Maya Dillard Smith Explains Why She Left the ACLU Over HB2 Law

Dillard Smith claims that her stance on the law has people slamming her as a bigot.
7:20 | 06/29/16

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Transcript for Maya Dillard Smith Explains Why She Left the ACLU Over HB2 Law
What a meet a mother who claims her stand on this issue. Has people slamming her as a big it ever went please welcome my head Dillard's net. I and if you're standing by different practice again she went up an honest conversation as well but but earlier this month might you left your prominent role. You're the director of the Georgia chapter based he Tokyo and you said that you were quotes principally. And philosophically. And aligned on several issues that you left your job. Why did you get apt well. Justice Becker set the record straight I didn't quit I was pushed. House pushed out for asking questions around a broad range of civil rights issues because as we're living in a more complex society. Beard is the budding up and the competing interest of insular minorities where the year racial minority. A religious minority. And the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity in fact HB two is not a transgender bathroom bail. In fact it rolls back worker protections where individuals. And the workplace can not sue their employers for workplace discrimination if further limit cities and says to them they cannot raise the minimum wage. And so there are a lot of people's right sort implicated in this BO. It's a red hearing not unlike what happened in Britain earlier this month where they voted to remove themselves and the electorate didn't know what they were voting for him and so we've effectively allowed. This this show has been an hour talking about bathrooms when in fact there are greater economic implications for wide ranging. People in this country and so why aren't we having that conversation to. I'm not saying I Germans. Well you know I'm so I'll hang in the show I'm saying is this debate paso and I'm certainly not saying either or I've always see it in bulk of what. I understand there's an important need to provide safety. For trans people they have a high rate. Of violence and acted upon them especially trans people of color. And transport people of which a lot of them are yes and it's only when you're actually I heard earlier in one of the segments. Something about this slippery slope or if they look like they are that well. I'm concerned about rules that say if you look like because I feel like that's going to disproportionately impact. People of color import people who can't afford the surgery of the technology that allows them to appear more feminine or ma'am masked the whatever their identity it. And so there's a lot in this deal that requires conversation. And I was not provided the opportunity to have robust engagement on these competing. Ensure that today's issues particularly. Interested in the transgender portion of the bathroom down as a miniature I want not particularly interest if in fact. I care more about the issues of economic equity and race equality then of whether or not. People can have access to bathrooms and so concerned about the transgender community having access to bathrooms. My only concern. Exists in the bathroom context about how we also protect. The bodily privacy and safety of women and girls that. I can't. They key to why we've been having a discussion when we talk to people in Sanford. People are aware of the other aspects of the law but the bathroom portion of it is the one that's most controversial and so a lot of people don't want to necessarily talk about it. And at they don't want to talk about the bathroom portion they want to talk about the other issues but the reason that it's got support. Is because of the bathroom part of it and that's the reason that's the thing that politicians have focused on because it's so difficult to talk about and I don't think there's anything wrong. With having concerns and I spoke to Mattie about you know whether or not people who are transgender need to understand that sometimes people are uncomfortable and. I want to challenge that it's not just that it's election year politics there's a lobby. And that lobby has dominated this conversation and sell on the progressing. I'm a Democrat has not been demonized by the progressives for asking questions about women's rights and windy it women's rights. No longer become a progressive about. Win wind did it become that it was more a value to protect the rights and LG BT community over everybody else and can then I don't think it tomorrow. Just amount I'm so consistently what I've been saying he has. How can we broaden the conversation and so I just want to say is not just the elected officials is the lobbyist on the left and the right I don't. Or evacuate is that it is an issue that affects a lot more people but the bottom line is the reason this law has support. Amongst the people we talked to a Stanford it specifically because people on both the right and the left. Our focus like you only asked about train later ran afternoon ask about whether or not they thought the bet they were gonna be implicated by minimum wage and web site discrimination this is not the Condit OK here's let me do this this'll make it easier. The reason we're talking about this today specifically is about the bathroom mission yet we talk on the show every day about all these initiatives but today we are focused and I believe that's one of the reasons we have you is because as we understand it. You had an issue and yeah feel that you've been pushed out of Europe. Joseph I'll ACLU. Because there was you resident. Well that's what I'm guessing I. Him so that certainly wants suddenly one itching to tell us what happened and why you feel the way you felt about that that's why we're here all year and this issue is not about me in the ASEAN not passed out I wrapping account explains everybody what happened so. Upon my arrival at the AC OU I was. Yeah I'm well versed in a lot of the issues that we that we tackled while I was there transgender issues with not one of them. There's so I am a lifelong student very well educated and as an advocate. As someone who's trained in the law policy and economics are trying to at a farm so black and I ask questions because what has what it LL ask your right I would like to speak isn't it true that your cars went into a bathroom they got scared because they saw six foot tall dark lower boys persons speaking they ran out and were scared to assist not a true statement that's pretty salacious but what happened was we went into the restroom and shortly after we were in entered three transgender young adults they were. Over sixty taught me. Very deep in very clearly met him right. And so my children were frightened and I was your children I have a daughter that will be twenty later this year extend the eleven year old and nine. Okay for school age children across. And there with a sensibility that. That means should not be in the girls' bathroom there was a lot of question about why there remain in the girls back but they workmen had he not have that conversation with your children that there are different types of people and arts community that. Have gender identity. Situation where they feel like they're and other gender did they not understand that. Their children so how how would that I'm a lot of when I was OK and I know a lot of say a lot let me say this that I think part of controversy in this is where you began. So do you believe it's a man trapped in a woman's body or not all that I know I know that people you know you're just trying to have a conversation people have cast you in collagen a big and we do want to thank you for coming out thanks to my Dillard Smith we've reached out today ACLU for comment they declined to provide line. For more information on HB TU and what we talked about today visit our web.

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"Dillard Smith claims that her stance on the law has people slamming her as a bigot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40223461","title":"Maya Dillard Smith Explains Why She Left the ACLU Over HB2 Law","url":"/Entertainment/video/maya-dillard-smith-explains-left-aclu-hb2-law-40223461"}