Nafessa Williams and China Ann McClain discuss making history with 'Black Lightning'

Nafessa Williams and China Ann McClain open up about their dynamic roles in "Black Lightning."
12:20 | 02/05/18

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Transcript for Nafessa Williams and China Ann McClain discuss making history with 'Black Lightning'
Can't ABC radio I'm super excited. To aid the young women to write economy we're talking about the made the VW theory black lightning. Dying these two wonderful women. Defeat. Yeah. I. It's time yeah. Who are the EU. Me thinks there have been violent every Tuesday in Vietnam. You. Miller says there yeah. Yes congratulations because already people have been. Talking about how fine and and just like cool this series and I mean it's kind of like. Obviously making history we're gonna get into the history making aspects of that. But it's doing very well the ratings standpoint that's always a good thing I mean hopefully that's a little bit of relief because you never know it like a new theory you're like okay we will Leonid get into it right they are getting into this area and I yet. If she would do more and on for days and meet the announces we've gone out for RRR of this in. Here we are now with a couple episodes that Marty area which is really grateful for you guys union in in. Showing up in supporting right exactly is being like an African American Charlotte think it is important. To show networks is that we can do this making Harry our own show and emotional support it you know rob brown and beautiful. Cell there. Elian had their black magic right yeah. And yeah. And I want to get right down. The visit because there's so many things that went into arts series on obviously. On your character. Dynamic in their own special weighing. You know he's had her own being that she's doing she after they get all my mind is now. Of course she's. I mean. I am calling your mind. I don't I don't know what she means. Temporary she also the progressive but I for me. Here. They become operable died because it. A lot about your career. And talk about because there instinct or. Here was low and steady. Way. First it is really wasn't for me and I found that calling needs where I am now and purpose rat limit you know inspired in effect. People in the larger scale slalom for it. Yeah and that of course we see you in many different DC. Though she plane. On one of my blue album out and I have no. Hey not my. Had a cameraman. Yeah. Oh. It. Why haven't and that's not end the pain and ultimately no talk of how that came up meat suit. Because I think that's awesome race. Oh my goodness my agency and meet the audition and outside and like looking a thousand what is this a black lightning DC comics superhero like a black DC comics superhero. Led what the heck. Its own then read the script in medicine research online and everything about my character about what it was as a whole in Alice like I have to be a a part of this and I knew it was going to be a really big deal. Black superheroes are all just coming in the same town right now like I knew about collecting at their when it was being developed out at OK this is. I have to do this so and yet think it's a great next step. It in my carrier. It's a perfect step activity proud and grateful yeah and I talk about the element that people are also very excited and I don't want to give too much away because of now we been watching the other day we get through and having our. And I want to give it all because other watching religiously because yes I can't be more than any but I would talk about your characters specifically because. In the very dynamic in her own way immediately talk about the fact that she is not only just a amazing person but she is a black. Lesbian. Superhero. Like she heads just different. Things going on there's layers to her that I want to talk about UN body that roll him when you first realize it was who you had to portray. Talk a little bit about that and it hadn't and did you happen to anything or even the academy is super fiercest out. I'm and what your thoughts on this. There have been waiting a plane superhero Kara. Okay it's time out I asked Lori L is just. Really just remembering all those layers to who she is in just really a whining to bring it said to life for her and be a voice for her and am honored. Ice very dynamic she's multi dimensional she's Smart she's strong she's she's she wants a fight for her community she once. Become an activist through her her superheroes and I'm just really honored to give voice of the first black lesbian superhero because we on the get representation and we all want to turn on the television is see ourselves I. You know being a black woman nowhere with that representation loans is in with that feels like when we're not getting is so. I was really honored to do is you know tell the truth of who she is and give voice over two leading. You know people like how was clean it how is it a lesbian is just like it's it's no different than planned opposite of a guy's just love and his cell in a story in making sure that his relatable we all know that with what love is in the foundation of that so. At packages bring troops who with the relationship is then. You know as half of it. You'd have very well on yeah you guys have been able to buy especially from progressive person. And teenage Yahoo! talent and yes on the though and I'm glad on the island time to build good lives and it as seen on like. And liked the way at every asthma and one does have been as yet see what we are built like lash out of that. No black parents and be like both. Better idea on Saturday mom and like. Eight. You are parents. If you add that other laughed at that I was joking lap writing at a banking. The aim athletic figured out I'll let go and I just does and it just. Am