Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, gives birth to baby boy

Prince Harry and Meghan's baby is seventh in line to the throne.
4:55 | 05/06/19

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Transcript for Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, gives birth to baby boy
Thinks he's in he scenes special with rules. I'm million baby. Good morning we are coming on the air right now because there is a royal baby a baby boy. For Prince Harry and that just make you wanna go to street in new robot in Windsor with all the details any. Yes hi George finally the wait is over just as I was headed to Heathrow we got word. That duchess meg in had been in labor since the early morning hours. Here in Great Britain times so it was quite a labor and we just got word yes that she's given birth to a healthy baby boy seven pounds. Three ounces. He is healthy and well so is mom. And they have said that they will give us more deet tails in the coming days we know that this was a pregnancy. Clouded in secrecy they want privacy. We still don't know yet where making gave birth if it was at home. At fraud more cottage where a lot of people suspected to be giving birth we do know that of course Prince Harry was right by her side throughout it all along with her mother D'auria who's been here. For quite some time. Awaiting the arrival of baby boy saw six and we have seen certainly some excitement here on the street so many people. Gathering to hear the word I heard some laughter as the news broke on the couple's instant rampaged. That they had indeed given birth to a baby boy so we are hoping to get some more information about. The name we know that he will be seven in line to the throne. And certainly this is a historic moment for the crown because this is the first American British. Bi racial royal ever to be born here in Great Britain cellist certainly a lot to celebrate as people are starting to hear the word here. On the streets in Windsor but so much excitement and finally George the wheat is over here. And you get to come home made in the first. Vanished during the excitement will really down there on the streets of winter may well. Hey hey start a Daryn it is a boy everyone assembled around me very excited. Going to be any candidate cheering but in the bank holiday here. In England so the streets of Windsor which are normally pretty sleepy. Perked up because the holiday and an perked up even more when they heard the news just over my shoulder up it brought more cottage we think the boy being born. I was joking with Amy is we staked out this royal birth all week that it would be abort. Boy I'm glad to have been proven right now I just want to see if that prediction of it being named William. Comes to pass a course that would be after his brother but I'm getting some shaking heads it is in this crowd around me everyone very excited it's a happy day in Windsor. It isn't happy and hundreds. And Harry is speaking right now. I haven't been many votes. This is definitely my tourist boat. There's amazing how soon incredible numbers says I'm so incredibly polymer orders. Items. As every flow of and parents would never said he didn't you knew that it is not suited amazing group. There's still things is itself she store full so I'm just over the moon. Thank you very much. And I can tell you right there and Elena brain imaging and Lloyd Webber for a little bit more on this a week late. But the boy is here as Prince Harry says this little thing we still don't know name. Never going a little bit the Pulitzer for the name and I think every parent committee laid back calm -- the site action. You get credit of one class didn't you that the dot cultivated by health field while not competent to grabbed. The debate might be difficult I'm he it will highness. But despite growing out of symbolically and politically get a cut he tightrope complete nobody get a royal title that would have to. Special dispensation from the queen now and how to cook the very special lady defense I don't know America well radio but have to apply to the American and then once I got. And the fact not a violation little baby in ninety the current 79 but the trend the product at the plant guy that I to a marriage. And I think it's species preparation and I applaud about the bulletin that Uday and when they spoke on the historic because until that relate well. And they are imaging thanks very much want to go back to Amy one more time just minutes after this official announcement. Baby boy Sussex has been born there you see it right there Amy. Yes so exciting and in fact we're learning a few more details we know that baby Sussex was born at 526. This morning here so. Big couple as they said they want at some private time had about nine hours or so. To really take in and soak in the joy of having just given birth to a baby boy and then you just saw Prince Harry sharing the exciting news now we still had to wait here. We're all waiting for of course the name and that photo that everyone wants to see of the historic baby. Baby son six still the baby boy suspects we can now see George. Davey boy Sussex about nine hours old thank you and you have much more in this on GMA many to be a question that right now. It's this big special report from ABC.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Prince Harry and Meghan's baby is seventh in line to the throne.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"62851326","title":"Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, gives birth to baby boy","url":"/Entertainment/video/meghan-markle-duchess-sussex-birth-baby-boy-62851326"}