Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Sing Their 'Wedding Song'

The comedy “dream team” together again in the new flick "Tammy."
12:01 | 07/02/14

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Transcript for Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Sing Their 'Wedding Song'
Still -- -- OK and OK yes. To -- how do you want some -- are we'll get get -- -- can you guess I don't hurt. He ginger argument let's give you some times on -- while local -- so Caltrans. Just talk about it I am -- -- -- -- your time you like the ice he's very -- newest face. Anything I think he's -- like I ask you you want some ice. -- like -- come on different -- about. Right click the prize for her second try to meet important -- yeah. Skin over there cool and don't -- quite pointing guns. But I -- their primitive -- -- do not let me like that very seriously. You liked apple. To apple and don't think we I don't have to choose between you. -- Mary she's telling me to. Take you out. I'm a better. That's amazing. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn when we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a comedy happening right. -- -- And wonderfully. It's as heartfelt as it is -- and it stars Melissa McCarthy. And it is directed and co written by this actually happens to sleep well. And I think we need this is -- scandal and we need to get to the bottom. I brought quote. I knew it I ministers are set up you thought it would just happened because he just don't have the same day listen I sent us fifteen years ago I said. I have a feeling. If I if ID this and teachers later marry him and wait it's 77. Eight more years he's gonna direct a movie and enemy. So that was it's a very long way to go it's still planning and how highly organized and as -- so. You pretend to be yet what -- and are the children are you two daughters of actors their -- -- artists as well just get -- aren't we. So they come in for photo shoots and emotionally -- prosecutors there's an accident these rules and usually there even those kids doubles sometimes is -- in the real kids. This is to us. Please and that may be happening in the world but you know what's the Gaza where -- officer art I'm going to. Start by trying to pretend that there's control and spoke -- two terms of this. By saying. He's missed him to -- cooked what is -- -- -- come. What came from from Ben Ben came just about six years now six years ago he came down. Came down from bed and had set I had a dream and I think I wanna write in -- -- -- -- road trip with your grandmother and this is an alcoholic and he she sleeps around and I think we should writing and it is so little is not something. You've never done more -- -- -- -- Norman like -- got another dream to pitch yet. Everybody intervention and didn't include country and just and repeatedly dream a stitch everything that you and managers -- -- It technically got to -- those dreams and it and I -- when he said this honey wow. I -- concerned that since yeah only punishing anyone I know and an apparatus that -- -- -- a woman named B Tammy. So that's that's. I just wanted to be -- with Debbie Reynolds fix -- you know but I do not Debbie Reynolds but now emissions. Something about the name immediately felt right. From small town you know -- Also if -- in -- -- nearly two million new names with -- begin with he which sounds much weirder than I mean. But I think it's I don't know I have is what yeah that sounds to him as our but it is thinking -- from. Our thirteen years and years to get -- Grambling theater. Whenever we were you know doing characters it was it was at a -- and the other one. To be able to say the elements accumulate gonna keep repeatedly saying character's -- you wanted to be on an. Ad campaigns handing the -- again. But this is that this is a lot what you're doing in this is the first feature you -- -- true. Is your wife that story true since I have a wife and I knew it attracted to rector in and you -- maybe it's because she's a teacher. I don't know but we know what I would hear it would be -- he not all. Makes you think that's what I should be doing so I'm seeing that this death didn't. Ever. You want to know now it she's directed me before too you know and that's life that. It. That's that's just everyday athletic you know what I think we've done you know we we met the first day we met -- -- -- senior of fifteen years ago. We were improvising and it was a writing lab and we immediately -- -- Since the recently kind of became such good friends and and -- -- is that collaboration. With and is more fun. Than anyone else and I in it like writing with people but then I just always had. I really easy way about it -- if he didn't like something. In my head if he doesn't like a line toward an idea and I think why -- -- he doesn't like it there's. There must be better and it -- -- -- both ways we never fight for this ideas is the one you know this has got to figure he has -- -- and I do. Mean who will come up the third when we both. But it was so