I crazy out of luck tomorrow's outlook. And now I don't like Natalie. Too much away but I think that anybody who fouled this particular comic they know that bull you guys will start to show different from. It's not the idea I know that you know you got have been you talked about the way to play a superhero. Means that what you think you need for your character Jennifer as far as what. Abilities could potentially mean. Well I mean. Jennifer is younger than in ness. And her whole thing right now because she's part of this like perfect family that the entire community looks up to Lowe's. She just wants to be normal she doesn't want to be the queen of her high school because of bothers the principal there he just wants the blending in and hang out with their friends and I'll have a normal life. Soul man getting superpowers for her goes against. Insists he's not like maybe this is not Coleman I don't want this is anybody ever seen that side of the story and you know let's be representing. Yeah. I think that's what makes this series. So intriguing is that it doesn't just deal with obviously deals with being that are timely it deals with things that reaction that you know maybe it will but. Controversial. Or are younger than what we would expect. I talk about a little bit about some of the things that you touch on. And obviously. Prevailed watching and I know I'm watches I will be I'll watch it you know there there is a little bit of the pro tags and feeling that you need to stand up for your for your rights and justice and and made publicly on the community on how. Important is that message do you feel right now on specifically to. Build watching in Maine and it's reflecting have a voice in and maybe this you know I BC's entertainment but it also touches on something that were also experiencing. Literally in the political climb. Yeah I mean. I'm so the show came at their perfect perfect timing like they're such. There's crazy stuff going on in society right now so to be able to play these characters in. Tell the true story I like it feels real easy tips and diplomatic car slammed up against his own car in the rain and it police brutality it just hits hold three B and that's how we started the show in that and I mean really represents. Our entire show what we're gullible mobile for the realism we're not trying to shyly from yeah not at all. And I just a close. Who Maher as Salim again we love them and that we knew debt. Taken on these rolls we could trust them within being authentic in really telling the stories that our communities our interest in hearing about telling the stories that that hopefully can spark change. When not just in our community vote with the world and again perfect time that we need is. Yes I think also it's timely you know obviously the show started a few weeks back but now that we're in Black History Month. On a little bit about just me obviously you know weaken hot we can touch on so many things. But what specifically does Black History Month mean for you now being in this historic theories I mean does it. Does have a deeper meaning me I think that people are now going to be referring to what. Although for the black. Do our hero family I hate your ministry in its own way the talk a little bit about. I just digested and I think they showed nothing now says he hasn't which has made me want to attack into. Activists incited me in how I can make a change and not complain about things would be a part of the change how on my. Making history in being a part of the move me in pushing our culture forward. Black History Month to me it just. It bring it pays respects all those people that paved the way for us to be able to do this right around like it is the first African American superhero family on network television but a lot of stuff had to happen for a threat to get in here and Black History Month really represents. Those people who pay the way. Yes yeah I think you guys are doing very well before we go I I just touch and touch on rather. On that did dynamic of your family obviously Chris Williams I. Let Dorell Wright and we had to say where did practice and on our way any really is like a lightning like France is. I leader yet. The leader and we learn a lot from the un and he's he's victory either figured I am now in this industry in this time you know am. I know that this is definitely the focal focal point but I know you as always busy and anything else coming up that we should be looked up from you guys because I've definitely wanna be able to make sure aspirin of the joy and in all the goods. Right now where rats and black. Like they were still filming as of now and if time frees up I'm sure we wanted to do other projects in my opening in available but right now I'm so locked in Illinois. Giving these last few episodes that we have been wrapped in those other anti and I love to do a film lord you know. We'll see or processors and are doing a lot of different stuff right now but. Our production company we're trying to develop our own projects that fiscally you know create our own content and also is still working the Disney only the descendants French six. Yeah yeah I know we saw independent. I. How. Yes absolutely because I gotta be obvious but how did you that the now come together. The cried please and I. Ian right after the black yes absolutely think you I think. Radio.

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{"id":52862815,"title":"Nafessa Williams and China Ann McClain discuss making history with 'Black Lightning'","duration":"12:20","description":"Nafessa Williams and China Ann McClain open up about their dynamic roles in \"Black Lightning.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/nafessa-williams-china-ann-mcclain-discuss-making-history-52862815","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}