- to me like watching TV and immediate -- once they sit down. I nearly flawlessly. And which annoys my wife -- tremendously. And think he may be the glass wine -- had dinner army couple glasses of wine maybe. Putting me to sleep but I feel like him -- relax until it's a clean conscience that's like -- have better and you're not the only ones but I thank you for being so straighten it -- I think it is -- do you find it also do you mind that is very true -- male to male heavy type of a condition. Mark Phillips is coming up pressure well markets thanks so much for being here. And alpha house premieres this Friday November 15 on Amazon to Atlanta with a -- thank -- -- excellent.

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{"duration":"6:07","description":"Mark discusses his new comedy series available On Amazon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"20880744","title":"Mark Consuelos On His New Series 'Alpha House'","url":"/Entertainment/video/mark-consuelos-series-alpha-house-20880744"}