great to both of you to give the struggling actors in the movie -- -- can't -- -- it's passive income because every time I looked around in this maybe even if they were in a scene in -- half there'd be Toni Collette there'd be Susan Sarandon playing the course the grandmother the main part that Kathy Bates. I didn't act Correll -- Allison -- me. -- kind of threats. -- eight these people look to appear to have -- unveiling -- gas you know okay whether it will just do it you're gonna come in and do it IDs -- I -- link to you Wear these all bodies. -- -- and our bodies like Sarah baker and Nat Faxon and house in Gianni how many kids on the Atlantic they'd they'd done enough said together and in really you know got along graded. And in the rest we just I mean we actually there's not a chance in the world -- -- and all all these people happening but let's start act. Let's start with -- need our absolute number one dream person because if we now a we're gonna be so matter sensibly going to be doing -- of what of what it. And we went right to the top of who -- person would be with each person. I don't know what happened to this day but somehow we got all of them. And I have a friend makes moved east. And you see here this is not how it works heck I don't see you as an experienced some kind of weird noise at exit and it'll never happen again I -- I -- you can't make it negative have been enjoy -- -- plastic as. We I think we've Irish every time came through. We just not -- can actually be happening something we you're just gonna happen. And then he's just. -- ago and I don't be so -- Geary Cole was you know was -- and it's like he's -- -- like. Are right now -- -- -- you know again -- -- action seven I was average caller her. The kind of amazing that the role that you've given yourself what -- -- the -- writers of this and you must have said. It's right at the start of the men and you -- incredibly creepy would have -- -- winning. Aurilia and -- losses and she's finally. Yes the burger wrote that your face almost. One way beyond the quality yes so what was that was that. That seems like the -- something. We get all -- -- all Omnia. I attacked him with with condiments and then we're fine really the year that want to -- know and when -- return things you. You he said he was gonna do when -- first started writing the -- character he was. Then at saint known and I just want I -- concentrate and filmmaker blackness. I just as I know that are not asked and -- got an area that time and recently speaking to -- Nobody really didn't want to -- -- but as we -- it he kept doing all the lines and not just do we not just saying them. He was doing them as keys and he would say adds I really I want you to concentrate -- and should do both and it's okay. Now he's -- not all night Thailand stamina when -- -- -- Headed by -- you know by the second day we were kind of working on the scene you were fully. Fully acting out their lives and it just empty -- it was like can we just be honest and -- we both you're gonna -- -- Well. My nasal voice if you treat you could. Keep your relationship. And go back to activate injured see -- the air -- now. This is being -- -- -- and on base you awkward. -- him. That it. Sort of -- There you're just. It's always. This. Kind of moment where this relationship some really not working out well at all. That body and but look what happened and you know beyond the sitcoms -- me. She gets an Oscar. Very hard for common share. When the guitar I mean did your life changed complete did he go around -- -- -- -- an Academy Award nominee. I need to be treated in certain. She hired someone to announcer -- -- There's. They just in Ireland and it literally -- that he -- just -- and now academy was. I think the answer. And conflict time. -- -- Will we end issue always in song even know I did hear you -- you didn't sing but I don't believe it purging open tan. I mean sure the -- isn't -- -- well that was who knew -- and some. At last -- -- We wanted to -- with. Yeah -- -- you know -- line that we we wanted it to be. Work. As -- I'm betting on the exam day and it is employers really kind of shaken up and then we thought -- Is that disrespectful. To holier than we were with that -- -- And our hearts we kind of think a real sons and it would almost the room but now that little of that past -- would know at last yes. -- -- -- -- -- And land and -- -- idea where I think like. Just. Only. Is going. -- me in the ninth who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well attic a little of that the I now that. I do much things really do they think you thanks so much.

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{"id":24400296,"title":"Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Sing Their 'Wedding Song'","duration":"12:01","description":"The comedy “dream team” together again in the new flick \"Tammy.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/melissa-mccarthy-ben-falcone-sing-wedding-song-24400296","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}